Step 3: Survival Knife

Picture of Survival Knife
I know from experience that one of the most important survival resources is a good quality knife. It can assist in almost every survival related task. I found a great 5” Ka-Bar Brand knife designed to mount directly to a picatinny rail. The stock Mossberg shotgun does not have picatinny mounts so I purchased a barrel mount picatinny rail unit. This makes the knife easily accessible for quick deployment. A knife can perform 1000’s of survival tasks including dressing game, cutting wood and cordage, striking a fire steel, digging, scraping, prying, slicing and the list goes on and on. I prefer a larger survival knife but this one will work just fine. I sacrificed size for the seamless integrated mount option.
a.steidl1 year ago

I like the knife right where it's at; it'll keep most zombies from trying to grab yer shotgun from ya, without losing its fingers first.

AJMansfield2 years ago
Or you could have the knife holder mounted farther up so it also works as a bayonet.
Am I the only one who has noticed that his knife is pointless on the shotgun, considering the blade is set back to far to pass the end the barrell...Please dear sir, tell me you have gotten a longer blade or have re-adjusted the mount?
ammonihah994 years ago
Doesn't Mossberg 500 come with a bayonet lug? Or is the 590?
There are several different flavors of 590. The 590A1 is the one with the bayonet lug. I've never actually found a reason to attache a bayonet though..
rhughes4 years ago
I can sort of understand the idea of wanting to have everything within reach. However, speaking from the personal experience of carrying a fully loaded M590A1 (7 in the mag & 6 on a sidesaddle) for hours on end the last thing I'd want to do is add more weight to the barrel.

Cool idea, but I think I'll carry my knife on my belt :-)
Agreed. I think the idea is to have one item to grab, the SG, then redistribute from there when a break in the drama occurs. I can see the author's point. Not sure I'd want as big and large a knife as the 5" K-bar, but I'd at least want a folder clipped to the SG sling.
This option seems less useful for me personally. I'd rather keep my knife in my belt or boot. (Or as is usual, the pocket knife in my pocket.) I sometimes carry my machete in a back sheath when I'm doing ranch work or know I'm going to be hiking in heavy brush.
I have spare knives everywhere. I always have a folder or two on me. An extra on the SG would just be a bonus! About every pack, bag, case I own has folder of mediocre to good quality in it at least. A knife is just too central to have your only one break with or dropped in a crevasse or down a storm drain with no back up. A human without at least one sharp pointy thing and the ability to start a fire is just whining hairless ape in most survival situation.
dent2444 years ago
i would suggest mounting the knife further up to be used as a bayonet also. you may save ammo or your life.
That particular barrel mounted rail does not seem to have a rail under the barrel. Besides, if you really wanted to use it as a bayonet you could just slide the rail mount to the end of the barrel. It doesn't make a lot of difference if the bayonet is on the side. You should also remember that a bayonet will make the gun more difficult to aim and control. The knife being far from the end of the barrel helps with that. All of that being said, a bayonet would be useful in a survival situation, as you wouldn't have to get as close to a dangerous wild animal to kill it.
"All of that being said, a bayonet would be useful in a survival situation, as you wouldn't have to get as close to a dangerous wild animal to kill it."

Isn't that what the shotgun is for? ;)
Until you run out of shells. Maybe there's a lot of angry bears. Or more likely the powder gets wet.
isnt there a way to get water proof rounds? i know certain weapons in military testing have to got through many test including being submerged in water and in mud and sand and a stress test after each and continue to fire. i beleive one was the automatic shotgun the AA-12
Most SG shells could be classified as "water resistant". Birdshot used for waterfoul particularly so.

You can seal SG shells yourself. Put primer sealer on the primer and use some silicone based sealant (RTV) on the crimp and it should be waterproof for at least temporary immersion. Make sure no sealant is on the sides of the shell that might cause problems feeding or ejecting. Rub off any excess sealant from crimp while it is still wet. Make sure the crimp and primer are clean, like with acetone, prior to applying either sealant and it should adhere much better.
Ripper03114 years ago
I think the point of having it mounted on your shotgun is less as a bayonet and more of just a way to keep it attached to your gun until you are in the survival situation, at which point you can detach and put it on your belt.
Bingo. That is my take also. You have one item, the SG, to grab and go, then redistribute at your convenience. If you wanted to expand the amount of stuff one could put a carry strap on the SG that could have a small survival belt pack on it that could be detached and put on waist.
rplocher3 years ago
I'm sure the author of this instructable would agree that having a knife on your belt would be ideal in many if not most survival situations. However it is clearly explained on the first page where the author states:

"My challenge was that everything had to be included in or on the gun itself – no extra pack items or containers."

Also, I've seen these Ka-Bar knives that mount to a picatinny rail. They come with a user friendly quick release. Problem solved. ; )

edshu333 years ago
I think that the knife should stick out further so that it can function like a bayonet, which would be useful against a bear attack if you run out of ammo.
ccobbett4 years ago
can you fathom how dangerous it is to keep a knife mounted permenatly on a shotgun??? Its like keeping a top-heavy spear lying around all the time just waiting to tip over and slice the hell out of you. If this is really for a survival situation just keep the knife on your belt, there is no need for a mounted blade on a double barreled weapon.
The knife has a sheath. The knife can't cut anyone when the sheath is on.

Where is the double barreled weapon that the blade is mounted to????