Step 4: filling in the middle

Now, this is the section that will hopefully turn out a bit different for all of you, because we dont all want time machines that look the same do we?

Picture 1 - the main part of my time machine is a big lens that i got off the repromaster, i constructed a small tube for this, and added a little circular metal ring ontop also, again paint everything card like black.

Pictures 2 and 3 - Using various parts, i then played around to get a good fit, - most my inside were taken from the inside of hardrives, cd drive, and old floppy drives and a few other bits and bobs.

The key is to use your own creativity, and lots and lots of super glue! (bout 8 tubes for me)


<p>is this really true?because im badly needing it to go back in the past!!pls i need your help!</p>
<p>is this realy true?because im badly needing it to go back in the past.</p>
<p>Thank you @gmjhowie for posting this I'm wanting to begin my very own time machine but I was wondering what exactly did you use when you said &quot;Alot of scrap and junk&quot;. I'm sorry to bother you I just want it to go perfect Thank you again &amp; Please respond. Also Comments are saying Crystals work better for the machine I was wondering exactly what kind to use. I am 15 &amp; wanted to meet Prince in the year of 1974 to be exact and I've been fascinated with the thought of traveling to the past &amp; Back including the future maybe.. I'm sorry for Making this long but I thought id better explain.</p>
<p>is this realy true?because im badly needing it to go back in the past.</p>
<p>im here to put my perents back together so i can have a gf or get my 2 best mates back then tell past me to not tell my gf about the mum hating me to have a gf</p>
<p>The guy that wrote this was good but he did not explain it very clearly</p>
<p>hello can any of you please tell me how to actually put it together and when it is complete how do you get it to work</p>
<p>I suggest no one does this but knowing me you'd all do it anyway haha. if you do please attach a divergence meter, you need it to get back to your present time :) Good luck</p>
Dude please tell me this thing works
Does it really work?<br>I love it but does it?
<p>that looks like my friend thomas's hand and he wanted to build a time machine once. creepy!!!</p>
<p>how to make this thing dude.</p>
<p>hi shoaib and shravan .I am kishore</p>
Hi shoiab
Saw a lot of scrap and junk
Is anylin
Hai bro
Is any online
Where do we put the crystal
Which crystal should we use
​For everyone asking, i tried this and it honestly worked!!!!! I used to not like myself but i went back a few years and changed myself to be more popular. Hmm. Although, instead of painting it a ton, it would work better to not cover it up because its kind of made the ride a little shabby. But overall, this thing has changed my life. I don't know what i would have done without it
Is this true
It true it's really work
<p>or just time travel to make and give me one 7/8/16 at 1:30 p.m.</p>
<p>Would you make me one?</p>
Send me a picture at valairio
Can you make me one ill pay you some money my gmail <br>At <br>valairio64@gmail.com
Can you send me a picture at valairio64@gmail.com<br>
Can you send me a picture valairio64@gmail.com
Please reply
How do start this thing
Can we go back to the past
Is there anyone who really time travelled please i need to make this
Did it work
Please send the photos of u r time machine
<p>Does it work?</p>
And if there is any future person please send the photos. I just need to know how the future would be.
What are these scrap and junk.<br>Could u specify the names or send a clear photo of those parts.Thank you.
Can we use a small lense insead of a big on<br>
Time travel if this is possiable then y would you use it
Also if you travel back in time can you travel to the present <br>
I'm just into this cause I saw family guy
It is that REAL? I'm curious ask for about it. <br>I always love science and history. I have biggest mistake for done of my life ruined.<br>I was 17 years old and I've secret in my things of the science. When I growing up become to Time Traveler. It's my brain for doing people does have bad future. I can't tell my parents doesn't know about time travel is fake. But, I have only believe to Time Travel is REAL. Like Doctor Who.
Make me one of this time machine please I will pay u just email me at nicky4229@gmail.com
Is there really and truly a way to build a REAL TRUE WORKING TIME MACHINE

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