Step 9: Barbed Wire

Picture of Barbed Wire

Remember to always use 4-point barbed wire between courses. We used one strand on this dome due to its small size. Use two strands of barbed wire between every course for domes larger than this one.
iSurgeon3 years ago
So, what is that on top of the barbed wire? Is that to hold it in place? Is it temporary or does it become part of the structure?
Owen Geiger (author)  iSurgeon3 years ago
Those are bricks to hold the barbed wire in place. Be careful because it can spring up and cut you.
danzo3213 years ago
I was thinking these bags might be kind of slippery.
Redstormx13 years ago
It would also slow down thieves who simply dig there way through your walls .
Owen Geiger (author)  Redstormx13 years ago
You think they're going to 'dig' through 2" of plaster plus 15" of hard tamped earth and 2" more plaster without somebody noticing? I'm pretty sure they'll pick easier targets like 2x4 houses.
what does the barb-wire do ?
Owen Geiger (author)  luckyrabbitfoot4 years ago
Barbed wire mostly provides tensile strength to hold the walls together. It also prevents the bags from slipping apart. Our Earthbag Building Blog covers all these things in detail, and it's all free.