This set of instructions explains how to carve a pumpkin that has a smiling face. Use caution when handling knives.

Step 1: Materials

• Pumpkin
• Dry erase, washable, or permanent marker
      - Dry erase and washable markers are good to erase if you decide to change your design.
• Serrated knives
• Large metal spoon/scoop
• Newspaper or plastic table cloth
• Paper towels
• Bowl or trashcan
• Candle or flashlight, if you want to make a Jack-o-Lantern
The pictures are set up very well. If you were just looking at the pictures you could carve the pumpkin. Nice use of gutter space. A overhead picture could be better when showing all the tools and products. Text is short and clear. You should add warnings to make sure you cut away from youself so you dont cut yourself, such as in step 7. Overall this was an appropriate and creative instructable given the holiday.

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