Step 4: Replacing and Repeating

Picture of Replacing and Repeating
photo 19.JPG

Stretching rubber band to far could cause it to snap and leave a welt on your hand. Stretch with caution.

1. Stretch a rubber band over the two hooks you have made in step 3.

You are now replacing the spoke with a rubber band.

2. Repeat step 3-4.

Tip: Cut only one spoke at a time replacing it with the rubber band. This helps so that you don't lose track when remembering the configuration of the spokes of a bike rim. It also keeps the wheel balanced

hhnewman3 years ago
If you think about the light as if it were a commutator of an electric motor, maybe multiple lights of varying heat levels would make the wheel spin continuously and efficiently. As the wheel rotates and reaches the point where it wants to reverse direction, it is heated by the next light, causing it to continue in the same direction. As the wheel speeds up, the heat level is increased, further increasing the speed. Neat project!