An outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to entertain your family and guests, as well as throw amazing parties under open sky. The outdoor kitchen will typically have all the "fun" cooking gadgets which most people do not have indoor: gas grill, rotisserie, smoker etc.

In this guide we will try to explain in detail how an outdoor kitchen is built incl. the traditional "stud and board" construction as well as the newer attempts at lightweight concrete panels construction. You can also make it from cinder blocks as shown in the video here but this isn't a typical build. Additionally we want to cover some cool things you can add to your outdoor kitchen: tandoor, wood fired pizza oven, teppeniyaki, insulated drawers, and more!

Up next: buying a ready to go outdoor kitchen.

Step 1: Maybe i should just buy it instead of building it?

We can confidently say that even though there are some attempts at ready to go modular outdoor kitchens these days, they still don't offer the flexibility and variety that you would have if you build your own. In our research the best modular outdoor kitchen in US is Fuego.

It's definitely very nice. Price is high but you can take it with you if you move (unlike a custom-built one) and you can also easily redesign your your backyard being that this kitchen can be moved. However... As with anything pre-built many things are pre-determined: cooking area sizes, cooking gadgets, the looks. By far most people choose to build their own or have a specialized company build a custom one. It will follow the shape they need (U-Shape, L-Shape, etc), have the finish to match the house or other things in the backyard and cooking-wise be custom-fitted to your particular wants.

Up next: The Building Plan.

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<p>Building an Outdoor Kitchen with steel studs and cement board is the best way for homeowners to diy and save a lot of money. Always screw the studs and track together and do not weld, as exterior steel studs are galvanized and the fumes will make you very sick without proper protection. Make sure your steel studs are rated for exterior and structural use and do not use the thin 25 gauge designed for interior use only. Consider using frame kits like the bbq coach system that has easy to use pro panels and step by step videos that help homeowners create outdoor kitchens with amazing results. Most of all have fun building your new outdoor kitchen. Willie</p>
Who are the companies making this concrete slabs. Is it possible to get the names?
<p>Nice instructable. I'm in the planning stages of my outdoor kitchen.</p><p>What would those concrete panel systems be called? I'm not having a lot of luck finding them.</p>
<p>Hi!</p><p>Technically there is a danger of course. This depends on exact clearances but the BBQ can potentially dry out the wood to the point that it falls apart or even catches fire. Can you use Durock board in between?</p><p>best regards,</p><p>Eugene.</p>
<p>is there a danger using acq lumber for a built in bbq frame. and is there a heat problem having a built in bbq us against a synthetic deck</p>
Very, very nice. I'm so jealous. Thanks for sharing.

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