Step 1: Find a Fishing Hole

Find a fishing hole-  I like fresh water fishing and fish the high Uintah mountains for rainbow, cut throat, and brook trout.

A good fishing hole is where you can see fish swimming and jumping. A slow moving stream or slow place in a river with rock swirls and dead trees that create a pool. I find beaver ponds like the one in the video as these are breeding grounds for big fish.

Early morning and late evening are good fishing times as fish are hungry but on hot afternoons they head deep to stay cool.

NOTE: Every effort was made to prevent suffering of the fish in this video and if children and people want to eat meat then I believe they need to know and understand that animals are killed to provide us that meat.

If you want to fish please only take enough fish to feed yourself and only fish if you are going to eat the fish and not waste them. Fish populations can be wiped out if people over fish an area and do not make an effort to take only what they will eat and leave the rest to breed and produce more fish. Care for mother earth and she will provide for you!

<p>I really appreciated how simple you kept this ible! Bare essentials of fishing from start to finish.<br>Although everything else was pretty thorough and clear, one step not discussed is the process of transporting the fish from the fishing hole to the kitchen. Do you use a cooler? Or was this just walking distance from the stove? </p>
Hey Lamar, I want to thank you for your series on fishing. I haven't been fishing since my grandfather used to take me, probably 40 years ago. Now I have a grandson who is 4 years old.<br> My grandfather died too soon to really teach me much about fishing, but I'll never forget the wonderful times we spent just fishing and talking. I am going to start taking my own grandson fishing and hopefully get the quality time I had with my granddad. He and I won't know what we're doing, but we'll be learning together.<br>Anyway your web-series on fishing has been a big inspiration for me to bond with my grandson.<br><br>Again, Thank You.<br><br>MoltenPoet (Christopher)
Fantastic videos man keep up the great work, helped me out a lot. I really appreciate your only fish to survive kinda attitude.
Great set of videos. I like that you show you don't need a ton of fancy and expensive equipment. I love those telescoping poles too. I keep mine in my truck so I'm always ready to fish in case the situation arises. Cheers. //rick//
I got dizzy from the video clip.
Any tips for bait to catch smaller lake fish like trout, bass, perch, panfish and northern pike? Ever since the winter it seems way harder to catch fish on the lake to have fish frys with the family.
I liked your videos.I love fishing and I think the best way to spins a week end is to go fishing.<br /> <br /> one of the best ways to cook them is on the bbq <br /> <br /> thanks for the tips<br />
nice ible. i love fiahing but didn't really know how to cook the trout on the grill.&nbsp; but snake on the grill is tasty with sauce<br />

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