How to Build the Perfect Zombie Survival Kit...

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So you want to learn how to build an excellent zombie survival kit, and honestly your best bet would be to read zombie survival guide by max brooks. However if you lack time, funds or are just lazy I'll cut to the chase and give you a quick, light and excellent kit to survival the undead nightmare...
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Step 1: What you need...

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Here's what your Kit should have...
- Rifle,Shotgun or Assault Rifle. I'd prefer a good reliable sks carbine. semi auto, 7.62x39 mm ammo (same as the ak) and a five round clip. Good all around package...and it's a relatively cheap to get.

- 300-600 rounds of ammo. Because you never know.

- Good comfy backpack. You'll need a lot of storage for you gear.

- Sleeping bag. You will have to sleep sooner or later.

- Ear plugs. To drown out the moaning of the undead.

- Red glow sticks. Good light source.

- Hachet or machete. Both make great close quarters weapons and both are excellent survival tools.

- Folding shovel. Another good close quarters weapon... also good for digging latrines.

- Local map. Preferably a state or provincial map with roads/backroads and bodies of water.

- Compass. To work with your map and help you navigate.

- Self powered flashlight and radio. You need to see and keep up with current events.

- Rope. You'll need a lot, say a few hundred feet. And make sure it's of good quality.

- 8' x 10' tarp. Makes a good, quick tent.

- First Aid Kit. Make sure its not a cheap one, and put it in a waterproof bag that gause won't do any good wet.

- 12 big thick garbage bags. Good for everything from waterproofing your pack to making a poncho, to making a shower.

- 2 Rolls Paper towels. Good for toilet paper and snot rags.

- 2 or 3 sets of spare clothing. Obvious reasons...

- Dehydrated/Non perishable Food. MREs, Ramen noodles, canned food, granola, beef jerky it's all good.

- 2 Litres of Clean Drinking water and a means of getting more. Meaning either have a filter kit, or purification tablets or a stove to boil water.

- Deck of Cards and a novel. You will get bored.

- 2 pocket knives. The uses are endless.

- Multitool. again they can do anything from opening cans to cutting wire.

- Credit Card. Who knows when you'll need plastic...and it can jimmy locks.

- 4 Burlap sacks. If you'd like to make a quick foxhole/barricade.

- Waterproof matches/ flint and steel. You'll need fire.
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i would reccomend a signal mirror, it can be used to signal others, and depending on your area and time of day, fire.

tincanz3 years ago
How about no gun, but a recurve bow and 15 arrows? Ditch shovel, add mountain bike with some patches, and head for the mountains.

Optional: plenty of carrot, bean, corn, spinach, tomato seeds, provided that you live somewhere warm.
JohnE5 tincanz9 days ago

I totally agree, bringing my Jaguar Takedown with plenty of arrows and hopefully a Katana too for backup.

why ditch the shovel? it would come in handy when planting those seeds...
I think he means a shovel that is used to dig ditches like an entrenching tool not "ditch" as in get rid of the shovel. I think people are overlooking the sword like a gladius or my personal favorite the katana. but the cold steel sf shovel is one bad mother, its a knife hatchet machete and shovel all in one so its a great option its the single heaviest thing i go camping with . and its not super heavy or big. And if you go the sword route cold steels gladius in very funtional and Cas Hanwei makes a fantastic katana the tactical katana its only $160ish and more functional than most swords costing 5 times that much. although its really only good for use as a sword its not really a utility tool so a machete would probably serve better, but its nowhere near as badass as a katana
I actually did mean "get rid of the shovel." I plan to do some bloomsmithing and blacksmithing once I get established, so I can fabricate shovels, bladed weapons, and other tools that I don't take with me.
Well color me completely wrong lol, but i do think you will need a shovel so you can dig to make clay bricks for a furnace to be able to heat steel, and just other general things like digging a latrine an E tool isnt as good as a full shovel but its better than your hands or a stick. Also Id think about loading an old truck with everything you need and a bike, drive it till it gets stuck, or runs out of gas strip it for everything you need like the alternator and battery to make a bike powered generator and take the leaf springs off of it for steel to make tools. because digging for iron ore is absolutely impractical plus youd need a hammer and an anvil or something heavy and large to hammer on.
Id rather have the stuff already on hand especially because you will spend most of your time for the first few years just trying to get a permanent shelter and stable food stores and water supplies, also you wont be able to carry enough of anything for a long term survival/relocation on a bicycle and in a backpack especially if you plan on going out in the middle of nowhere and starting over. However the argument could be made that Im taking a fun thing and over-analyzing it to death, because anyone seriously preparing for a zombie apocalypse needs to stop watching horror movies, and seek entertainment from the opposite sex, and I dont mean the girl on the video game Resident Evil or Tomb Raider ect.
The truck idea sounds like a good plan. I also agree that trying to acquire iron ore would be a pain, and a shovel would be pretty helpful in furnace-making. However, the area I plan to settle has lots of exposed rock and the occasional exposed high-concentration iron vein, and bloom furnaces can be created by hand from clay, dirt, and straw composites. Considering that I live about a half day's bike trip from the aforementioned location, and that my bike has about four cubic feet of pannier space that doesn't interfere with backpack wearing, I could manage to make several trips to get crucial items.

I know half a day of biking doesn't sound far enough to prevent zombie infestation, but my town is small and I have calculated that if zombies randomly pick a direction and go that way, about 400 would come within .5 km of my establishment over several weeks (that is assuming 99% infection rate). If they move in clumps in response to stimuli, though, either almost none will make it or I will have a rather ugly hoard on my hands and will have to evacuate.
This is kinda funny seeing you guys talk about zombies like this. You should probably forget about trying to find iron ore from digging around in the earth, and just obtain already processed iron from gates, doors, broken tools, and melt that down instead. This isn't Minecraft.
Salvage may work early on, before other people use it. What about in 20 years, when all the salvageable metal is rusted to nothing? When zombies come, the world will basically be starting from scratch, so people will have to know how to obtain metal when none exists to use.

All zombies will be dead in three to five years.

Aren´t they dead yet?

it will take a hell of alot longer for all the steel out there to rust into oblivion than 20 years you could salvage steel for a few lifetimes off of whats out there,then you have all the Aluminum titanium inconel (nickel For jet engines and other high temp high stress applications) and steel thats in manufacturing warehouses and suppliers, I worked at a Aircraft Manufacturing shop doing contract work for Boeing, and the warehouse of stocked metal was incredible acres of 3 story racks full of sheet,bar,round stock,tubing,piping,wire ect, plus all the dies and tools, there is an unlimited supply of metal not 2 miles from my house. Id be more concerned about getting fuel sources like coal and propane. Gas has a short shelf life so use it while its there but prepare to run out, by the way the best way to store gas is in a steel military Jerry can, the plastic ones "Breathe" so the gas gets exposed to air and moisture. the Air tight jerry cans dont, after 5-7 years the gas will run a small motor like a lawnmower or a Vespa or something but it wont work in a car.

Does anybody agree with the golf club idea? In a pinch you could use your 9 iron to brain the zombie caddy or you might even see the jerk that is always on his phone talking really loud when your trying to play, id love to bash his head in
A golf club would bend and break after killing only one or two zombies. A good kukri or a machete is a lot better.
Hmm, a metal-holding warehouse would be pretty handy. It would be bad, however, to become too reliant on existing metal, because, even if it is several lifetimes' worth, it will eventually rust or run out. For that reason, prospecting and bloomsmithing should be done to some extent, just so that the methods involved are not lost and can be resumed largely when other metal supplies run out.
A zombie apocalypse might be a wonderful opportunity to get humans to end their fossil fuel trend. When rebuilding the world, surviving humans could focus on clean electricity sources, maybe with some hydrocarbon fuel usage, but only for absolutely necessary tasks. Doing this, the new world would exist in a manner less-harmful to the planet, and more sustainable.
Now, I am not sure that a golf club would have the integrity to repeatedly bash skulls, or that you will have the free time to go golfing. A golf course would be good for farming, though.
Also, what did you mean by "the occasional exposed high-concentration iron vein"? Do... Do you mean to tell me, theres a place in the world where iron ore respawns as if its in a video game, or do you mean theres a few veins of iron ore shown across the rock-bed your talking about...?
I hope its the latter, or was just a typo. :O
There is one place. Minecraft!
I mean that in the rocky plain, some veins are visible and could be used.
Because there's already a close-quarters weapon, and there are many natural replacements for shovels. Extra weight is not acceptable when there are sticks and rocks which will suffice.
Gcamper tincanz2 years ago
Aiming a bow is so much harder than aiming a gun. And just try to get a headshot with one. Ammo is heavier, it is less accurate, less powerful, has a shorter range, it wears out your arm...
Use a gun
danielp8 Gcamper4 months ago

how about a crossbow

JohnK11 danielp82 months ago

crossbows are just as heavy as guns and need as much if not more maintenance. melee is really the way to go.

guns are loud they will bring you more zombies than you can handle unless you have a suppresser witch are illeagle in most state then go ahead and use a gun

Arms don't "wear out". Guns do. Arms don't jam. Guns do. Arms don't need firing pins. Guns do. Arms don't need stripping and cleaning. Guns do.

When you very first start your arm will get sore. But once your muscles build up, no more soreness, just deadliness.

Arms do wear out, arms can jam, & Arms do need cleaning.

tincanz Gcamper2 years ago
All true, but do bullets grow on trees? Arrows do. So do bows. Bows are also quieter and lighter than most guns. When zombies come, society will basically be starting over. That means that anything you use you should know how to synthesize. If you can make gunpowder from its basic constituents, power to you. That sure is a lot of effort for each shot, including bullet creation. Considering the rarity of the required materials, an arrow is probably faster to make. You also get many shots per arrow.

Headshots, while hard to achieve with a bow, are doable. I have an average of 4:7 human brain shots (between nose and top of head, full head width) at 20m. My bow shoots about 250 fps with 30 inch arrows for the first 20m. One of those arrows weighs about 300 grains, which makes their kinetic energy about 41 foot/pounds. According to ChaCha, around 33 ft/lbs are needed to crack the human skull (where I know not). That means that a pointed arrow would easily have enough power to make it into the brain. Lastly, an archer's arm doesn't get very tired. Mostly its the pulling fingers, but with a glove that pain is minimal.
Gcamper tincanz2 years ago
Also true... I think that a crossbow is a decent compromise. They use arrows now, not bolts. They are more accurate and have a longer range than a bow.

However, one can EASILY carry 1000 rounds for a carbine. It is not that heavy to carry or hard to pack. It will take up maybe as much space as a quiver, but probably less. Also, if you have a gun, the rate of fire is greatly increased, and you can kill 30 zombies before reloading. If you are good and have trained with this gun, you could probably get about 30 kills in a minute or two.

All in all, i believe a bow is crossbow is good defensively, but the carbine is so much better if you are on the run.
tincanz Gcamper2 years ago
Ok, I agree, but I will stick t the bow for the sustainability issue.
Thrasym tincanz2 years ago
You bow and crossbow people make me chuckle. You think your amazing arm strength you built up with all your conditioning is going to hold up when you're starving and cold and dehydrated? You think shooting an arrow through a stationary target is the same as hitting a moving, walking, running, trying to eat you zombie? You think your awesome Legolas skills are going to hold up while you're crapping your pants out of fear? Bows and crossbows are not silent, the twang of the bow string can be pretty loud.

Get a gun or become a zombies snack. Sure, ammo isn't something you can make on your own with a knife in the woods, but, you can also carry enough that you live long enough to find more. There's no risking infection reclaiming spent arrows covered in zombie brains. Sure, hitting a moving target while malnourished, scared out of your mind and starving is more difficult, even with a gun, but that's why a clip holds so many bullets, retries are expected. Also, double taps, if you learned anything from Zombieland...why they never use silencers in movies, I'll never understand, they may not make firearms silent but they sure reduce the sound, at least the whole town doesn't head your way. But I digress...
tincanz Thrasym2 years ago
I don't understand where you think you will be able to "find" ammunition. All structures will have been ransacked in the first few months, and after decades such things as we now call bullets will no longer exist. It is feasible to make bullets and powder, but materials are scarce and procedure is difficult. Making bullets fit for modern firearms is very difficult; it is possible that no one alive will have the know-how and access to the materials. The best one can hope for after decades and centuries is flintlock or matchlock guns, and loose black powder with simple rounds.

Anyway, gun strategy cannot really be compared to bow strategy because a big part of bow strategy is that you don't actually let zombies locate you in the first place. Then none of that fear or inaccuracy will crop up.

(there are materials that can be added to a bowstring to take the vibrational energy and disperse it, further reducing the "twang" while only reducing the arrow velocity a tiny amount i.e. fine down)
Gcamper tincanz2 years ago
Both of you have brought up very good points.
Guns do run out of ammo, and it wont last forever. Making firearms is a lost art, and there is no way that you will learn to make ammo for modern guns. However, with a good carbine or accurate rifle, you can take out multiple zombie in the time it takes for someone to take out one with a bow. Rifles are much more accurate and way more powerful than bows. If a zombie grabs you, you cannot kill it with a bow. You can, however, kill it with a pistol.
Bows and crossbows have their downsides and benefits too. They are slow, not nearly as accurate as rifles, and they take a lot of arm strength to use. A good bow with a forty or fifty pound pull takes a lot out of people, especially when you haven't eaten much. Whereas you can break a zombie's skull with the butt of a gun at close quarters, you can't do that with a bow. I you have ever tried to make a bow and arrows, you will find that it isn't easy. The bow needs to have a certain amount of curve, it needs to be flexible while snapping back tot shape quickly. The arrows need to be perfectly straight if you want them to fly in the general direction that you are pointing. Making arrowheads is very hard, while fire hardened wood tips might not be able to punch through a skull. Skulls are really hard, and you wont be able to get a clean shot through the eye. However, crossbows are much more accurate than bows, and if you can make arrows you have almost infinite ammo.
Bow and gun strategies are really not that different. The point is to survive. Just because someone uses a bow doesn't mean that they have infinite wisdom and therefore will not get eaten. You cannot assume that you will find food, or water, or shelter, or not encounter a horde of fifty zombies. In either situation, you need to get the hell out of there.
In the long run, having and using a crossbow is probably better. However, when trying to escape or kill a lot of zombies quickly, a gun is so much better.
tincanz Gcamper2 years ago
Well said.
Thrasym tincanz2 years ago
"I don't understand where you think you will be able to "find" ammunition. All structures will have been ransacked in the first few months, and after decades such things as we now call bullets will no longer exist."

Where do you live? Almost every country has an immense stockpile of munitions. If zombies wipe out the human race in short order (like in just about every zombie story ever written) then there will not be that many people left to loot and plunder. Leaving years and decades worth of bad arse bullets to fuel my gun toting rage, bringing the hurt to the zombie hordes. If the military is still around you'll be hiding in the army base with them defending you, if they're not around, you're free to loot. It really depends how the whole infection goes down, but most versions of the mythology have the human race wiped out rather quickly. Aside from that, your biggest threat in dire times is not the zombies or the economy or whatever is causing the hardship, your biggest threat is other humans in the same dire straits as yourself. And well, if you take a bow to a gun fight...see 'The Untouchables" to find out how that will end up. Keeping in mind, it's way easier for a guy with a gun to avoid being seen due to the increased range and lethality. Having a gun doesn't mean you can't hide from zombies...they have silencers too.

It's actually really hard to get an arrow through a skull, much like a .22 cal, glances off the side will happen most often. There's really only a small area in the center skull (from whichever angle you fire from) that will have the force of the shot focused THROUGH the skull, it's like a 2" circle shooting straight from the front or back, maybe 3" from the sides. If you go lower it's under the brain, if you hit the left or right sides, or the top, the shot will most likely be deflected. Most people can't make that shot at any distance...there might be a handful of people on the planet that could do it with a bow or a xbow, even if they used a nice compound bow, I'd doubt there's even a handful who could do it reliably to a moving target.

At any rate, if you make it past the "first few months" and especially "decades" you're pretty much set. I mean you can't get that far without some skills and resources. Also, bows don't last forever. Especially bow strings. They wear out, string wear out fast. Replacements may or may not be easy to come by, depends on how things play out, but after "decades" you're out of luck too. Bullets and twinkies DO have a shelf life, so, we're all going to have to be self sustaining after a while.
tincanz Thrasym2 years ago
We seem to be of accord that after some time "we're all going to have to be self sustaining." Shouldn't it follow, then, because bows will definitely be effective after the zombie threat is over, that people should preserve and develop further techniques involved in their creation and use? Bows are much easier to make than guns, so after zombies they will likely be the preferred choice. you may be right that having guns during zombies is a good idea. Then again, with only a bow, I will likely see only very few zombies, whereas with a gun, even suppressed, you will likely encounter quite a few. In the case of a bow being ineffective against a few zombies, I can resort to melee weapons without having very many to kill. A gun user will not have to resort to melee as long as his equipments stay in order, but he will have more zombies to face due to the increased noise generated.
I'm a bow fan, but TBH guns do have silencers and if you can't find one you can make them out of pretty simple stuff
Gcamper Gcamper2 years ago
sorry, arrows are heavier

or solid rubber bike tires

a bows ok... but its slow and difficult to use unless your jesus...
A bow works great in a rural/ forest environment, and an experienced archer can get a brain-shot from 15m semi-reliably. Also arrows can be retrieved and can be created with much more ease than bullets. If a person has to go for the rest of their life with an amount of bullets, they will be wishing they could make gunpowder and cast bullets as easily as arrows. Plus, a bow itself is much easier to make than a gun.
the problem is that not everyone can shoot a bow.
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