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Carp are an underrated fish. In the waters of the midwest U.S. they are abundant, and actually have very good meat.  The reason that more people don't eat them is that they can taste muddy, and they have bones throughout their muscles, making for a rather unpleasent surprise if you munch down on one. 

This instructable will show you how to cook the carp in such a way that there isn't a muddy taste, and the small bones will disolve, making for much easier eating.

So lets get going.
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Step 1: Get your Carp

Picture of Get your Carp
Now, if you are new to fishing, you will learn quickly that carp like relatively shallow water, and will eat a variety of different baits, although corn and worms are my favorites.  For this instructable I am using Carp that I bowfished out of a creek as it enters a nearby lake.  Mine were in about the muddiest water imaginable, (some have described it as a field to thin to plow) and if I can make it so they don't taste like mud, you should have no problems with yours.

Once you catch a carp, give it a blow on the back of the head to kill it, and then keep it cold until you are ready to clean it. 

I clean my carp by filleting as you would any other fish.  This isn't a real filet, as there are still bones in it.  When you remove the skin, you will see a line of dark red meat, running along the lateral line.  YOU WANT TO REMOVE ALL RED MEAT!!!  This is where most of the muddy flavor comes from, and is also where contaminants will be concentrated if there are any. 

So now we have the light meat from the carp with small bones in it, time to start canning

Does this process work for other fishes or other meats?

handsonlife (author)  CharlesChristopher12 months ago

It works with other fish with small bones, I am not sure about meats.