Step 5: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
So, now the sheath looks and functions like a sheath. Time to clean up the edges, put a finish on there, and maybe a little something else. For my design, I decided to trace the tooling in gold ink and then sand the leather a bit, to give it a nice antique look.

First, cut off the rough edges with your trusty razor blade. Don't worry about a change in the color, the wax will fix this up later (if you chose to use it--wax could darken the edges of a lighter, non-stained leather too much). The first picture is of the sheath before it's been painted. I used a paint called "Brush 'n Leaf." If you use ink on your leather, always test on a scrap piece first.

I used a normal, small paintbrush and painted (carefully) every tooled line of the design. For the stippled parts, I painted completely over the leather. At first I though this would be fine, but I quickly realized that the gold was overbearing and a little careless looking despite my pains. See picture three. To remedy this I waited until the paint dried and then hit it with a foam sanding block (picture four). This took off some of the excess paint and showed the stippling very nicely, and also wore the leather down in some places to give it a nice aged look. To finish, I rubbed my all-time favorite sealant, Butcher's wax, into the leather. This made the leather a little darker and shinier, as well as darkening up the non-polished parts of the leather where I had sanded, and the sides of the sheath. The last picture is me, proudly holding up my creation. It's ornate, but also very functional.
Cyclone17642 years ago
you should make a rambo style knife
mmmm peanut butter sammiches
fishcake274 years ago
you look like my brother!
rmethven4 years ago
Hey, I know this was awhile ago, but great sheath! do you think this same process would work with a pair of ulaks? like he ones from Chronicles of Riddick? or would you need to add something else because they're curved? I don't see why you would but just thought I'd ask haha
Basta (author)  rmethven4 years ago
Ulaks? I have seen them but I didn't know they have a name! If I could I would use a stiffer vegetable-tanned leather. Maybe even a wooden sheath wrapped in leather. The one definite must is riveting/stitching, since this sheath has since fallen apart. I hope to make a much better knife/sheath guide later in April or June if I have the time.
nice smile in last photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
theruss0074 years ago
Great instructable and sheath. I bought a machete and the sheath that came with it is crap the blade cut through it and I ended up cutting my hand once. Leather will look very nice with it.
inumaru5 years ago
this, too, i would see.
Are you going to do an instrutional on how to make a peanut butter sandwich with that knife?
inumaru6 years ago
yeh, show us the machete sheath.
matrix435476 years ago
sweet man
RugerDude7 years ago
cool! is there any way you could show us the machete sheath?
Take the steps and just scale everything up to match the blade's size.
krisking937 years ago
how many have you made you ar good