Step 8: Survival Kit

Picture of Survival Kit
Next I assembled a variety of survival kit items to be stored in the butt stock compartment. To remove the rubber butt plate I use the cross point driver on the multi-tool. Below are the items that I included in this kit and why.

• 4”x6” ALUMINUM BAKING PAN: Available at any grocery store, this aluminum bread pan can be folded flat for compact storage. A metal container is INVALUABLE in any survival scenario. It can be used to boil water which kills bacteria, virus and cysts. Boiling water is a 100% effective method of water purification. This container can also be used for other cooking tasks as well as water collection. The reflective metal also makes an excellent signaling device.
• TRASH BAG: A trash bag has a myriad of survival uses. Some of the most practical are poncho, water collection, ground tarp, make shift shelter, solar still and flotation device.
• FISHING KIT: This kit includes 20 feet of 30 lb test line, 5 assorted fish hooks and 3 sinkers. Not only can these items be used for fishing but the line can also be used as cordage for shelter building, gear repairs or animal snares. Bank lines can be set at night to work while you rest.
• 2 NON-LUBRICATED CONDOMS: By design, condoms are water tight. They make amazing water containers – capable of holding about 1 liter of water each. They are very lightweight and compact and make great back-up water collection and storage containers. They can also be used to protect fire materials such as matches and dry tinder. You can also fill these with clear (but not purified) water and leave them in the sun for 48 hours for UV purification.
• WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS: Boiling water is not always possible or practical. Chemical water treatment tablets are an excellent back-up water purification solution. They weigh virtually nothing and take up very little space. You can fill up a condom with water and use a tablet to purify it. They also have a very long shelf life. Chemical tablets are not very effective on cloudy or dirty water. The water must be fairly clear. You can pre-filter using clothing or a bandana.
• EMERGENCY SURVIVAL BLANKET: These survival blankets are designed to reflect and trap your body heat in a cold weather survival scenario. They also make excellent make-shift shelters, ground tarps, ponchos, rescue signals and fire heat reflectors.
• FIRST AID SUPPLIES (packed in zip lock bag): 3 adhesive bandages, 30 SPF sun block packet, 2 wound closure strips, 2 Ibuprofen pills, 2 Acetaminophen pills, 2 Calcium Carbonate pills
• CARMEX LIP BALM: Not only for obvious reasons, but this petroleum based product can be mixed with natural fire tinder such as cattail down. Doing so can extend burn-time up to 5 minutes which is very helpful in fire building. This is an excellent multi-use product.
• WHISTLE: Even though I have signal flares, a rescue whistle is always a good idea.
• SMALL BIC LIGHTER: This is the easiest way to start a fire.
• SNARE WIRE: Snares can work for you while you are working on other tasks – such as sleep. I’ve included 25 feet of snare wire for building traps. This can also be used as cordage or binding for a variety for projects.

I carefully wrapped most of the items inside of the trash bag for water proofing and then stored everything in the stock storage area. All of the kit items only weigh a few ounces.
deanlol3 years ago
If someone steals this while you're asleep, your screwed. Something about putting all your eggs in one basket comes to mind.

They would most likely kill you anyway...

Orbital Melon4 months ago

Good guide but I think the knife should extend in front of the barrel in order to use it as a bayonet to be quite or in an emergency. Also most water treatment tablets are Chloride Dioxide which reacts horribly with plastics, rubber etc...

skaar3 years ago
the grip on the pump... if it's aluminum, maybe it'd work as a pot to boil water in, less fragile than the baking pan.
drewgie893 years ago
The only thing I would add is a Gun strap so while traveling you may sling it over your shoulder instead of carrying it. This would free up your hands to help others (who may be injured) or carry some other supplies, etc...
retrosurfer3 years ago
The foil pan is a interesting addition to a survival kit. Ive tried it though and you can't depend on being able to unfold it without it leaking in my experience. Ive replaced that type of pan buy carrying a small roll of heavy industrial metal foil that I can shape as needed and seems to last longer when being folded and manipulated have you ever tried tat and if so why do you prefer the pan.
Like the aluminum baking pan idea. And to all your critics. The best kit and the best weapon, are ones you have with you.
voyageur103 years ago
Great build! Thanks
aattura13 years ago
Great! Rescue whistle s best if plastic-- in cold weather a metal whistle can freeze to your lips.

Bic Ligher with a flint is great -- if you run out of lighter fluid-- you still have THE FLINT to start fires with.
mhandy3 years ago
"Clap---Clap--Clap"..wow you need a standing ovation for this well explained project...Aside from the killer looking firearm, its space saving, an extreme necessity, and looks lightweight; making its versatility just outstanding. BRAVO to you. On another note it LITERALLY has the whistle..if you were to say "Its got all the Bells-n-Whistles...lol...in the event of getting lost or stranded...I hope YOU are nearby..lol
dknight2973 years ago
i keep a bug out pack on my tactical vest but this is by far one of the best survival ideas i have ever seen. the first thing you should grab is your gun and when you do you will also have a survival kit. GREAT INSTRUCTABLE!!!!
Astarax4 years ago
Hmm, what if you lose your weapon? ;)
The i dont like it because its useless if i lose it argument? Man That Corvette ZR1 is a sweet car but my honda is better, because what happens if you crash your vette? i still jave a way to work. So my car is better that is exactky what you are saying, Cool Idea With the knife all the way forward like a bayonet does it interfere with the spread on bird shot?

All in all Good Job Dude Anyone can sit and critiscize what someone else did or didnt do, To anyone out there that has anything but a question on what products are what and where to get them or how to do something make your own instructable and show us how it really should be done.

(of course its just how you think it should be done, but from the comments ive read, obviously your mommy tells you you are perfect in every way, so you are in for a big surprise when you get out into the real world.
sheasdad044 years ago
I have gone through and read most of the posts on this build, very negative. This is an excellent idea, I have been considering doing the same thing so this helps. In the event that you have a need for any type of survival gear, if you can justify carrying the weight then do it! This is more practical then several assault weapon designs I have seen. I read multiple news release on the internet in the last month and they are all saying the economy should crash again in 2013 or so in order to recover fully, so urban survival will be the key. Good luck to us all and Willow Haven Outdoor keep coming up with cool ideas.
Not only is this a great survival instructable it also made the gun look sweet!
I am afraid I'd feel I had to take all those little doodads off to make a successful bird gun out of it. I have a belt with pouches for that stuff.
mysss4 years ago
In this kit it would make a load of sense to replace the screws with flathead ones. This would greatly increase the versatility because you could still use the gerber, but would have many more options if you lost it. (e.g. the knife, a butt cap from the flashlight/foregrip, a coin, part of the gun, ect.) It would really suck to lose these items because you lost the multitool. ;-)
sxca4 years ago
then the jig is up :)))