Step 3: Prototyping

To get a feel for my toolpaths, I ran a prototype in pink insulation foam.  Foam is great for testing because it is cheap, readily available, and easily machinable.  I modified the feeds and speeds to go for the maximum that the machine was capable of.  This meant that I had a complete mockup in my hand in only 30 minutes.  When machining foam, it is critical to vacuum during the process. I ran without coolant and held the shop vac next to the cutter for the entire operation time.  

There are two prototypes here.  The first one that I ran was done with a .050" step down, and is the second set of photos.  The second one, which was the same code as the final metal version, was run with a 3/16" step down.  
This is great! I did a whole series as an undergrad with the <em>Memento mori</em> theme, I'm a sucker for such things. Well done!
<p>Yes! I would like to see the codes too! :-)</p>
looks pretty good!! i have featurecam but not in 3d, can you send me cnc text file? <br> <br>thanks
could you please add the (STEP) file as well.
hi, would you be able to upload an (STL) file as this would be very usefull, thanks.
That looks like a great surface finisher. Nice work as well. My husband has just recently got into projects like this as well. His new favorite idea and tool is <a href="http://www.abrafast.com" rel="nofollow">portable surface finisher</a>.He love that he can take it anywhere with him and fix it up in a jiffy. Thanks for sharing your awesome creation and work!
It will be nice if you can put a STEP, IGES or Parasolid files so every CAD/CAM system can open your model and not only Solid Work. <br>For the rest, good job on the model and the fabrication.
I've added an IGES file of the model; If you're still unable to open it, let me know, and I can try something else.
Yeah, I can't open whatever kind of file that is in Mastercam.
Unfortunately, I don't have access to CAMworks right now, so I can't mess around with its data formatting. I will have a more accessible CAD file up soon, though. Thanks for reading and commenting!
i try something like this whenever i can.....but im more of a trail and error kind of man, sooooooo no computer for me.
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Sweet dude! I might have to try this. Nice guide!

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