Step 8: Decorate the Drawbridge

We wanted to add something to the top and sides of our drawbridge to make it seem even more imposing. We found some pointed ends that had been cut off of 6" driver posts (pressure treated fence posts that have been sharpened to a point) and spaced them evenly along the top plate. We didn't attach them, but they could have been toenailed on for extra stability. (Anything that looks good could have been used here instead-maybe some small coffee cans painted to match the frame.) For the sides, we had planned on buying (yes, believe it or not, we were planning to spend a little money on this!) a couple sheets of plywood or styrofoam insulation on which to paint a facade. But, lo and behold, one of the brains on this project just happened to have some creepy looking old rusty metal screen. We attached them to the frame with a couple nails pounded through the holes and then bent over the metal. Since they were pretty rigid, they didn't require any extra support. (If you use something flimsier, you might have to build a framework to hold it rigid.) We then added some finishing touches-moss, leaves, branches, etc. hung on and threaded through the mesh of the screen.
wow you know i think a windsheild motor and a motion dector could make it go up and down on its own
Rely this is a nice thing for the street salter @ halloween this year
Awesome! The sound of the chains when you lowered the drawbridge must have been amazing. I wish my front door looked like this all year round!
Well, technically, you could do that...
That would be one interesting front door...
Thanks for the nice comment! We were a little suprised that the project turned out so much better than we'd planned. The sounds were perfect to send those little chills up your spine!
why can't it?
He's got a point...you could definitely just move the hinges to the bottom of the door, paint it and add some chains.
hehe if you just let lay some humans with costumes under the bridge it will scare the sh*to out of them XD hehe or somethin with a pneumatic pump that pushes a ghost or other scary thing in air hehe <sup></sup>and then from other side there come humans from under the bridge they will be scared as ** xD<br/>
Wow- you really went all out! That's quite an entrance and would be a killer addition to any haunted house/attraction.
Thanks! We had a lot of fun building this for a Halloween party for our son's school. Last year the kids all bragged about not being scared, so this year we tried to step it up a little.

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