Introduction: How to Build a Yukon Stove

How to build a Yukon stove
Yukon oven - an advanced version of the campfire, which is ideal for heat and cooking. Dimensions: diameter of 25-30 cm depth of 20-25cm. Material: sand = earth, water and rocks.


ara (author)2016-05-29

Looks like an improved version of Dakota fire pit. Is not dangerous to heat soaked stones?

ironsmiter (author)ara2016-06-02

depends almost entirely on the type of stone.

my first thought also was, dakota fire hole, with a chimney.

probably drafts a little better, and burns a bit hotter.

Mycrazyhands (author)ara2016-05-30

Stone does not burst, stoked the stove on high heat.

jggaffney (author)2016-05-30

I guess in Russia, they don't practice "Leave No Trace" camping!

Mycrazyhands (author)jggaffney2016-05-30

I am not from Russia, I'm from Georgia, Tbilisi my friend :)

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