Step 8: Decorate the Drawbridge

Picture of Decorate the Drawbridge
drawbridge complete.JPG
We wanted to add something to the top and sides of our drawbridge to make it seem even more imposing. We found some pointed ends that had been cut off of 6" driver posts (pressure treated fence posts that have been sharpened to a point) and spaced them evenly along the top plate. We didn't attach them, but they could have been toenailed on for extra stability. (Anything that looks good could have been used here instead-maybe some small coffee cans painted to match the frame.) For the sides, we had planned on buying (yes, believe it or not, we were planning to spend a little money on this!) a couple sheets of plywood or styrofoam insulation on which to paint a facade. But, lo and behold, one of the brains on this project just happened to have some creepy looking old rusty metal screen. We attached them to the frame with a couple nails pounded through the holes and then bent over the metal. Since they were pretty rigid, they didn't require any extra support. (If you use something flimsier, you might have to build a framework to hold it rigid.) We then added some finishing touches-moss, leaves, branches, etc. hung on and threaded through the mesh of the screen.