How to Build the Keg-A-Que.


Introduction: How to Build the Keg-A-Que.

While living in Australia, my flatmate and I decided to build this barbecue made out of a keg. We dubbed it the Keg-A-Que and it is awesome. Highly recommend it. Any questions, just drop a comment on the YouTube wall. 



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    That is great, thanks for the tips. I'll try to make it and a smoker.


    Great job! Great and motivating video!

    Now that is really nice I'd love one like that!!!!! A drawer would have been a plus for spices & utensils or even an place to hang them.

    Very nice job, just remember to depressurise the keg and remove the valve assembly before you start cutting or drilling. You can ask your locale beer geek for help on this.

    These are great! I built one a couple of years back, and it's still going strong.
    I hinged it from the kegs original base so both halves can be used if doing a lot of food or we can just use one side and have a lid. I used an old B&D workmate as the stand I'll try and get some pics up sometime :-) Well done chaps!

    Love the it, however just one question. Aren't those kegs pressurised? if not no worries, if so how did you vent the pressure before cutting?

    Very good work, congratulations!