The project that we made was a boat based from the movie pirates of the Caribbean. We built the hull of the boat using plywood, and to put it all together we used finishing nails. the building was the easiest part of the project, we then had to incorporate electronics into the design. So we all agreed that we would put LED's into the side of the hull, behind porthole windows, and we would have a motor facing upwards turning the sail.

Step 1: Marking and Cutting the Sides

For our first step we were assembling the sides of boats base, the 2 largest components of the boat. We marked up the dimensions being 10" by 5", and also added slants 2.25 inches diagonals from the midpoint of the 5 inch sides to create a more aesthetically pleasing design. Before cutting, we used the scroll saw to cut our large single piece of wood into several smaller pieces, for more mobility when cutting. After this, we used the band saw to cut out our markings.


-3x3ft plank of hard wood


-White, Green, Red LED's

-9v Battery


-Black, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple paint

-Hot glue

-Label paper



-Scroll saw and Band saw Drill

-Soldering tool, helping hands and Brass Monkey

-Hot glue gun


Step 2: Cutting Out the Inner Platform

Description: For our next step, we marked the two 5" by 3" pieces that would connect the boat and allow for space for wiring. After marking the dimensions of the two platforms which we would place on the top of the boat as well as the middle of the boat, we used the band saw to cut them out.

Step 3: Attaching the Sides Together

Description: To attach the two sides of the boat, we needed to use the platforms. Therefore, we then used nails to hammer in each side to each platform. In total, 8 nails were needed. Two to be hammered in for the 1st side-platform, then on the other side. Simply repeat this with the other platofrm and we had our two sides attached through the two platforms.

Step 4: Adding the Floors

Description: In this step you need to nail the floors into the sides of the of the side boards.

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