Step 4: Lighting

Picture of Lighting
Another tool that assists in survival is a light source. Without a flashlight, low-light work or travel can be very difficult & dangerous – sometimes impossible. Not only can a flashlight allow you to be productive in low-light conditions, but it can also be used as a nighttime signaling device. A good flashlight can also help prevent injuries in dark conditions. I purchased a flashlight with picatinny rail holder for the other side of my barrel. The push button switch on this flashlight is also a compass. Now, I have a means to confirm direction as well. This can certainly be useful in any survival scenario.
Gunther453 years ago
Actually one of the most practical Survival Shotguns I have seen. Like it a lot.
Did you make the paracord sling? Very Nice!
Looks like you could utilize picatinny rails on the forearm for more storage of Batteries or what not as well, just a thought.
very nice and practical !
doc274 years ago
as this is a pump gun all the attached items on the barrel thus far are on the sides of the gun not the top so the aiming bead is not being obscured (btw its a shotgun, if you use that bead to aim any pro shooter will tell you that it makes a miss more likely as it draws the attention away from the target, if you want accuracy get a full set of sights or better yet get a rifle). the knife is also too far back to be a bayonet but it looks like the mount may be moved forward if you keep a hex wrench. as far as the compass goes, yes the steel will mess with it but that is true of a belt buckle or a zipper tab and the gun is just a place to keep it. in most survival kits you would attach the gun to the kit, in this set up you are attaching the kit to the gun, i like it. now as for putting stuff on your belt, i concur, but as in any survival planning PACE ( primary, alternate, contingency and emergency) is the key, redundancy is a little heavier but if you sleep warm and comfy its worth the weight.
Some people aren't happy unless they can find something senseless to complain about. Let them think the wrong things so we won't have to worry about them after day 2 of a survival situation.
tlynch14 years ago
i get you're trying to attach everything to the gun but wouldn't it be more useful to keep a small Bug Out bag for the purpose of this stuff
and have some belt holsters for a knife flashlight and shell holder ontop of the bag so you put that on grab your Bag and weapon
that and i think a sling of some kind would be handy so you're not holding the weapon with your arms tiring them out all day
pastorboy04 years ago
Though the flashlight might help mitigate injuries, the idea of using it as a flashlight only on the end of a barrel (except in a self-defense situation) is foolhardy... That is an accident waiting to happen, much in the same way that you don't use a rifle's scope to look at things from a long distance, you use a separate pair of binoculars.
I think the main thing he's going for here is to have everything attached to the shotgun so he can just grab it and go. He can take whatever he wants off later and keep it in the most useful spot.
seitzjus4 years ago
Maybe a non tactical light source with a longer battery life would be more useful in a survival situation.
The 590 has the bayonet lug on the magazine tube and the barrel nut is modified to fit the loop on the guard.
idlymr744 years ago
both the knife and the flashlight are removable. they are there because all he has to do is grab the shot-gun and he has the knife, the compass, and the flashlight.
asteidl4 years ago
The steel of the barrel might affect the accuracy of the compass.