For anyone who doesn't know how to, this will show you how to make a newspaper hat. A very simple technique using a full sheet of newspaper will make you the coolest looking hat on the block. Can also be used as a pirate hat, when pillaging is necessary.

Thanks to Tim Anderson for excellent work building the hat.

Step 1: Ready the paper

Find an old newspaper. Open it up and read a little bit of news. Then fold it back together so that the entire front page is facing you.
Awesome ? Hahaha I messed up a little bit in the beginning but in the end it turned out fine . Great tutorial !
It doesn't work!! Find an old newspaper. I did that. Open it up and read a little bit of news. I did that even though I had already read it. Then fold it back together so that the entire front page is facing you. I did that. Fold the corners of the paper down to the center. I did that. Then, fold up the bottom edge. I did that. Flip the paper over and fold up the other bottom edge. ????? There is no OTHER BOTTOM EDGE!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you people do this to me? I made the 25 mm pneumatic sniper rifle okay and I wanted to be wearing this neat hat when I shot someone.
first,make sure the page flip side without a smooth curve and take HALF the pages there. You will be left with the bottom edge.<br />
hahahahahaha! nice! i had fun pillaging villages...
I hate it. it didn't work why why why tell me why some one tell me why it didn't work! tell me
Arrgh! I work in child care field with very pirate interested children. To find a hat that was simple with easy to follow instructions was fantastic. From all my children to you a big thankyou!
i could make a semi-complicated newspaper fez. Coming sooon.
hello<br/>you soooo<br/>did it RONG<br/>with a nother capital<br/><strong>R</strong><br/>
it is the best it did to work arg is wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!! with a capital R
Hey, we just started painting our walls and I build your hat for this purpose :-p. Thank you for that, works great.
Thats cool, now i finally know how to make one thank you. :)
thank you thank you!! i never learned how to do this!
Saved the day! My 4 yr old is so into pirates, and I managed to construct an impromptu "hook" hand for him, but then he wanted a hat! I didn't have newspaper, but taped together four pieces of construction paper to make two big pieces, used your instructions, and voila! The pics were great! Thanks for the grin on my son's face ;0) Tommy's Mommy
Great instructions! I'd never made a hat like this, so it was very helpful. Thanks!
Convenience! Your hat can also be your boat, IF you: 1. take the corners and put them together, so the hat looks like a large diamond, 2. fold both corners up halfway to make a triangle (and a rather dashing and more stable hat), and three. take the top corners of the new hat and pull them apart. With obivous adjustments, you now have a boat!
WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND NEWSPAPER!!! lol good instrutable but I learned this in like first grade ***
where does a pirate put his earings? in his buck'n ears
YARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Very important if you're a pirate! www.ctpirates.com ARRRRRRRRR :)
You could make that stronger with a couple of extra folds. After folding the front and back up to make the triangle, open it up by pulling apart the front and back by grabbing the bottom middle of each side. With this diamond shape, fold up a bit from the bottom on each side. Now open it up again and those folds lock the bottom flap in place.

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