Step 16: Install the CO2 Tank

First do you have the right size of tank?   An initial estimate would be 2oz of capacity for every 3” diameter cannon, 4oz of capacity for every 4” diameter cannon, and 6oz capacity for every 5” diameter cannon.  This first estimate should completely empty the cannons with enough gas for about another half a magazine load of ammo.  This means you do not need to refill the tank between your first and second sortie, just the ammo.  Of course the size of the ship may force you into a smaller/lighter tank.
Typically the tank is located near the center of the ship either between or on top of the batteries.  The tank should be mounted so the valve end is inclined slightly.  This helps to prevent liquid CO2 from getting into the cannon, which could cause a dangerous overpressure condition.  The tank must also be on the centerline or it will cause the ship to list as it empties.  Install the CO2 tank near the center of the ship.  Otherwise as the CO2 is used and the tank gets lighter the ship will take on a bow down or stern down list.  Install the tank such that it can be easily removed from the ship for refilling.  Removing a dozen screws to fill the tank is a real time waster on battle day.
To build a mounting platform trace the outline of the diameter of the tank on a piece of 1/8 plywood or plastic and draw a line across the middle of the circle.  Pick two places where your stand will rest either on top of the batteries or the hull.  It is best if they can be attached to the hull.  Mark these lengths on either side of the line on your stand pattern.  Make the stand as wide as practical and at least as wide as the tank itself.  You can get creative and make a chalice type shape for each stand in order to save weight and space for plumbing.  Next glue the stands centered on the hull.  The stand should not impede the flow of water through your water channel.  You can use hooks and rubber bands to secure the tank to you stand.  Most tanks with an anti-siphon tube have the tube pointing towards the on/off knob on the valve.  So when strapping in the tank make sure the knob is pointing up.
<p>So I'm thinking about building the KMS Bismarck as my first RC ship. I'm curious, how much do you think it will cost to build this? I am lacking in tools and money. Also about how many ribs do you suggest making for this German Beast? I've been building both plastic and balsa wood models since I was little so have plenty of experience in model building (I will actually be finishing a lightning sailboat over Christmas). However this would be my first RC model. Would this be a wise choice? Art runs in the family so I will be very able to find help if needed. My grandpa has the Missouri up on a shelf and my uncle is a high school art teacher and a carpenter part time. The only problem is that they are 2 hours away and I don't drive. Please help!</p>
<p>I am thinking of building a rc model warship with my grandson who is 10 ,is there any where u can get free plans and a how to make one from scratch . Thanks sandy</p>
Would it be offensive to consider futuristic/Sci-Fi models like littoral combat vessels or arsenal ships?
i'm wondering if you can arm r/c planes with firecrackers and call them anti-ship bombs.
<p>Those would be illegal, They have the risk of burning the deck, Further exposing internal parts.</p>
<p>i am toying with the idea of building a yamato class battleship using a poulan 40cc gas engine. is there anybody interested in this project? ship size might go to almost 1:2 if not possible, then i might consider going to 1:8.</p>
<p>Yes I am very interested</p>
<p>Also I need free plans that i can print off my printer with 8.5&quot;x11&quot; paper</p>
<p>Hey I'm new to this hobby and I was wondering which would be better big, gun fast gun or treaty?</p>
Is it legal to use an aircraft carrier with planes? <br>
Hmmmm....Might try to do an all Metal Iron Clad!
Awesome as heck I might try to make a replica of PT-109
Wow, I never knew that there were reenactments/battles with RC battleships. I always thought it was fake and it didn't believe it until now. I would love to do this, but money is tight. So it will be awhile before I build and participate in these battles.
A full up Iowa can cost around 2,000 dollars.
The R/C unit and cannons are the major expense with these. You can find plans online for free and get balsa at craft/art stores relatively cheap and get started building the base ship... Depending on you ship's size and the level of detail you put into it, this could take quite a bit of time where you can save up for the money sinks. I would buy the R/C unit first so if nothing else you have a ship you can cruise around in a local pond - which might help boost the interest of others.
NIce to see this hobby caught on enough to have a real cannon supplier, those used to be the biggest problem. I'd quit following it about 15-20 years ago because of the expense. What is the reference document you used for the pictures, a hobby magazine? What are the hobby publications/sources and is there a list of locations where these events are regularly held?
Current supplier is strikemodels.com I used to run BDE, but sold it to strikemodels.
This IS without doubt The Most Realistic use of models I have ever seen,(though I've often imagined it given all the technology around these days) however,I have often imagined that I might one day arm my fairly large radio controlled model aircraft,so I would welcome any ideas on just such a project,and I'd also like to know what the &quot;all in&quot; weight of the &quot;gun units&quot; are?
Big Guns are anywhere from 3/4 to 1.5 pounds. The ships can weigh upto around 40 pounds.
This looks like a really fun hobby. I took my family to the MakerFaire in Austin a few years back and my 13yo son was awe struck by the ships on display there. The guys in the booth were very friendly and patiently answered all our questions. Unfortunately we couldn't get anyone else interested enough in building here to start a club. I don't think it would be that much fun to shoot at your own boat. <br> <br>I do have one question. I spoke to a gentleman in Austin who told me about a spray he used to waterproof his electronics. He drilled a small hole in his servos and receiver then inserted the spray can tube and squirted this water repellent chemical. I believe he said he could sink his boats a few times before he sprayed again, but don't quote me on that. I can't remember the name of the spray. I don't see any mention of it in a quick skim of your article. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? Sorry if it is there and I just missed it. <br> <br>BTW, it would be great to see some video on your Instructable. <br> <br>Thanks for sharing your great hobby!
That can work two things will get your servo. 1 corrosion if the water is allowed to stay in the box the board gets corrosion and it's toast. 2. water gets on the potiameter (sp?). This will cause the servo to jitter or turn uncontrollably. Rinsing with alcohol to displace water then squirting with WD40 will help.
Good God why isn't there any video?!? Would LOVE to see this in action!
I've got an 11 meg one. I need to edit down so it will upload to the site. They seem to have a size limit on file uploads.
+1. What this man said! This needs a video!
Check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehkb_9VBxeg&amp;feature=related
Wow, amazing!
this is amazing......
Love RC boats. This Instructible goes above and beyond the call of duty. <br>
You've got my vote. Great Instructable!
Amazing instructable, to time consuming for my short attention span(LOL) but this is really amazing. Subbed and voted, Really great job I applaud <br> <br>btw really cool with the working cannons:D
GREAT!!...Just WAY TO complicated for me, but VERY COOL!!!.....

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