Step 3: Prototyping

Picture of Prototyping
skull box prototyping 2.jpg
skull box prototyping 3.jpg
skull box prototyping 1.jpg
skull box protos 5.jpg
skull box protos 4.jpg
skull box protos 3.jpg
skull box protos 1.jpg
To get a feel for my toolpaths, I ran a prototype in pink insulation foam.  Foam is great for testing because it is cheap, readily available, and easily machinable.  I modified the feeds and speeds to go for the maximum that the machine was capable of.  This meant that I had a complete mockup in my hand in only 30 minutes.  When machining foam, it is critical to vacuum during the process. I ran without coolant and held the shop vac next to the cutter for the entire operation time.  

There are two prototypes here.  The first one that I ran was done with a .050" step down, and is the second set of photos.  The second one, which was the same code as the final metal version, was run with a 3/16" step down.  
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