Step 12: The Results: Long Exposure Astrophotography

Picture of The Results: Long Exposure Astrophotography
I just finished my first test of the equipment and I am extremely happy with the initial results.  I performed a very rough alignment of the system to Polaris using the green laser.  I then used the remote live view software with my Canon to line up and shoot two test images.  The first illustration shows a 60 second capture of the Western sky from my patio with the equatorial mount engaged.  The second shot was configured with identical settings but with the equatorial mount turned off.  Both pictures were taken with a 100MM L Macro at 400 ISO.  The difference between the two shots is very pronounced!

I am very excited to take some more pictures with my 400mm lens + 1.4x + 2.0x extenders!  It is an amazing feeling to see this project working after all of the time I've placed into it and am excited to move forward from here.