Step 15: Interior View

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Finishing details turn a house into a home. It's what people really notice. If you want a really nice home, be sure to plan accordingly and give this some extra thought. Finishing work does require extra time and effort, but the results are definitely worthwhile.

Interior view showing natural color of earthen plaster, recycled windows and yellow concrete floor. For the floor, we troweled natural iron oxide pigment on the surface before the concrete set up. The pigment is sprinkled by hand and troweled into the top ¼" as the concrete sets up. A little more color was added later during final troweling to even out the color. We were careful to moisten the sand and gravel under the floor to slow drying and prevent cracking.

marki_marku4 years ago
With this round house I noticed that the floor is up a couple of steps from ground level outside. On the inside did you fill the hut with rocks and gravel to get it close to the level of the steps before finishing or did you build a timber structure and cement over that, or did you use some other process.
Thanks for your awesome instructable. I have been interested in alternative building methods for years.
Owen Geiger (author)  marki_marku4 years ago
We live in a rainy climate, so we raised the building site with road base. We spread out truck loads and had the trucks drive back and forth in different directions. Then let it sit through a rainy season. We also used road base and then sand and gravel to raise the level inside.