Picture of How to Build a Supercharged V8 Lego Engine
This is an all-purpose Lego engine you can use in various vehicles. Enjoy!
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Step 1: Get your parts.

Picture of Get your parts.

Step 2: Build the engine block.

Picture of Build the engine block.

Step 3: Install the cylinder heads.

Picture of Install the cylinder heads.

Step 4: Add a second layer on both sides.

Picture of Add a second layer on both sides.

Step 5: Put on the black rods.

Picture of Put on the black rods.

Step 6: Add the 2 x 4 piece.

Picture of Add the 2 x 4 piece.

Step 7: Build the supercharger.

Picture of Build the supercharger.
Lego engine step7 clarafication.jpg

Step 8: Install the supercharger.

Picture of Install the supercharger.

Step 9: Add vents.

Picture of Add vents.

Step 10: You're done!

Picture of You're done!
Turbos are exhaust driven, usually to the side of the motor. Superchargers are belt driven, always on top of the motor and some times with a blower for greater forced induction
That's a supercharger not a turbo
BikeHacker (author)  aholesalmen1 year ago

What's the diffrence?

DM5k1 year ago
Superb! That is awesome man, I wish instill owned any Legos.
brandt e1 year ago
Awesome, I like that you use fairly simple pieces
chabib1 year ago
it was easy, (y)