How to build a simple electric motor:
        - An electric motor works by passing a current through a coil of wire. When the current passes through the coil it creates an electromagnetic dipole. A permanent magnet's magnetic field interacts with the dipole of the coil applying a torque to the coil. This torque is the force that makes the motor spin. In real electric motors there are complicated magnet and wire arrangements that enable the motor to be extremely efficient and powerful. The motor that you will be making is a simplified version of an electric motor and works on the same principles.

Estimated time: 45 min

Materials: - 1 meter of insulated magnet wire
                   - 2in bar magnet
                   - 1 two-way switch
                   - 2 large paper clips
                   - 1 1/4 in. foam board
                   - soldering iron
                   - solder
                   - 9 volt battery
                   - pliers 
                   - electrical tape
                   - ruler
                   - sharpie
                   - glue
                   - thumb tacks

****** See embedded video for any clarifications        

Step 1: Making the Box

1) Take the 1/4 in foam board and measure out 2 7in x 4in pieces, 2 1.75in x 6.75in, and 2 1.75in x 3.75in rectangles on the board.

2) Use an exacto-knife to cut out the pieces.

3) Once all the pieces are cut, glue the four smaller side pieces to one of the larger rectangles.
            - The four pieces should overlap each in each of the four corners.

              *​Video reference time- 00:25
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