How to Care for Your Cute Dogs





Introduction: How to Care for Your Cute Dogs

Dogs are the closet animal to us. They are naturally likable and friendly to us. Except for some people who don't like dogs.

I know this is meant to be some cute pictures of dogs I like. But,I will as well give you some tips on ways to care for your dogs.

1.Meet their basic needs-If you keep a dog or planning to keep one,ensure you provide adequate foods,shelter and where to play.
2.Make your home free of any thing that may harm the cute dog.Provide a safe place for your dog to play around.
3. Provide regular foods for your dog.Not just any kind of food but the right foods to enhance its growth and development.
4.Provide water at all times. Ensure that your dog have enough water to drink.Give him nice cold water when the weather is hot.
5.Make sure your dog have plenty of exercise. Allow him to play around and take him for a walk.



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The second picture is the cutest dog I have ever seen! Are there dogs yours or did you get the picture on the web?