Hey we're Savannah and John! Check out this video to see how to build an Epic Gaming PC!

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Hope you like our video on How to build an Epic Gaming PC!

- Savannah&John


<p>epic one ....and thanks for recomendations:</p>
<p>epic one</p>
Dang! This is a beast!
<p>Thanks Deedman! </p>
<p>Nice computer build</p>
<p>Thanks :)</p>
<p>Hey guys! So sorry to anyone who couldn't see this video. We're new to this site and still trying to get the hang of it. I put the link in the description :) Thanks for watching! Hope everyone has a great day! </p><p>-Savannah&amp;John</p>
<p>While this might be a great video, there are many people who can't see the videos at all for various reasons. This means that all some people see is the text below the video. This instructable isn't of much use to those people unless you also post step by step instructions and photos along with it.</p>
Please drop the link to your video, mobile users can't see the embedded video
literally MLG pro.

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