How to Build a Tree Spring Noose Trap





Introduction: How to Build a Tree Spring Noose Trap


This video shows how to build a trap using only what is found in the forest and a bit of string. Perhaps in a later video I will show how to make string/rope out of forest materials.

For now, enjoy. More videos are coming.



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    Where is the vid? Maybe i am not seeing it cuz i am on an iPad?

    awesome. I've always wanted to learn to make one of these. Just an idea, if in an area without small springy trees and you happen to have a fiberglass pole from a small dome tent. Might be used instead ? I'll have to try it out.

    Or if you have two trees close to each other, you could use a Spanish windlass to provide the "yank."

    Yes. A longer rope with a counterweight may also be used. Check out my youtube channel for more trap videos.

    Just information for anyone wanting to use this, It is illegal in Most (if not all) states of the U.S. to HUNT with any type of game snare UNLESS you are in a survival situation. I am not an expert on state laws, so I suggest checking your local laws before setting these up to catch a wascally wabbit

    That knot looks like a bowline. Is it?

    You should change it from a bowline to a slip knot so it tightens when it is pulled

    It is a bowline with the leading end of the rope pulled through it, which makes a slipknot.

    excellent video, i used this type of trap to catch a groundhog the other day. it was very effective (i used a counter weight though).