This is a homemade airsoft Sniper rifle. I havent tested the accuracy yet. Its body is from a cheap steyr aug aeg but with the exception of the barrel and breach every other part of the system is of my own design. To fire it one must run the attached air compressor, pull back on the bolt, and pull the trigger. This takes aprox 4 sec. and will be optimized in the future. Check out my other inventions and products at WillCorp
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Step 1: Gutting the aeg

Picture of Gutting the aeg
remove all parts from aeg and gearbox except for the gearbox enclosure, the breach, the bolt, and the barrel. Ill add pics later

Step 2: Build airsystem

Picture of Build airsystem
I used a small 200 psi aircompressor mounted to the bottom of the hand guard. that is connected via 1/4 high pressure tubing to a vacumme solenoid valve. The length of tube acts as an air tank. the solenoid valve is flipped backwards and the wires are run to a push button switch ive mounted on the trigger. the pushbutton switch is connected to a modified kodak disposable camera. This provides the 200 volts required to open the valve because im using 10 times the pressure its designed for.

Step 3: Attach solenoid to right angle connector

the right angle connector is attatched to rigid tube, i used a craft straw. The bolt is slipped over this and glued to the bolt carrying package in the gun. Ill add pics later

Step 4: Attach charging rod to bolt carrier

Picture of Attach charging rod to bolt carrier
I used a piece of brass sheet metal which i mounted on the bolt carrier with screws. the charging handle comes up through the left bullet ejection port on the aug.

Step 5: Final prep

Now u simply attach a powersupply with a switch to the aircompressor, load bbs into the clip. And start shooting. For a powersupply i always use the "Militia Man Power Pack" from WillCorp. (check it out in the products atWillCorp
Its the only powerpack that can give you enough juice to run the aircompressor. and fire a cheap aeg at over 20 rounds per sec.
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benjiman3452 years ago
bloody i hate australian airsoft laws
whats with the 200 volts aqnd how did u get it
tinker2343 years ago
how hard does it hit
Psycho Geek5 years ago
cool thought, but i wouldnt want to run around with all those wires all over the gun and myself! speacialy not in rain or snow. ZAP! thanks. good ideah though, hax on that half!
I know, if you get electrocuted in a fox hole and your really short( all the way in the foxhole) they'll never find you!
Holy crap do you think you have enough wires hanging from that gun?
And my mama said i wouldnt get and airsoft gun till i was 14
cclime14 years ago
Love it man.
shmyt4 years ago
What is an aeg and where would i get one (Ontario Canada)?
toronto airsoft has really good guns :)
An AEG is an automatic electric gun intended for airsoft. Try is a good resource for information. But the guns are sometimes....blech.
I'm not American, so I don't shop on there.
if you live near London there is a great store that sells lots of airsoft aegs for $100-600. best quality guns that i have ever seen. the store is called Forest City Surplus. they also sell some nice paint ball guns. i think you can buy stuff off their web site too
r3ddr4gon5 years ago
Nice steyr aug or a.k.a. bullpup
(removed by author or community request)
A bullpup rifle is a rifle with its magazine in the back of the gun, to save space. Some examples are the FAMAS, and the Steyr AUG. so yeah YOU JUST GOT OWNED.
I f you are talking to me, I did not get owned I said that the Steyer AUG is a bullpup rifle, not that the steyer AUG is the bullpup rifle. My last statement means that it is not refereed to as a bullpup and by that I meant that people don't call it a bullpup, they call it a steyer AUG. If they just called it a bullpup that would make some confusion. Actually, you got owned. Have a nice day.
Fail. It's Steyr. No second 'e'.
dla888 dla8885 years ago
Oops, I didn't mean to delete my last comment. In case you are wondering it said:
"A Steyr AUG is a bullpup rifle. It is not referred to as a bullpup."
i just call it bullpup
ien.nimbus4 years ago
Yes, where can we get that small compressor?
how heavy is it??
Happybob4 years ago
whats the fps on the gun?
well the primary guns look better then the modificated ones...everywhere threands and other stuff you know...
edwin815 years ago
Hi, where do u get da small air compressor?
ry259207 years ago
Have you ever played paintball? Also, how big is the bore on that barrel? I like the idea though.
geckowil (author)  ry259207 years ago
yeah i have played paintball, the bore is only .25" not .69" so a regular paintball would definitely not work. I was referring to the 6mm paintballs sold for airsoft guns. Anyways this was just built as a rugged platform for me to test my other ideas on.
I am building a paintball sniper that collapses and fires a single shot 300ft. I am going to use sch40 or sch80 3/4PVC pipe as the barrel. I know one of them have an ID of .7". About the size of a paintball. It uses a bolt made of sch40 1/2"PVC pipe, and air will flow around and exit. Any ideas? I call this idea when I build it.
The solution is simple... they are called o-rings
i didn`t know they make sch80.
never heard of them cool
Oh! Oh! Ok, lol its an airsoft gun as a paintball like gun ok! nice :-) (co2 instead of gears and battery lol nice!)
there are full auto CO2 airsoft guns.
ya i no.. :-\
where do you get them? I have only seen semi and green gas autos...
Those things are bullet hoses they hurt...bad...
ok enough with airsofting, lets go paintballing and expieriance some real weapon action :D (and dont say paintball is painless, if you say that it is apparent you have not played...
its not like paintballing doesn't hurt, its that airsoft is much more for situation simulation. It was developed for police training, whereas paintball was made by construction workers who fired paintballs at wood to 'mark' them as to their use. One day someone decided to shoot someone with with, and high performance "markers" were made. Airsoft is about replicating every facet of the gun relative to its real life counter part. For example, an Uzi can EASILY top 1000 rounds per minute, though its performance in accuracy and power isn't paramount. A good sniper is fully silenced and shoots at 450+ FPS with .3 gram bbs, effectively making someone scream at 150 feet. AK-47s are the cheapest automatics on the market, but their place stays with people that just want to send a large amount of BBs a good distance with having breakdowns being VERY easy to fix (a $100 gun can last over two years). High performance M4s are the step up to the AK for SURE! they have a higher rate of fire, are more accurate, and have tactical rail systems and are much more upgradable than AKs. But when there is a problem with them, its usually game-ending (though repairs are hardly ever over $50 if you can install the part yourself). SAWs are about laying out a WALL of BBs at over 100 feet, with electric feeding mags that can fire 5000 rounds without changing, but these start at $250 stock. All guns are made to weigh as close as possible to their real life counterparts, and tactics in hardcore players are the same as Spec Ops and the military. This isn't to say paintball doesn't have a place, or airsoft is better its just that airsofts place is replicating modern warfare without the 'death' thing. As far as i know, paintball seems to be for being much harder to cheat at, to have a bigger adrenaline rush, and to have a gun that performs close to real guns in terms of POWER (and airsoft is making them PROPORTIOALLY SIMILAR)
Oh, and by the way, if you live in Oregon and wish to join a paintball team, here is your chance! We are looking for one more player for the bad acids, we have awsome jersey and regular practices. It is ok if you do not have much experiance, just as long as you have a legal marker and mask. Check us out at youtube.
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