Hello everyone, in this video tutorial I describe how to build and fly a very simple rc plane completely from scratch. The plans for this plane are available on my blog; http://timcarlielle.blogspot.ca/2013/02/how-to-build-and-fly-rc-plane.html
Just wanna ask the specification of the motor you used and for how much you got it?
Can you make a video on making just the remote and not the entire plane thks
<p>what kind of foam is it????</p>
So plz help me
So plz help me
I am doing this but I m not find the motor so can use other
Please help to do this <br>Im searching for this but nobody is help<br>Just give me the basics
<p>Be more specific.</p>
<p>How much would it cost and is it durable for a first time flyer. Also could it hold a go pro to capture it on film. One more thing, how much range does the remote have?</p>
<p>George Martin.OLD DAAAAAAAD.lol</p>
<p>Very nice.Great presentation.</p>
<p>how much i should spend for making small model please say cheapest one because i m from nepal and 100 doller is to much for me(100= 10000)</p>
<p>cost of that ......................i want to prepar..........could u pls tell me </p>
<p>The parts are around 100 dollars plus 20 in shipping.</p>
<p>I want to make small RC plane . But , I dont have an Idea which motor and propeller is best to use. Please suggest me!.</p>
<p>Look on Hobbyking and find a 1400 kv motor and 20A Esc with a 9 inch propeller</p>
<p>Does anyone know how much of a difference it would make if the insulation foam board is 1 inch thick instead of 1/2 an inch thick? The home depot in my area only sells 1 inch thick insulation foam board. </p>
<p>1 inch foam would work, but it is very hard to cut and I would recommend increasing motor size as the fuselage will be very large.</p>
<p>Hey you dint add curvature to the wings in the video. How does lift happen? Or is it always propeller laden ?</p>
<p>I wonder too, I'm building this plane right now and with a 10x4.57 prop I guess it's not going to matter, and I guess I can add tilt, yeah.</p>
<p>You need to cut the leading edge of the wing at a 45 degree angle. I can glide and have enough lift for a large battery and camera.</p><p>Good Luck and Happy Flying,</p><p>Andrew Kazmer</p>
<p>please help me in doing the modifications that you had made from your basic scratch built please???????????? i'll be waiting </p>
<p>please help me in doing the modifications that you had made from your basic scratch built please???????????? i'll be waiting </p>
<p>please help me in doing the modifications that you had made from your basic scratch built please???????????? i'll be waiting </p>
<p>i have an idea to modify the plane : build it with balsa wood its light weight and the wind will not be able to push it around or add a gyroscope to the plane </p>
<p>u can find easy rc planes from following links</p><a href="http://adf.ly/kT5hw" rel="nofollow">http://adf.ly/kT5hw</a><a href="http://adf.ly/hVMXZ" rel="nofollow">http://adf.ly/hVMXZ</a><a href="http://adf.ly/igAuO" rel="nofollow">http://adf.ly/igAuO</a><a href="http://adf.ly/hVL1J" rel="nofollow">http://adf.ly/hVL1J</a>
<p>awesome!!!</p><p>very easy</p>
This was pretty cool. I like fact that anyone can do this. I can't wait to get into large scale fighter jets personally. Frank from Boston, Mass.
This looks great! I'm hoping to make one soon!
Very nice! I love flying toys and especially easy RC planes. You might mention somewhere about how to adjust the center of gravity if it is not correct the first time you check it. Every build will be slightly different in locating the battery pack and radio simply based on how you mount the motor and how long the fuselage is. Even something like shaving the trailing edges of the tail parts will affect the CG.<br> <br> Also thank you for taking the time to produce a great video.&nbsp; Most video I'bles are insufferable.&nbsp; Yours was great!&nbsp;
Its a very informative website and for people interested in building model <a href="http://www.nitrotek.it/aerei-rc.html" rel="nofollow">Rc Plane</a> this is the best tutorial place.Video are also very helpful and the step by step instructions on how to combine the various parts are very useful for people interested in building model Rc planes in the workplace home.thanks for sharing <br> <br>Regards, <br>Barry Martin
Amazing - well done!

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