Step 8: Finishing Up

Use the razor to cut out your holes for the sub and speaker terminal. Connect your wires from the terminal and to the sub. Center the subwoofer and screw that down
Excellent information. How does it sound ? I want to build the exact enclosure to slide under the rear seat of my pickup. Do you think the box being ported would make a big difference ? That might be too complicated for a beginner like me. <br>Thanks !
It sounds pretty good. It's a very modest set up compared to my last system (2 Alpines, I also had 2 Kickers before that). If you're going to port the box, read up on different techniques and the size of the port. That will matter greatly. It also depends on what type of music you like (ported can be louder, but offer less &quot;punch&quot;. theyre good for rap, techno or &quot;rolling bass&quot;). But on a box like this, I've seen people use a 2&quot;-3&quot; circle port, made out of PVC. Just make sure everything is sealed (liquid nails or silicone).
very nice my friend. I was wanting to do something like this but instead be a portable sound system. not to be rude, but I think you meant to put &quot;excess.&quot; I just thought I'd let you know now that way people don't start complaining about it later. but I found this very helpful. thanks :))
Thanks for the correction, sir. I didn't catch that one. Updated!
Absolutely amazing job! Made it look so easy :) I have built a few boxes in my time (Alpine 8, Mutant 12 and my latest was an 18 inch Fi BL!) Those are the ones that spring to mind.. You have done a much better job! Keep up the great work and possibly do more subwoofer instructables :)

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