Picture of How to Build your own Newspaper Hat
For anyone who doesn't know how to, this will show you how to make a newspaper hat. A very simple technique using a full sheet of newspaper will make you the coolest looking hat on the block. Can also be used as a pirate hat, when pillaging is necessary.

Thanks to Tim Anderson for excellent work building the hat.
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Step 1: Ready the paper

Picture of Ready the paper
Find an old newspaper. Open it up and read a little bit of news. Then fold it back together so that the entire front page is facing you.

Step 2: Fold

Picture of Fold
Fold the corners of the paper down to the center. Then, fold up the bottom edge. Flip the paper over and fold up the other bottom edge. Then, roll up the bottom a little bit so that it makes a hat. Easy as that.

Step 3: Pillage a Village

Picture of Pillage a Village
Now that you have your super cool hat, you can paint a skull and crossbones on it and go raid a village on your pirate ship. Or, if thats not your style, you can paint peace signs and flowers on it and call yourself a banner of peace. Or, you could always just leave it how it is and still be super cool.