Picture of How to Carve a Wooden Knife
In this instructable, I will be showing you how to carve a wooden knife out of door shims (the ones that are like 8-10 inch long). The knife will have a point but wont be able to cut anything more then thread, wood doesn't hold an edge very well. I am not responsible for anything dumb done with the knife.

(sorry for the bad pictures, my camera broke so I had to use my cell phone)

Thanks, and be sure to vote for me in the Craftsman Workshop of the Future Contest!
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Step 1: So Here is What You Need

Picture of So Here is What You Need
The things you need to make this knife:

A wooden shim for doors and windows,
A sharp knife, or a razor
A sanding block or sand paper
Something to wrap the handle in ((I used thread) Not shown)
A pen
A basic idea of what a knife looks like

glue (for handle wrap)

Step 2: Draw the Outline

Picture of Draw the Outline
Now get an idea of the shape of the handle and the blade. My handle is around 3/4 of an inch across and not even 1/4 of an inch wide. My blade is a basic design of a curve. you can do what you want.

Step 3: Start Carving

Picture of Start Carving
This is the fun part. Now take your soon to be knife and start shaving little by little until you carve out your shape. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. There is a way you can cheat, you can use a sander (which I couldn't find) or just cut the design which is harder(look at picture #2 for the cutting part).

Step 4: Round and Sharpen

Picture of Round and Sharpen
Now it gets tricky to explain. On the handle, gently carve the corner off to make it round and easy to hold like a real knife. Gently graze the handle corners with the razor to round the handle. To sharpen, angle the razor and gently shave the blade part to an angle. You can also sand the blade on an angle instead of carving.

Step 5: Now Wrap and Finish

Picture of Now Wrap and Finish
Now we are almost finished. Tie the end of the thread (or whatever you are using) to the back of the handle and wrap until the handle is all covered in thread. If you want, you can stain or paint it. Now you are finished. So go and have fun, but don't forget to vote for me and others!
StoryAddict2 years ago
I was just thinking about how to make dull prop "throwing knives" for a cosplay - thanks! This not only looks easy, but economical since shims are so cheap!
dbodarev3 years ago
THIS IS SO COOL! Would it be ok for me to use paracord as the "thread around the handle"?
DanYHKim3 years ago
"A basic idea of what a knife looks like"
Luckily, you provided a handy photo.
punkhead583 years ago
Thug: Hey kid, gimme your wallet!

You: Back up, otherwise I will be forced to give you a moderately severe splinter with this wooden knife!

Thug: Oh god! Please don't hurt me! Here, take my wallet!
Not as ridiculous as you may think, but the thug would not feel particularly threatened.
"what are you making?" "a knife" "you're making a knife with a knife?" "DO YOU KNOW A BETTER WAY??!!!" .....the office is awesome....
haha.... the office
scraping against a rock or sand paper, laser, burning, mind powers (if you have them), or water jets? And thanks
....it was a joke....a quote from "The Office".....
True dat, my homedog gangster boi!
oooooooooh ok.
What about nukes,acid,light sabers,chainsaws,assalt rifles, OR.........da DA bubump DUBUMP DADAAAAAAAA!(intence build up) lego.
abf2204 years ago
or u couled just make an indent down the whole blade of it and and a slip of metal then sharpen
daetol6 years ago
i have made arrow heads out of ash and white oak, i found out a coating of hide glue on the edge makes it work better, but i guess you could try super glue, it would harden the would.
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  daetol6 years ago
I dont plan on using it as a knife, But it is a good idea. p.s. you spelled wood wrong
it might not work as a knife. but you could make a really cool looking letter opener!!!!!(sarcasm)
When at a cookout with my youth group I was bored so I whittled a knife/letter opener.
you can make a working knife out of a stick, you just sharpen it like you would a real knife. I just carved a knife handle the glue holding my home-made blade in is drying. LET IT BE PROCLAIMED A WORKING KNIFE CAN BE MADE WITH A STICK!
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  daetol6 years ago
thats what I use it for, and a nice thing on my wall (I made 2)
fire hardening my friend
Owlbear6 years ago
fire hardening can make the wood take a sharper edge. the mezo-amareicans used wooden swords in combat with deadly effect.
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  Owlbear6 years ago
Really, I never knew that, how would I do that.
basically you just scorch the outer wood and shave it down to just below the char (discolouration), repeat a few times. this "cooks" any sap or moisture out of the wood making it much harder.
no the goal is to heat it do drive out the moisture making it harder, but you cant scorch it or it will be brittle
kibbler Owlbear5 years ago
Wouldn't that also make it much more brittle? So, if you hit something and it was a hard enough impact, wouldn't it shatter?
tyson.ras6 years ago
You know my grandparents have a knife like that, they use it as a butter knife. Maybe if you apply some kind of sealer or finish, it would make it more sanitary. But that would be a cool application for a knife like that.
my entire family only uses wooden chopping boards in the kitchen, apparently if you keep the wood clean of crud, the wood will rid itself of germs and stuff
crayzclown15 years ago
I'm bored, might as well!
sckleymann6 years ago
wow this is cool but I just cut my finger with the knife trying to sharpen the blade, I cant wait to give it to my younger brother as a toy knife
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  sckleymann6 years ago
give it for Christmas.
Alcreion6 years ago
Make a knife with a knife! Nice ible
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  Alcreion6 years ago