Step 2: More Ammo + Signaling Flares

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In addition to hunting, a shotgun is an excellent self defense weapon. It’s easy to imagine the need for a self-defense weapon in an urban or wilderness survival scenario – defending you or your family from man or animal. Not only is a pump action shotgun a proven deterrent, but it also has some serious knock down power. Because of these 2 considerations (hunting & self defense) I wanted to carry as much ammo on the gun as I could. I filled the magazine and the chamber which holds 7 + 1. I also added a side saddle shell holder and a screw on stock mount shell holder which together extends my total capacity to 19 rounds of ammunition. Not bad at all.

You are probably wondering what the short orange rounds are. These are specialty Signaling Flare rounds designed for 12 gauge shotguns. These flares fire over 300 feet and can be seen for miles. They are the perfect signaling solution to a shotgun survival kit. Not only are these EXCELLENT rescue signals but they can also be fired into a prepared fire pit to start a fire. In survival, multi-use products are key.
olmon2 years ago
Boy - - this instructible sure brought the argumentative jerks out of the woodwork ! ! !
Personally, I would take an air rifle. A twin .177 & .22 caliber. minimal noise, easy to carry a couple thousand rounds & while it won't bring down a deer or a bear, it will certainly do the job for small game, which is what I'd be looking for due to lack of facilities to keep large quantities from spoiling. As for protection from humans, the air rifle shoots @ 1000FPS for the .177 & 800FPS for the .22. That matches the muzzle velocity of a .38 Police Special revolver. I certainly wouldn't want to get shot with one. They can be lethal in the hands of someone who knows how to use one & where to aim.
How did you affix the shell holder onto the side of the stock? If it is a product on the market currently could you post the link? If not please tell how to do that. thank you, and this thing is awesome.
jessopher3 years ago
My 2 cents on the matches and firesteel:
a) matches are not very reliable, take bic lighters
b) take firesteel if you want, but bic lighters can do the same thing.

situations when using the flare makes sense:
a) you are not a survivalist worth your survival salt/salary (probably not the guy who takes flares with him hunting, but maybe)
b) your lighters and or firesteel get lost, or you use them up.

c) you are too weak or injured to continue trying to light it with a lighter. Or if you are actually cold and shaking and your hands aren't doing what you want them to (fear of impending doom, and being near hypothermic can turn the deftest hands to quivering sausages).

FYI just because it is a flare, doesnt mean you have to actually shoot it at your fire. You can just use the gunpowder and magnesium to aid you in making the fire with the bic lighters. Actually, the type of fire you are probably building in a survival situation would not stand up to the blast of a 12 gauge flare, so if you do shoot your fire, make sure its not a bunch of pine cones and cardboard. In a survival situation, sane people might actually make this mistake, so its not a joke.
Henge3 years ago
Beware of local hunting laws. In my state of MN, carrying 2 types of ammo in one gun (sabot slug and bird shot) is a big no-no and can result loss of hunting privileges or worse. Hate to be the square.
hellstudios4 years ago
Say, is the pistol grip really needed?

seems like it would just add extra weight.
The pistol grip adds extra storage space.
The pistol grip is a matter of taste. I do not like pistol grips on rifles or shotguns as for me they're uncomfortable. As for extra storage space I can fit the same items in a pocket.