How to Build a Super Top Secret Bunker under Your House. The Prelude...

EDIT: 07082012  Finally gonna finish it up in next few weeks....

Another vid!


When I built the house I just spent 7 years working on, I had a lot of days that were just plane monotonous, so I would daydream about the Next Great Project as soon as I finished the house...

If you're OCD you know exactly what I am speaking about.

Perhaps it was watching too many reruns of Stollag 17...

Maybe it was all the Underground cabins we built as kids to have a cool place to hide out in the summer.

Truthfully though I just love to build things and when I designed the house I made the bottom level only half the size of the main floor and the other half is a crawlspace about 4 foot high.

Most of my plumbing and stuff runs around the floor joists down there so I wanted enough room to have access to everything but I didn't want to build an eight foot wall, It took me 7 weeks to do the block for the garage workshop and storage room so saving 4 feet of wall seemed like a good idea.

Looking back if I really intended to do this and had the wife's permission I could have saved a lot of bother by doing this first and I wouldn't have to worry about the house falling on my if I dug out too much from below it.

I didn't leave any vents to the outside mostly cause of wanting to be energy efficient and not have a cold room under one above I was trying to heat in winter. I did talk to the building inspector about this and convinced him I could put a gable vent fan on a timer at each end one blowing in and the other blowing out to ensure a good change of air so it never mildews. I intentionally made it to push air into my workshop and draw replacement air under the house at the far end of the garage. This way in the winter when I am using the wood burner if I am working on something I can open the duct to the workshop and close the damper and the heat travels in a big circle across the garage into the crawlspace and then back into the workshop to circulate the heat so I can work on something midwinter if it is 40 out with a t-shirt on.

I got lost in a Blizzard when I was abut 20 for 23 hours and was 31 miles from where we parked when found, so I don't do cold anymore...

When I laid out the supports to the crawlspace I left a wider gap between two of the columns supporting a beam since the crawlspace is 20 foot wide and I didn't want to pay to special order 20 foot 2 by 12's and I just happened to have gotten a deal on a couple 40 foot beams delivered by accident to my house and unloaded before we discovered they loaded the wrong ones and were two thin to support the bottom garage ceiling. They sold me them to me at cost when they delivered the proper beams a few days later because it would have cost them money to rent a piece of equipment to lift them back on the truck.

I also filled the back of the bottom garage wall wide enough for a ten foot door and didn't put any rebar in that section. All the rest of the bottom level block has rebar in ever other hole and is filled to the top with concrete instead of just every 4 feet as code calls for. I will be able to saw this opening or get some of that ACME black paint they use to make tunnels and then start digging with a bobcat and dumping the dirt on the slope behind the pool so its not as steep a grade since I use a push mower for the exercise.


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thepelton5 years ago
I just finished reading "The Tunnels of Cu Chi" about a labyrinth of tunnels in the area northeast of Saigon used during the Vietnam war. It appears that two things you would have to be sure of before beginning your little postapocalyptic hideout are the consistency of the soil, (the Cu Chi soil was hard enough to withstand tunnelling), and the other thing is the water level (the water level was sea level, (Cu Chi area was high enough it didn't seep in.) Otherwise, you would need to pump constantly, which would use up a lot of power. In some places, like suburban District of Columbia, the water level is about three inches down.
Senseless (author)  thepelton5 years ago
I actually started with a test shaft about 7 by 10 and went down into the clay and lined it with concrete I carried in 80 pounds at a time and telescoped it as I went down. When I had about a 14 foot hole I shot a piece of 2 inch pipe down using water and watched until I hit the water table and so I could see where the seam of clay ended since it's very water impermiable fortunately and appears to be 22 feet thick. When I built the house about I put an I Beam in the footer where the shaft is located and made it thicker and wider so I could tunnel under it and for now I have a simple tornadoe shelter that is dry year round. The clay works as an underground dam and I actually pulled a siphon up the hill from the lake and ran it into the bottom of the pit to get an idea of how much lower I was which was maybe 4 or 5 feet so eventually I should be able to make a bigger version and keep 8 feet of clay between me and the water so I don't need to worry about sump pumps as you mentioned.
One other useable thing that I got from that book was that the Vietcong made an occaisional room with a conical cieling. This worked like a megaphone to amplify sound going through the ground. You'd be able to know if someone was outside, looking for you, or if someone was driving over your hideout.
Senseless (author)  thepelton5 years ago
I wonder how they supported it? I know a dome is strong but only if it has a solid arch in all directions from the top and with just dirt or clay I'd be nervous to be stuck there listening... I bet they used Bamboo in places. I need to read that book thanks.
You'd just need to "tank" it to be watertight which is installing a waterproof membrane on the walls. Then you just have to be careful not to puncture the membrane. There is a guy in the UK who "tanked" his basement... http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/content.php?sid=2951
Senseless (author)  stiggle5 years ago
The only water problem I have is the five feet of sand sloping from the road to the lake sitting on top of the 22 foot seam of clay. Essentially I just need to grout around the shaft with portland cement a foot or two higher than the clay so the water just flows around me instead of dropping into the pit I dug in the clay which then filled with sand. It would be cool though to tank part of it and raise Bass I can get from the lake since I love fish and could fatten them up on corn or something and without predetors like catfish I could end up with a slew of them to share.
x4junk1 month ago

'Just stumbled on your adventure. Wow. Great write up. Loved following your thought process.

Your excavation process was clever. It reminded me of the method used by our local Public Works guys when digging around gas lines. They have a big vacuum truck with a water jet. They'd use the water jet to cut out the earth and suck the loose stuff up with their 6/8 inch vacuum hose.

kingme4312 years ago
Hey, have you considered entering this into the redneck contest??
Not sure if its quite redneck but its not done by a professional and definitely cool so...
Senseless (author)  kingme4311 year ago

Got an url? sorry life has kept me busy and I haven't been here for a long while.

I love this. When we can buy a place, maybe we can do something like this also. And if you're using more power suddenly, the utility company will report it as they think you're growing weed. Digging under a house would also lead them to believe you're growing weed. LOL
bachterman2 years ago
talk about minecraft in real life!
thumole4 years ago
I used wood. I'll explane later.
I dug straight down for 18 ft. Then dug a 12X10 ft room with an 8ft celing.
For the guy who thinks you need lead to shield from radiation. Not so!
I'm an engineer having worked on Nuclear projects.
All you need is a good filter to keep out radio active dust, "that is what nuclear fall out is" you only have to worry about Gamma radiation.
A cinder block building will protect you from Gamma if you double them up.
I would if building above ground make a wall of cinder blocks with the holes filled with
either concrete or packed earth.
Then I would build another around this wall with about 20 inches of space and then fill the space with either concrete or packed earth.
Build for strength and build the roof with a layer of 2X12 inch cinder blocks. Some earth of approximately 20 inches then another layer of 2 inch cinder blocks.
Other than life support, "mostly filtered air" you are safe from radiation with this.
I went underground due to paranoia.
My hole is under my deck which is at my dining room level.
Below my dining room is a utility room that is the same size as the slab.
Extending out from my dining room door is a deck. There is a stair way up to the deck as the back entrance to the house.
The deck then extends all the way around the house.
Under the deck just exactly under my kitchen door is where I sunk the 36X36 inch hole.
The shape of the slab is not square. One side is slightly longer than the other.
The house is sided up from the slabe and the area where I have my hole is in the corner created by the long side of the slab and the short side. It just happens to be the slab is actually 42 inches shorter at one point. That is where I dug down. That made it easy to wall my hole in under the deck maiking it look as if the slab is square.
In side my utility room I have storage shelves along the wall that is the short part of the slab. I have redesigned the shelves so one of them is actually a live storage area. We store light stuff there, "cerial, rice, dryed milk etc." That shelf is actually movable as a hidden door to the top of my shaft.
I have storage for more than a year if I had to stay there 24 hours a day.
That includes my wife, ten cats and two dogs.
I have a way to dispose of the cat littter and other nasty stuff.
I have a filtered air system, including hand pumped back up system.
I have a "geiger/muler" tube monitoring system with one in my shelter and one exteded to the surface. The one on the surface is disguised.
I have an almost endless supply of water. I also have filters for incoming water if necessary to remove sediment that may be radioactive.
If biological I have CO2 absorbers and a large supply of pure O2 and monitors to know how much O2 to add as well as the level of CO2 in case I need to manually pump the air. I also have quite a bit of clean nitrogen to replace any lost over time.
My blend is nitrogen and O2.
I'll elaborate on the "how to" on digging this without getting burried, later.
Dig baby dig!
It's coming.
Not if but when. O
bama is putting the push on to destroy this country as fast as possible with his friends.
It is the absolute gole of the Progerssive, Communsts etc.
When it comes, I'm gonna be a casuality but the cost, "if I have my way about it" will be very very high.
I'm still digging, "expanding in sq ft." Off one conrner I'm digging a long tunnerl,
75' to another area for an emergency exit.
The shaft for the exit on this will only go up to about 3 ft below the surface and will be dug with renforcement on the way up.
It will only be completed if I need to dig my way out!
Thu Mole!
Wow, are you in a survivalist club? The first thing to go woukd be the ten cats,they would have to live outside and kill rodents. Keep rotating your stock,
Senseless (author)  thumole3 years ago

You've got me beat by a mile!
jgarza2 thumole4 years ago
We are thinking very much alike! The 75' E-scape with 3' undug left for that time.I also thought leaving ammunitions at the end. I have a perfect place for digging starting under the house, I purchased 5 acres on a hill having 360 deg. view, yet the hill is alabama red clay. A very tough soil yet i couldn't ask for better. I am starting the dig this weekend. I am an electrician and have the supplies for a battery bank and wind and pedal generated supply for the bunker using all LED's for some light. Thanks for your ideas and good will to you!
tinker2343 years ago
bye anychance does some one know how to make a airtight seal
use blue-skin or poly plastic sheating and tuck tape or acoustical sealant
Tonyraye3 years ago
I have been thinking about this article for two years since I have first read it. I have always loved the idea of an "underground mancave". When I was young I used to travel through sewage systems and local caves (they were probably no more than medium size holes in the ground, but seemed much larger back then). I am now in a position to build my mancave. I bought a house near the beach in Australia and want to build a new home on the land. Once that is done I will not have the access for machinery to dig etc that I have now. So I have to build a mancave BEFORE I build the house. The trouble is I want to build a workshop over the top of it. I live in a very sandy area and have considered cinder blocks, rammed earth walls and other building techniques, but I'm not an engineer and am worried about the pressure on the underground wals created by the sand once I have backfilled and the weight (and possible collapse) of a concrete foundation on top of the structure. I thought about using cinder blocks filled with rebar and concrete every 10 inches with timber beams going across. The structure underneath will be about 30 feet by 15 wide and the workshop on top will be about 50 feet by 23 feet wide. I wanted to make a ladder and have the entrance through the workshop floor somewhere so I can have a safe place to go in case of a zombie apocalypse or land invasion by the evil dolphins! Any suggestions as to how I can ensure the structural integrity of my mancave?
chuckw685 years ago
It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
Senseless (author)  chuckw683 years ago
LOL I knew someone would leave that comment!

Haven't looked in here in ages...
I love that movie!
Senseless (author)  leoishungry5 years ago
Yeah me to but I swear I'm not some wacko serial killer promise LOL. The name came because my wife said my projects were just senseless so I have a catch all business in that name Senseless Ventures since I tend to do lots of different types of work. It really saves on business cards LOL.
Senseless (author)  chuckw685 years ago
Bwahahhahahhaha! Dang I've even got a fire hose LOL.
Jordan Dyck3 years ago
im assuming that your house is in between 1200 and 2500 square feet, i also noticed that you rented a tractor backhoe, i work for an excavating company and it would have been cheaper to rent a full sized excavator, for the given size of the crawl space it could have been finished in two to four hours at 110 dollars an hour CAD. thats just my two bits.
Senseless (author)  Jordan Dyck3 years ago
You're absolutely right!

If I wasn't married I would have just done this first off for practically nothing time wise. I can rent most anything I need and yeah a loader would have been good but I needed the stinger to dig in a few spot.

The main floor is actually about 4200 square feet, the bottom floor is a workshop garage and office with full bath I am gonna finish as a bedroom and just relocate down there when we have hurricanes.

I used a big loader, can't remember how many yard bucket it was, to clear the roads on my tree farm and I agree I could have dug the hole for the house in a couple hours but like I said I needed to do some backhoeing to and it was cheaper to just rent one and spend more time than rent both for the weekend.
sk8rforlife5 years ago
im not trying to be mean but why did you make a top secret bunker?
Why wouldn't one make a secret bunker if it's possible?
Senseless (author)  sk8rforlife5 years ago
I tagged it top secret as a joke... I wouldn't plaster it on the the net if I really wanted it to be secret LOL but I did work on it for four months before my wife finally caught me.... Even the EMS knows it's here I live in a small town and I know the Paramedics and volonteer fire department guys pretty well and given them tours. The entire bottom floor above it it a safe place to duck and hide if a hurricane turns at the last minute everyone on my street knows I'd have the back door unlocked and to just let themselves in. This whole project is mostly for fun but then again building the house above was fun to. Peace and no offense taken oh and geez now that I have my glasses and can really see the your question... I live about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and my wife is an invalid and too ill for me to evacuate so I'm well prepared even just with the bottom level being under ground and the bunker itself was a test to see exactly how deep I can go without hitting the ground water so I can build a larger sinpler one that I can just enter through a door at the back of the bottom garage and get my wife inside quick in case we get a tornadoe. I tend to over build things and maybe I planned too much but I'd rather be prepared and never have to use it than get caught off guard.
octollama3 years ago
It would be so cool to have a secret bunker under my house
maxsil4 years ago
Wow, you'll probably be the safest person on earth during a zombie apokaplypse
dildo694 years ago
Did not understand what this project is. Want my nickel back
pigsnfish4 years ago
I've ALWAYS wanted a hidden, underground bunker. As for verbiage...you made me laugh and smile and believe that I could do this as well. It's a very detailed instructable, and I think that with your instructions, I could make a reinforced hole in the ground, too. Unfortunately, I get all the great ideas, but don't have skills with electric/mechanical tools. When I approach my husband with my grand ideas, he looks at me, his eyes glaze over and his jaw goes slack. I'm thinking I might just have to start secretly digging a hole (and I have the perfect spot) and when it's mostly dug out, I can employ his help. I think that it's wonderful that you'll be able to save yourself and your wife if you have to thanks to your bunker.
Robert5954 years ago
Love the project, but wish that it was summarized with less detail as to what type of wood your floors are made out of, and more of what you did for THIS project. Also mentioning accidents that happened in your life just distracts from the reading, but its still a GREAT idea.
Senseless (author)  Robert5954 years ago
I was still in La La land when I made this one LOL.

The left side of your head which I crushed deals with talking and I used to obviously really ramble for the first couple years after the wreck not that I don't now...
mcaliber.504 years ago
now i want to make one. but if i do, i'm lining the outside with lead. keep the radiation out.
:.( I always wanted to build things but I never able... never figured out why...
Senseless (author)  HisDivineShadow5 years ago
Also watch people work and if you can do it without slowing them up ask questions. That's how I learned most of my skills. I was five when I moved to a new development and there were only ten houses up so I got to spend my summers watching them being built and my first underground refuges were made from digging a hole and rolling logs over it then shoveling the dirt back over them then always had a cool place to hang out in the summers.
The only problem is that I live in the suburbs of a small town in North central Texas, and there isint much land to be bought to build/dig on...
Thanks man!

Soon as I get free time I'll try something...
Senseless (author)  HisDivineShadow5 years ago
Never hurts to try. Start simple and small and Instructables has instructions for a zillion things you can build.
Hightechk4 years ago
Hey i live in FL too but I'm on a pond. But the water raises and lowers 3-5 feet and you can dig about 7-10 feet, during different seasons i was wondering if i waited to low season and then made it water tight, you know with plastic and sealers and stuff on the outside before i did the cement, do you think that I could build one. Also, are there laws on this or is it like jut don't put up a giant sign. And you also have to use normal basement building codes, right? thanks for great Post I'm excited!
Senseless (author)  Hightechk4 years ago
You almost need a solid fiberglass shell to wrap around concrete since it acts like a sponge.

At the very least dig your hole big and totally coat it with Dry Lok on the outside not inside of the concrete but it will still come up from the floor...

As far as laws they change from state to state and even county to county but if no one can see you....
thank you, I'm hoping to get started this winter around december because the water is lowest then and its cool so i wont get heat stroke. i will post mine on here when i do it.
Got this from another instructable very cool see the video's oh your wife is gunna hate me


thats great im finding so many thing i need on this site lol
Hightechk4 years ago
so cool I'm going to build one now
snarfle5 years ago
you wrte stollog 17 i think its stollag 13 lol that is if your refering to hogans heros lol
Senseless (author)  snarfle5 years ago
Stollog 17 was an old movie before Hogan came around. They dug an escape tunnel and got rid of the dirt by putting it into socks in their pants and spreading it in th eyard so the Germans didn't notice but in reality I never thought that would actually work LOL. It was probably around the time of Guns of Navarone...
Timmah5 years ago
Way too much verbiage, nice pics, cool idea. Next time just add verbiage to the photos.
Senseless (author)  Timmah5 years ago
LOl yeah head injuries will do that to ya...
Add a brick oven to the yard and neigh fergit to make a rocket stove etc. If the stinky brown stuff hits the whirlybird thing there will be lots of free trash wood and brick oven and rocket stoves are very friendly to anything EXCEPT treated wood. this a very cool instructable, and over built is better. But honestly I do not think you can over build in hurricaine alley. gotta go make pizza dough sparkie
all kidding aside, is there a way on at least two side to get out of your crawl space/tornado shelter? My in laws lived in Florida during Andrew, the house he DIDN"T buy looked like godzilla crapped on it after he squished it flat. The entire section of that developement looked like it was flattened straight down. And if after the blow is over it catches fire, (here on LI I have seen super high winds with no rain, so fires can happen) you can be smoked to death or burned alive. (sorry, My dad was NYC fireman and I always look at the flambe scenario)You need an external exit not through the house, cause you could get rocked in and with no way to call for help how does one get out? I do not say this to break your shoes. I understand if you see a tornado coming and you know outrunning it is impossible you ditch. This is great instructable . I have a real cellar and it has windows I can make them impervious and set stairs to all of them (break away fold down things).
Senseless (author)  spark master5 years ago
I have an external exit two infact but they are at this point just it's just at he "I planned ahead by reinforing two spots in the external footer when I design the house about point." One is right in the crawl space and will be a simple set of tornadoe doors headed out beside the house right next to the air conditioners with ten inch columns dug down below and tied to the footer with rebar beams and assortered heavy steel and the other would be in the form of a tunnel that would come up into a tower I want to build about 30 feet from the from the house itself with a door opening in incase a tree blocks it but that means drilling about eighty holes with a core saw through the garage floor to shoot down thin wall pvc concrete and rebar every couple feet since holes down are fairly safe to make but tunnels are a whole different story. This all was more of a test to find the water table so I could stay clear of it. Concrete acts like a wick but the big seam of clay below me keeps the crawls space so dry the sand in it is powder down five inches and I have ventalation fans that I thought I'd need to keep it dry but they haven't been used for a couple years. When and if I really make a proper bunker I'm gonna knock the back wall of the bottom garage so I can drive a bobcat in there and pour a slab that slopes to the pit incase I get a pipe break and put that five feet below my garage floor, I have two fire / security doors with the sliding bar and all, build walls with 12 inch block filled with concrete and put a 12 inch lid on it which still give me room to work on the plumbing and all for the main floor. I've got way to many irons in the fire right now for that though and the garage and crawls space are already bordering on tornadoe safe being under ground on three sides and the floor about is 2 x 12/s with plywood glued and nailed on both top and bottom with 3/4 inch oak nailed perpendicular to my joists every 6 inches and I tied it to the garage walls every 2 feet all the way down to the footers plus I'm 30 miles from the Gulf so I get a very slight reduction in wind and no worry of a storm surge at 300+ feet above sea level. You're the first to mention the second means of egrees which is the way a contractor thinks since bedrooms also need two by code. Thanks for the observation!
cool breeze, I think your house could take a hit from the Missouri , kinda like a Norad Base!
I got to take my hat off for you! I do not know how you got past the building dept. inspections. Here in California this would never pass the earth quakes inspections. But in Florida there are no earthquakes, I often wondered why people do not have bunkers like this for natural disasters for your part of the country. You were able to build all that for only $1000.00? If one plans before building the house for such a basement or bunker one can really make things allot easier. For future houses these types of bunker or basements should be required. Although Structural and Civil Engineer should be consulted before undertaking this project. What I have seen happen is using preapproved specs. and plans can bring down the costs. I always recommend using three plans if plan A doesn't work then plan B doesn't work plan C. I am a designer/drafter with some structures still standing.
Senseless (author)  Laisseraller5 years ago
It's a small town and I built this house and remodeled and sold maybe 15. When I originally got the building permit for the house I hand drew the floor plans and elevation and a cross section of a footer plus in florida you can be your own contractor if you own the property and it was already in the works for my to just get licensed and it was the head of the building department that spoke up for me so I could take the test. They also told me this is the one house they'd all show up at during a bad hurricane LOL. Here's a link to my floorplans and the plywood I have under my sheetrock to turn all the walls into shear walls... http://www.flickr.com/photos/senseless_/tags/shearwalls/
nellieklink5 years ago
That is so cool. I am a single lady in my 50's and my grown kids are always trying to diss my big ideas, but hey, I do live in the country of OK, the land of no building codes (I think there may be something about not building in a flood pain) Actually a large part of their negative attitutde, 2 strong men in their 20's and 30's is they don't want to be roped into lending a muscled 'hand'. LOL I have already beenthinking of doing something like that halfway under my MH.
Senseless (author)  nellieklink5 years ago
Go for it! Be smart and safe though. If you build one outside you could even leave part above ground if the concrete wall are a foot thick and you run a grid of rebar every six inches. Concretes heavy though so You really need to reinforce your mold till it sets and if it is outside make you're life easy by putting it to where a concrete truck can just back up to it and empty its load with no effort and use treated wood to build the box for your room inside including treated plywood.
signalpaths5 years ago
Dude this is awsome!!
Senseless (author)  signalpaths5 years ago
Thanks man. I'm very hyper and have to work on things but I tend to jump from project to project cause I'm ADD to LOL. When things calm down here, probably this winter, I'll try and get down there and at least finish up what I already have started but I'm gonna have to win the lottery or sell a book to have the extra money to make it a real bunker LOL. I've almost died 17 times so far so I keep thinking I should write something but the head injury makes me extremely forgetful.
bowmaster7 years ago
Is this bomb proof?
by the looks no. cause it just cement block. If you wanted it to be you would have to fill the center of the blocks up and make a couple layers and line it with steel or lead (nuke :-P). i mean that would just be very minor bomb prevention. if you wanted it to be a fortress youd have to go down in the ground far (mabe the roof be 3ft under ground).
Senseless (author)  !Andrew_Modder!5 years ago
Any block you see is just support columns or shots of the garage above it, the rest is on average 20 inches of concrete but there is no way it would be bomb proof none the less if it was a targeted hit.
Senseless (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
No it wouldn't be bomb proof if they used one of those ones with the shaped copper cone that turns to plasma and burns a hole through whatever is in its way to let the explosive a moment later cause it to shatter. If your are thinking Nucleor fallout ten feet of soil is all you need to protect from radiactive fallout but you still need to be far enough from the blast center to survive the initial preasure waves.
and you would need to be able to never come out as the fall out will be all around you for miles, for a modest 128 million years. All around chernoble for quite a distance is radioactive dust and I stopped my use of imported stuff. There are 2 things I can't resist, good German beer and excellent Italian cheeses, the rest I can happily consume comes from here. Well except for gulf seafood. YIKES. This reminds me of my grandfathers "catty combs" part of his tiny house had a 'cellar, part had a space like yours all ancient field stone and sand and clay . He dug it out enough to get in and use it for storage of homemade jams/jellies/canned termaters and other veggies he grew, in Ozone Park Queens NYC , right next to Brooklyn, the Heartland of America. His termaters were good 10 years agfter he died, my brother made sauce with them, no Botch and no deaths. nice instructable
Senseless (author)  spark master5 years ago
Yeah I'm actually near a pretty high target military base but this was never ever about some post appocolistic event, just to ride out storms in and get by for a few weeks if the house was gone.
Senseless (author)  bowmaster5 years ago
No it's not. I live about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and have been through enough Hurricanes to plan ahead plus the occasional Tornadoe but honestly it's mostly for fun LOL.
Have you tested it to see if it's bomb proof?
Senseless (author)  bowmaster5 years ago
No LOL. Like intentionally trying to blow it up??? I wouldn't take out my house to test something and besides these days just talking about things that go boom can get you unwanted attention.
Since this is kind alike sttlagg 17 didja havfta take all the dirt out in your pants and let it go down your leg as you walked around to prevent , your guards (she who must be obeyed) and the town inspectors from seeing it?
Senseless (author)  spark master5 years ago
LMAO! No and I can tell you that wouldn't have worked for the amount of sand I moved just for this little space Hahhhaha. I did though use it all landscaping so no one wondered where the big piles were coming from... That was a great movie we use to mail rail cars like they had when we were kids and race though the storm sewers,
nigeltech5 years ago
You are a resourceful man. Having messed with holes long and wide myself, I admire your tenacity and innovation. I especially liked "I remember I have some 2 inch sch 40..." well doesn't everyone? Best of luck should the unthinkable happen and another Katrina should visit. Regards from New Zealand
Senseless (author)  nigeltech5 years ago
I've got a tree farm near me that I use as a private scrap yard LOL. I've had things sit up there in a clearing a made out of site of the road and my cabin and gone back 12 years later and founds things I needed. When I built the house above it took me seven years by myself mostly but I remember going up there for steel and having to make two trip in a sixteen foot trailer just to haul back rebar, probably worth a few thousand dollars but I bought it from a friend with a salvage company by the pound and paid I think $120 US for it knowing someday I'd need it. I had so much and even some 3/4 and 1 inch lengths I used in the shaft and spots in my footers that I knew I'd be digging under plus a third trip for angle iron and pipe. A lot of the reinforcing in the house is welds tied to a beam that spans my bottom garage, goes though the main floor and ties into the shear walls above and then all the way to the top chord of my trusses so to pull the roof off you need to lift the entire house LOL.
mekmek6 years ago
Hey pretty cool site. Although I am currently in no position to build any sort of underground facility I was just wondering how to go about discretely disposing of excavated rock especially when going beyond a certain size.
John Keely developed a piezoelectric speaker powered rock disintegration machine in the 1880's. Using vibratory harmonics the rocks turn to powder and their base elements by neutralization of their covalent bonds. Basically it was what we know now as microwave energy - only not in GHz (as microwaves) but amplified VLF waves. Same principle as shattering glass with sound.
got any urls for that ?
Senseless (author)  mekmek6 years ago
Paint them and set up a stand at an art expo! Actually getting rid of tillings can be a problem if you really don't want anyone to know plus in general to tunnel through rock requires explosives but I'm not gonna tell you how to mix up some. I am currently building the ultimate tennis ball shooter that should be able to bounce them off low flying planes, I suppose if you were near the sea you could launch them into the drink. It runs on petrol and compressed air...
Grind the rock into sand underground using crushers, mix with water, and pump the resulting sand mix out to sea via a discrete pipe.
A basement... You built, for all intents and purposes, a basement.
A HIDDEN BASEMENT for all intent and purposes for top secret tobacco water pipes and james bond gadgetry goodness!!!!
Senseless (author)  mickgoth5 years ago
LOL I've got 1 1/4 conduit from down there to the cable at the street for instant upgrades and a route for a second wire closet so I can move the server if I ever finish it.
Senseless (author)  anotherchavez5 years ago
Actually LOL yes but its a basement under the basement. Hindsight is 20 20.
sandrak3205 years ago
Back in the '40s my hubby's uncle decided he wanted a basement after he finished building his house. He used dynamite. Hubby says the house lifted up a few inches but safely landed back on the foundation.
The_Batman5 years ago
Awesome. Simply awesome. I've always wanted to have my own little hideaway. Best of luck on your project and if you ever get rich remember that your hideaway can always double as a Batcave. lol
EmmettO5 years ago
So used 6 pallets at 3000 lbs, that comes to 225 80 lb. bags of cement mix. How thick were your walls and how long/tall? I have a similar project that is all dug out and I'm looking to start making the walls. I'm a novice with concrete and I'm going to be lernding a lot with this one.
That is one awesome project that you have there. It makes me want to build one myself, or at least when I build a new house take in consideration a "storm" shelter and have one built under the house.
Senseless (author)  GunRunnerX265 years ago
Yeah LOL but see I have a wife... When I designed the house above I figured how low to start cutting into the hill to have enough room to pour and block the bottom level without it caving in on me and I rented a backhoe for the weekend and planned ahead by building a seawall by the lake from concrete blocks I had sitting on my farm I scavenged from a commercial building being torn down. Make friends witht he foreman of a demolition you can get a lotta stuff lol I had around 9000 but anyways I should have gotten a loader instead but was going to use the back hoe to do exactly what you said which would have been simple and cheap. Monday morning I was out there still moving clay to get my final grade and was then gonna dig the pit but my wife looked out around 11 and said something about why didn't I return it and that costs money to rent send it back LOL so I sort of had to... It took me 2 weeks to get the final grade done by hand and a wheel barrow and I could have finished in 5 more hours of machine time.... Don't get me started about the dam I built in the middle of my tree farm with the rest of the blocks... For the record she's an excellent wife except for always thinking I should be doing things differently LOL hence Senseless which I had all over the net long before I wacked my head in the wreck.
jaymanx5 years ago
wow i have to give you credit thats amazing haha i might do it under a shed but not risking the house to cave but good job!
Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
Spent this last winter in Vermont, we got almost 12ft of snow this year. 40 out WAS t-shirt weather, lol.
Senseless (author)  Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
I grew up in Pennsylvania and got lost in the mountains in a snowstorm for 23 hours. 12 foot fo snow is gonna give me nightmares LOL. It's not an accident I moved to Florida...
Didn't mean to bring up bad memories. My father grew up in Pennsylvania as well, and it WAS an accident that he moved to California. He was going to Arizona, and missed. lol Guess I won't complain, my mother wasn't in AZ. haha
Senseless (author)  Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
Hah relax I have more good memories than bad... Plus I forget a lot since I hit my head. Think of all the things you'd like to fergit.
you know I need to buy a piece of property somewhere and build like a bomb shelter a few stories under the ground and have it stocked with food and weapons ; ) and have high fiber optic lines running to the surface so i don't loose contact with the world.... on the other hand the top part would be a nice house and nobody would ever think that there was a secret stair case the led to the secret bunker under the kitchen floor ; )
That is full of awesomesauce sir!
ok kida a wierd instructable
Cyrus6 years ago
Amazing Instructable, I loved it. Did you say you lived in defuniak springs? My family has a resort membership there. And what's this about hits from Homeland Security...that makes me want a bunker for reasons outside of storms.
Senseless (author)  Cyrus5 years ago
I bet that resort is on the other side of the lake I live on.
It's called Lake holley but there is an RV resort on the next lake which is King's Lake.
Cyrus Senseless5 years ago
Yeah thats the one.  Been a while since I've been down there but still have a membership.
Senseless (author)  Cyrus6 years ago
Hey sorry I missed this one. I'm a mile from that resort...
dvnfntn5 years ago
perfect for zombie apocolypses
norkers5 years ago
Dude you rock! I have ALWAYS wanted an underground bunker under my house, you have inspired me.
scrotulus6 years ago
Sorry if this message comes up twice. I think it failed to load the first time. Anyway, I was just wondering how to produce a long term supply of energy for growing food e.t.c. in a secret underground fallout shelter/bunker. Since ones own private nuclear reactor is probably out of the question. Then what is left is either an impractically large fuel tank for a fossil fuel generator, or blast vulnerable wind turbines and solar arrays(the latter won't work in blacked out skies plus they'll both stick out like sore thumbs), or small scale geothermal stuff(I don't know how effective this can be although it can operate underground obviously which is a plus). Any suggestions on how combine reasonable power densities, and discretion in an achievable way??
Senseless (author)  scrotulus5 years ago
I was thinking of getting a large propane generator sealed in it's own concrete room with a tight steel door, running heavy pipe outside for the exhaust and putting the propane tank extra large in a concrete building next to the pool house that would be hurricane proof and boring under the driveway to run the gaslines and use galvinized pipe instead of copper to hold up better over the years.  I have a place for it in the corner of the crawlspace and a conduit already run to my outside service panel so I could also set it up as a whole house generator for power outages.

The generator would last forever I imagine and they are guiet enough that an 8 inch wall and ceiling would make it pretty much sound proof.

When I wired the house I ran everything past the bunker so I could tap into it and ran the phone and cable in conduit from the crawlspace to the street, and a few extras for adding outside cameras.
Nykus795 years ago
Wow... When I saw this topic in the instructables. I think you're NUT! WACKO! But after awhile read whole step by step. Now I thinking you're awesome and would love to have my own bunker under this house. But I doublt my aunt would allow me do it. :) Beside from I learn little history about my homestead. This area used to be swamp. And this house is bad shaped. There's alot of creak around in the basement. Anyway, I have question... Those paint on the wall "Super Top Secret Bunker" How can it be still "super" top secret When you put up your info of location, where access at, how to entrance it. Even layout of your house.. O.o But I still think it's very awesome! :) Now all you need add bobblehead and lunchbox from fallout 3 :)
hedgesci5 years ago
another thing you can do is buy a sealand container, weld the doors, tar the outside of it, cut an escape hath or two in the top, cut a couple of air holes in it, install pvc pipe(at least 3inch) to let fresh air in and out, then bury it underground, and run your fresh air lines up and out to the surface(disquise them as you like) and then you can put a small shed over the entrance and come and go as you please.i will be posting a more detailed instructable on this very soon. maybe this will be helpful to you all.
Your probably on the governments watch list now
MarkTBSc6 years ago
Impressive build mate! Don't worry about a tendency to ramble, it's all interesting and makes it into a fascinating story rather than a dry 'how-to'. All the best for future projects!
Wow, man, you have lived all my dreams. I used to live in the countryside, where ANYTHING could happen, and you wouldn't get caught, so I looked up some websites on making underground rooms. the hole that I was digging was going great. until I hit sandstone, and only had farm tools to break it up(none of which were electric). So now I live in the town, but a friend of mine shares a passion for holes and stuff, and every once in a while, we get together and start digging, but both of us are ADHD and often times forget what we were doing, and end up staring at a cardboard cutout of Frodo, while listening to some weird band that my friend has on his mp3 player. XD
Senseless (author)  Batmanifestdestiny6 years ago
No, though I DID find the hardest substance on earth, Oklahoma sandstone. I swear, that stuff can cut diamonds. In other news: your voice reminds me of one of my uncles, only your not a raving redneck bent on living with your parents till the day you die.
Zenmaster16 years ago
Hi, loved your site, very interesting, I am a bit senseless too! I have 2 nuclear bunkers back in Scotland, I am over here for Christmas to visit my Mother who lives in Florida. You should have a look at my site secretbunker.co.uk Thought your site was fantastic, you are a clever man to do all that on your own, well done! James from Scotland!!
Senseless (author)  Zenmaster16 years ago
Zowie! Dang I'd consider moving to Scottland... How'd you manage to aquire them?
Catfish man7 years ago
Cool instructable. Although, if i want a bunker in my basement, i just set up some chairs and throw a blanket over it! :D
Senseless (author)  Catfish man7 years ago
LOL Catfish. Yeah a simple under ground basement goes a long way in a storm. This would have been easier to do if I just dug a hole and built it and built the house over it but I'd never have gotten that past the wife since we lived next door...
Coffee bean7 years ago
This is really cool. I want made tire building a small workshop underground because right now I work on my deck.
-Aj-7 years ago
secret underground lairs are just my style. luckily where we live weve got abit of land, and are on a hill. so i can just dig a cave in and concrete the thing. an excavator is a handy thing to have indeed! now to do it without my parents knowing ;-)
Senseless (author)  -Aj-7 years ago
Be careful. As a rule I never dug more than two feet down in the sand without stopping to pour the concrete walls. Sand will sit there and dry out and then suddenly slide so remember that and don't try digging a tunnel with a sand roof it will kill you...
-Aj- Senseless7 years ago
yes i can understand sand is quite unstable in those circumstances. luckily for my where we live its basically all clay with some stand stone through it. red and brown clay, and its pretty solid stuff for digging into. where i planned its into the side of this mini cliff kind of thing so i can start about 5m (15ft) down from the surface so theres plenty around for strength. ill be using our 2ton excavator for most of it id say, i tried the pick and shovel aproach awhile back but it was a damn lot of work, so i think ill try it the easier way for now. one idea i did have for an area where yo ucant get to with the digger was to use a fire fighting pump we have and use a sand blasting technique. so have sand being fed into the hose and blasted out with the water, then dig with that. im not sure how well it would work but can always try i suppose.
Senseless (author)  -Aj-7 years ago
Dang I'm Jealous! Plane water will bore through clay that is my next step to tunnel under the garage floor after I get the sand moving device working. Clay will cave in to especially if it is marbled. It will separate where the two types of clay meet and fall in very large chunks. You always need to have a roof over you. I have three emergency escape routes and one will be a tunnel 40 feet long. I have a movable form that I plan to build from 1/4 inch steel plate that will let me pour a ceiling then move it forward three feet and pour more and repeat over and over until I am under my rose garden then I'll drop a shaft to meet it and disguise it as a wishing well. Seriously I have been worried kids would read this stuff and have cave ins so don't for a minute think you can safely tunnel in clay without a real roof that will support the load. I'd love to see this if you had the time to email me pictures. Webpage@SenselessAdventures.com mike
-Aj- Senseless7 years ago
dont worry, ive had this idea for awhile before i saw your instructable, so its not your fault for making me want to do this :D. the clay is pretty much uniform brown/red clay. of a ceiling i planned to do it how the do it commercially. so you first get the supports you want it place, then put heaps of temporary ones under the desired area. then have a plywood tray on top which will have reo in it and then pour the cement into it. once its hardened you can remove the temporary supports and it will be sweet. first im going to gravel the floor and walls behind where the cement will go for drainage. then will put down a cement floor and walls, then the ceiling last. well thats the plan. if i dont want to do a 'cave' as such. theres a small gully kinda thing maybe 5m (15ft) wide and same deep. and what i can do is just cut in and level that out, then build a bunker style structure there then fill over with dirt to the level around it. so it would sit in quite well. would be easier i imagine.
Senseless (author)  -Aj-7 years ago
Dang if I ever had a kid... Is that "Gully" kind of thing caused by heavy rains? How long can you hold your breath?
-Aj- Senseless7 years ago
haha. its in the side of the hill so not a bottom. also its there from what i would presume several hundreds of years of slowly wearing it away. water flow through there is minimal, small enough so i could pipe it if needed, even in heavy rain some 150mm (bout 6-8 in) sewer pipe would do it. hmmm, could run it through a water turbine.... LOL
Daviee7 years ago
Amazing, you're a great guy. :) I signed up just so I could comment on this. :) Have you considered decorating it under there? I think it'd be rather cool to like turn it into a secret little room where you can have your own things there and stuff. Maybe a place to escape from reality and just relax. :)
Senseless (author)  Daviee7 years ago
LOL, a real mancave... Thanks for signing up. it's a cool site.
=spider=7 years ago
I totally want to do this. First, I need to own my house and have the space. But once I get past that obstacle.... whoa baby, armageddon here we come.
Senseless (author)  =spider=7 years ago
I started dreaming this up 40 years ago... I remember my father making an offhand comment that he should buy some farmland so when my siblings and myself were older we could each have a bit of land. I was maybe 10. I met him at the everyday door after work with the want ads and pieces of property I had circled hoping he'd call about LOL. My poor parents raising an ADHD OCD... I never forgot the desire to have a small farm and bought 43 acres of woods and a stream about 15 years ago. It is like having my own personal park to stroll through when I need a break and just by chance I have a huge hill facing west to collect the sun If I ever build another house it will be mostly underground and I'll use the westward facing hill flood the place with natural light.
uksam887 years ago
Inspirational if i lived in america i would actually go and shake your hand. I showed my mum this and shes disabled and wants me to build her the shower you did for your wife. I will, but i said i will only if i get to do this one above! Keep building!
Senseless (author)  uksam887 years ago
PS seriously if you do this and she uses a walker and perhaps has a shower chair if she has used these for some time she probably has them adjusted for her preferred heights all people being different. When I built the wife the shower this is how I came up with the height of the bench and safety bars. If you mum has arthritis the bigger bars are to be preferred over the narrower since she will get a good grip without having to tightly make a fist. Having the controls for the wand shower within easy hand distance will also let her have a bit more control and therefore security. I found the ones with a slide to adjust the height the most useful.
Senseless (author)  uksam887 years ago
LOL Nice bargaining! I love to Barter...
receiver5457 years ago
dude no you need to do is make some trapdoors and close up the outside entrance! and put frunicure over the trap doors to hide them !! that would be awesome right there!
Senseless (author)  receiver5457 years ago
Like the woodstove in Hogan's Heros?
yeah like that!
Punkguyta7 years ago
Well..........How the hell did you do this all without letting your Wife know????
Senseless (author)  Punkguyta7 years ago
LOL, mostly I just didn't tell her when I started and I tried to dig quietly...
locofocos7 years ago
Wow. All I can say is wow. You have way too much free time.
Senseless (author)  locofocos7 years ago
It's borrowed time... I should have died a couple years ago but didn't, I'm now on the bonus round.
you are incredible! in fact, i think i consider you... alvincredible!
e.bender7 years ago
your so fre@king awesome, it un believable. if that room doesn't get you a$$, well..........those women are lame. nice job.
chalky7 years ago
man i take my hat off to you your an inspiration my friend you truly are.
georgd7 years ago
You have done an amazing job! I have always dreamed of making a "secret" place. Your project may have contribed a lot to your recovery. You should consider sharing what happened to you. The story may inspire others to be safe. I am a cancer survivor, but I have to say I haven't handled it very well. You have inspired me. I wish you well
Senseless (author)  georgd7 years ago
Georgd if there is anything I can tell you it is to keep moving. I walked about 7 miles a day even when I was dragging my right foot, usually back and forth in the yard. When I could not keep a thought in my head I still walked and walked.
SuperMatt7 years ago
Dude - I signed up for this site just to leave you a comment. Absolutely, positively, totally incredible what you have accomplished - especially considering what your accident did to you. Best of luck.
Senseless (author)  SuperMatt7 years ago
Dang thanks! This is a great site by the way, so much information.
fitzxlr8s7 years ago
wow. You are amazing. Sorry to hear about your accident, but seems to me that you're still pretty much all there in the head: thats a beautiful house you got there, and a nice little armaggedon hideaway. best of luck
Senseless (author)  fitzxlr8s7 years ago
It's my attention span I miss the most LOL... When I look away I forget things so it takes me longer sometimes but I write myself lots of notes.
I really enjoy this idea, reading about it and sheer fun of it all. Only one thing you have sparked up my old idea again, My family happen to own two forty foot shipping containers, it was that video you made a comment about them and It brought me right back there, I will do that some day. I understand the short term memory problem, I just have one along with the attention span of a walnut... So welding them together to make my invincible house thats allso protable will take about two years becasue every two feet I'll want to put a window or a door somewhere... Also you could easily get a job in homeland security... Anybod who eveades their wife and hides tons of concrete, giant holes and secret concrete casting work could be found better than james bond. A spy as to try and hide the small stuff you could try getting a tanke or building one from scratch as a way to get about after the hurricane. also it would be fun to see who long you could keep that one hushed.
Senseless (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
LOL@Homeland The way they are reading my blog you'd think I was a foreign Nation they want to Invade...
well you're getting there, presidential home, bunker and a first lady now you need and army, yet again tank, an air force (I suggest a zeppelin) and a naval force dinghy with a machine gun and some dynamite on strings should do nicely there... It's wierd when you hear about echelons or what ever that word for listening machines like that is you don't believe them but my friend got a visit from the UK equivalent because he was texting someone about a jerk that moved in to number 7 on the street, his last name was blair... I've never been bothered by people much but I will probably do something or other to arouse suspicion sooner or later... I've been stopped by the police five times for overtaking cars and milkmen at 4am on a bicycle, mostly they want to know what could be in my bag and pockets.... Thankfully they mistook a mini cannon for a bong (I wasn't using it I just had it in the bag....)
i can't believe you snuck this in without a permit! Where i live, i see more code enforcement cars up and down the street than cops! i also live in florida, but in miami beach and you can't grab your shovel from your garage without getting a visit from code enforcement. great instructable, but i could never do this. I'm already below sea level. *tsk* (+)
Senseless (author)  technodude927 years ago
PS What I find hard to believe is that I was able to spend a few months digging this without my wife catching me... I had to get it all stablized before I told her cause I expected her to find something better for me to do with my time. Dumb Luck just follows me around, I rolled a truck and trailer at 60 mph and got scalped and crushed the left side of my head yet I got up and walked within 20 minutes of coming to and made them release me 24 hours later...
Senseless (author)  technodude927 years ago
Walton County doesn't require a permit for structures under 400 square feet that aren't living area. On my own I can't afford to hire an Engineer to back me up for the big bunker so I thought if I got Discovery Channel Involved they'd have engineers and such to support me and this could be possible. Also they'd have more pull with the Insurance Companies to get this project covered where if I talked to my own agent about it he'd most likely have a stroke. I've been building things since I was 12. The original plan was do do this all in secret by myself and I'd buy the concrete from the plant up the road in Alabama but I really am lucky to just be alive after crushing my head and I just don't have the attention span to get away with this. Plus posting "Top Secret" on my photo collection of the project is getting me hits from Homeland Security LOL.
lol u live in florida aye?? well thats not gonna stop much seeing ur state is the flattest thing, so if there was a storm or anything, that place is the last thing u'd wanna be in, maybe try the mountains i guess? thats a damn nice instructable though, i love the idea man, looks like you've put a lot of effort into it.
Senseless (author)  DannyboyINXS7 years ago
Danny Boy the Pipes are Callin... I'm in the Panhandle of Florida about 320 feet above Sea Level which is how I found a hill to build into and get me some tornado protection. The shaft is just to verify how far down I can go and not have it flood so yes it is very very unusual to be able to do this in Florida but it's not the Florida people see on the post cards. New York City will be underwater before my house would be if the Ice Caps melt and the Sea Level Rise.
crzyns7 years ago
Wow..... I love it. I also love it that you aren't afraid to bring your dream "to life". Great instructable! Thankyou.
turbonegro7 years ago
among the coolest things i have ever seen you live my dream nice job many thanks for the instructable i once had the opportunity of bying a house with a "bunker" underneath it wasnt dug out but rather blasted into the rock and since i live in sweden the purpose was not to dodge twisters and such i just wanted a place for my computers/experiments and serenity thanks again and pardon my swenglish ;-)
Senseless (author)  turbonegro7 years ago
Hey nice to meet you and thanks for commenting.

I'm seriously trying to get the Discovery Channel interested in this as a show since they'd have a lot more luck getting a permit and insurance than I would.

I thought I'd basically build a house and I have three spots for emergency tunnels to provide a second means of escape from the bedrooms. A great deal of the land around the perimeter of my house is a concrete driveway so it actually is very dry down there.

I think it might be possible to send an I Wanna See it on TV email to Discovery here... http://extweb.discovery.com/viewerrelations , but they don't seem to have a clear way to submit storylines and I am sure that is just for legal purposes to avoid squabbling over who "Owns" the Idea.

The last time I tried to get Discovery to come to DeFuniak Springs Florida I faxed a one page proposal to 14 vice presidents of Discovery with the names and fax numbers of the other VP's I was sending it to since I figure compatition is a good thing in most cases. In it I tried to tie in four of there shows with a grand finaly of my Stepson getting maried in the house and I also mentioned that I had had about 15 near death experiences as I tried to pitch them on the Idea.

I got an email in response, just a form letter telling me they got the fax and how to register as a producer and formerly submit ideas and I think I did but remembering things is one of the things I do least best...

I do know they came out with that "I Shouldn't be Alive" show about 7 months after sending them the fax.

For the record I did not suggest a show about near death experiences and I in no way wish to imply it was my idea but a short thank you note would have been nice, LOL.
They should have at least featured you in the show. And did you ever put in "formal" submission? I know I'd watch that.
Senseless (author)  cvxdes7 years ago
I really don't know how to do all this. I was hoping the vid I am close to posting to Utube would get their attention and they or someone would then contact me.

Way back when I fired my attorney handling the lawsuit I had started I realized she had pretty much botched any chance I had at a reasonable settlement, and that I would have to sign a Non-Discloser agreement I chose instead to drop the suit and gamble that I could sell a book about it and earn more honestly than by having to sue a major supplier of home remodeling supplies for putting twenty sacks of concrete at the tail end of my trailer...

Besides it was half my fault to begin with for not getting out of the truck to check the load before pulling away.
You live in DeFuniak Springs? You wouldnt happen to know any Scholl's in the area would you? If so, shoot me a quick email shadesofsisyphus@gmail.com. I love this project and I wish that I had the ingenuity to come up with it, let alone do it!!!
thats some pretty good swengish...lol i like that i never herd that one... the only thing i see is the bying...for some stupid reason we put a u in their so its buying......just a little help with english and how stupid it is
shortbus7 years ago
This is awesome. I want to do this too. Come help me.
lttheninja7 years ago
You spent 7 years working on your house? It must be huge! Awesome instructble too.
Senseless (author)  lttheninja7 years ago
I also bought remodeled and sold or rented a few during the same time period to earn the money to build this one so Id probably could have done it in three if I had the cash in the bank and two if I had he cash in the bank and hadn't hit my head. I got people to help anytime they stopped by but for some reason I few visitors....
Amazing! Simple Brilliant! Great Instructable!
Senseless (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
Hey Thanks, I finished it at 4 am last night so I have to do some correcting. Feel free to email Discovery Channel and suggest it for a show, LOL.
I would watch it. :)
turbonegro7 years ago
oh my god or should i say GOSH like americans do not to use his name in vain i guess whats with you americans and arms and bombs my sister lives in the u.s.a. and shes getting really freakish i dont think the original poster "senseless" was aiming for an underground shooting range cant you see another side of things apart from arms and shit i like shooting as much as you i guess but it never entered my mind when i saw this instructable i saw it as a beautiful thing and nothing more
lol Nice!! i allways thought of making these when i move out in a couple years (im 15 lol) randomly, cause there awesome!! ...You what would make this way more awesome? If you had enouf length you could build a small personal pistol shooting range, but if you did you HAVE TO get a nice amount of soundproofing foam or something like that :-D!
Senseless (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
The crawlspace is about 70 feet long but personally I thinks its a bit foolish to shoot a gun inside a concrete box whether its baffled for ricochets or not... Besides that would probably get me attention I don't necessarily want form Homeland Security ad the sheriffs Office here. Oh wait... They already have been reading my journal LOL.
LOL. well i mean if you really wanted you could make like a 'hallway' like thing with a couple feet of dirt and sand or something with a steel plate in back of all the dirt/sand , it should work. but its just an idea, lol i dont think it would work that easily. .....hmmm mabe someone should make an instructable on how to make an indoor piston range...???!??!!! :-DDD??
I want to do this too.
egreen7677 years ago
that is totally awesome! they should totally give you a show!
mdmoose297 years ago
I want to do this.
KentsOkay7 years ago