To carve a Jack-o-Lantern you will need the following materials
1 Pumpkin
1 Medium Serving Spoon
1 Medium Knife
1 Small Knife
Medium bowl
1 Dry Erase Marker
1 Candle
1 lighter

Step 1: Preparing for carving

Picture of Preparing for carving
Cover your working surface with the newspaper.
kdemenz10 months ago
Great straight forward guide. Here's Dr. Demenz's jack o'lantern for 2014.
lilamp1 year ago
Kiteman if you don't mind me bothering you what if it was a bit windy? Would the light just blow out? And do you have to put a candle in? Thanks!
lilamp1 year ago
Kiteman if you don't mind me bothering you what if it was a bit windy? Would the light just blow out? And do you have to put a candle in? Thanks!
lilamp1 year ago
Thanks Kiteman,
That is great advice!
Kiteman7 years ago
A classic Make, well-described.

A couple of safety points from personal experience -

  • The lid can get very hot, mind your fingers.
  • Blow the candle out, or let it go out by itself - dripping water through the lid into a molten tea-light causes a similar response to water into a chip-pan fire. Kitewife was lucky to just lose her fringe.
Sounds like a harrowing ordeal! Hope she's well.
She was lucky, just a little burned hair.
JakeTobak7 years ago
I got a couple things to add that I've done in the past. 1.) If the light is strong enough you can use wood carving tools to scrape away at the skin of the pumpkin so it's not cut through but light still gets out a bit, kind of like putting a flash light inside your mouth and your cheeks glow. That way you can have a 2-tone design. 2.) I used an anti-fungal spray to prevent stuff from growing inside the pumpkin, preserving it a little longer. I used some jock-itch spray (was using it for my feet before) and I think it worked well. Just be careful if its combustible and you're using a candle.
cool boy
dontno7 years ago
I use a saber saw to carve out pumpkins cuts down on carving time. Done in10 minutes.
yeah... but isnt that taking away the point? i mean half the fun is to carve the thing out
Revel5 years ago
you should cut a try angle in the lid so its easy to find the way it gos in
1.any tips on how to keep the lid from burning after a few hours? 2.how about making it last longer without falling apart? 3.has anyone tried drying the pumpkin out in the sun or anything else? as for no.1, initially, it seems OK, as the inside is still moist, but as it dries out, it could become dangerous. i would prefer to use a candle for maximum effect. any suggestions?
i heard rubbing a bit or vasoline into the inside, and the cut parts, helps it last a bit longer.
I use Chem Lights. Snap it and toss it into the pumpkin. No heat is generated.
you should go look for an electric pumpkin carver. They make it a lot easier.
St0ney7 years ago
Nice Tut ! St0ney stoneykins.com
The Instructable would be good for beginners, but I'm sort of advanced at this so I got bored. --Luna Lovegood--
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
i got that lighter. for 25 cents.
snipegoat7 years ago
I always add a little rectangular nub popping off the stem when cutting out the top ,so its easier to find where to put it instead of just twisting it for an hour till it fits or just placing it lazily on top so it sticks out (it drives me crazy) you know exactly where it goes like .....stem---- ( )=

do you see what i mean.
Like a key? You could also cut the lid rectangular or triangular for the same reason.
havanacus7 years ago
I'd like to add that those seeds make a delicious baked snake with a little salt...
John Smith7 years ago
Oh, good instructable.