Step 7: Body Weight - Under Grip Pull Ups

Picture of Body Weight - Under Grip Pull Ups
The only difference between Under and Over grip pull ups is (obviously) the grip. In this exercise, the bar is gripped in an underhand fashion (and, in my case, the grip is closer together). More commonly known as a "chin up", this exercise focuses more on the biceps and lower lats (back).

This exercise is meant to be done in addition to the over grip pull ups.

I usually start with over grips for a few (about 3) sets and then do the same number of under grips. The same spotting method from the last exercise is very valuable in this exercise as well.

Tom Buckey5 years ago
Which, in your opinion, is the hardest between under grip pull ups or just normal pull ups?
Yeah overhand are a bit harder, it flexes your bicep differently
They are different. Chinups use your biceps more, overhand uses your back and lats more.
Under hand pullups? - that'd be a chin wouldn't it?