Picture of How to Build a Snow Fort

Early childhood memories often include the satisfaction of playing with a fresh snowfall making snow angels, throwing snow balls, and seeing who could build the larger snowman. If you want to feel a little nostalgic then this Instructable is for you. We will add one more snow creation to that list by describing how to build your own snow fort!

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Step 1: Safety and Equipment

Picture of Safety and Equipment
Since a prerequisite of snow fort construction is snow, it is going to be cold outside. That means wear proper winter attire, which includes
1. hats,
2. insulated and waterproof gloves,
3. winter coats,
4. scarves,
5. face masks,
6. snow pants,
7. snow boots, and
8. extra layers on your feet especially. You will also require a shovel or similar scooping tool. The early stages of frostbite are called “frost nips” and most likely occur on your toes;  they are marked by discolored yellow skin and an extreme burning sensation when warmed. It is highly recommended you do not work alone or sit alone in a snow fort. When a snow collapses, it is not very audible and somebody trapped in a caved-in fort could be at risk of suffocating if the weight is too great.

Step 2: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
 A snow fort design can start in limitless ways. This guide will describe the hollowing method of creating a snow fort. The first step is to find an area in close proximity to large piles of loose snow because you must shovel it into an appropriately sized base pile subject to the dimensions you want your snow fort to meet. If the snow is too frozen to shovel then you will need to find a new area and if the snow is too soft you will have to compress your base snow pile so a cave-in does not occur while hollowing the fort. The easiest way to do this is simply walking over your base pile several times and your weight should suffice to make the snow manageable.
EvieC2 months ago

Hey, I was wondering if this fort is safe in the pictures it looks like it could break

too bad it never snows where i live...
Same with me. That's what my cousin's house and his land are for.
same here
SO4Jesus3 years ago
I built something like this at my cousin's house for an air soft war.
good job but this is quite dangerous
StickMaker4 years ago
Just be careful; friends of mine lost their son (age 10 I think) when his snow fort collapsed on him.
That sir is quite alot of snow.
harry884 years ago
or just build an artificial snow machine and cover a playhouse in snow
EpicZombie4 years ago
red eye...