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Introduction: How to Build a Tiny Hut

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Build the tiny hut only using very powerful double-stick tape.

We don't use a screwdriver and a screw at all.

Because how to use is easy, anyone can treat the double-stick tape.

Step 1: Spread Plywood

Spread plywood on the ground. Build the hut on this top.

Step 2: Put a Foundation

Put a foundation in a rectangular.

Step 3: Build a Pillar

Build a pillar. Attach a base and a pillar together with double-stick tape.

Step 4: Tie a Pillar

Tie a pillar with a beam and build a rafter.

Step 5: Fix a Pillar

Fix a pillar in brace. It is considerably firm in this state.

Step 6: Put Plywood on the Roof

Put plywood on the roof.

Step 7: Attach the Plywood

Attach the plywood only with double-stick tape.

Step 8: Put the Plywood on the Wall

Put the plywood on the wall. The thickness of the plywood is 9mm.

Step 9: Put a Cedar Board on the Wall

Put a cedar board on the wall and finish it.

Step 10: Put a Cedar Board on the Eaves

Put a cedar board on the eaves.

Step 11: Congratulation!!

It is completion!

Because I used only the double-stick tape, it was very easily built! ;)

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You all are Adorable! Love the photos :) Very cute little hut <3





Anata wa kono chīsana koya dakedenaku, koya no sunpō no tame no zairyō no risuto o teikyō shite itadakemasu ka? Anata wa 9 mirimētoru gōhan ya sugi ita o nobetaga, haruka ni gōhan ya sugi ita o nijū nenchaku tēpu igai no nin'i no ta no dengen to dōyō ni hitsuyō to sa reta ka, dono yō ni shimeshite iru wakede wa arimasendeshita. Hitsuyō to sa reru kaku aitemu no ōku no kono chīsana koya todo no yō ni kōchiku suru tame ni hitsuyōna subete no zairyō no kanzen'na risuto o teikyō shite kudasai. Chīsana koya no sunpō mo sankō ni narimasu. Go kentō no hodo yoroshikuonegaītashimasu.
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Can you please provide a materials list for this tiny hut as well as the dimensions of the hut? You mentioned 9mm plywood and cedar board but you did not indicate how how much plywood or cedar board was needed as well as any other supplies other than the double stick tape. Please provide a complete list of all the materials necessary to build this tiny hut and how much of each item will be needed. The dimensions of the tiny hut would also be helpful. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Why didn't you give us the dimensions of the wood? Also, What do you do if you want a door? Can you paint it or finish the wood? I think that without treatment it might warp. Overall it looks very cute, but is it strong enough to be a storage shed?

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Yes!! It is very strong!! This style is bricolage! So I make it comfortably ;) Thanks!!

That's right! Thanks!! ;)

Thank you for comment!! We don't use a screwdriver and a screw at all. Because how to use is easy, anyone can treat the double-stick tape!! :)

Would you give us the name of the tape you used? Thanks!

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The name of the tape is "Adhesive Revolution". Visit the link below for further details!!

You must live in a very warm climate as this would never work in our area with the heavy rains and deep snows we get. I love the idea, tho'.... it might work for a play house for my grandson down in my basement. Then when he is too old for it, I can take it apart easily and use the wood for something else.

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Exactly! I must live in a warm area:) It is easy to treat the wood!

Yes!! We survive!! Thanks! :)

Thank you for comment!! The hut is cute!! Thanks!! :)

Thank you for comment!! We build the hut only using very powerful double-stick tape. It is very easy!! ;)