Introduction: How to Catch a Mole Without Killing It

I don't want moles in my yard, but that is no reason to kill them.  This video shows a very effective way to pop moles out of your yard and send them packing.


gwfong (author)2016-08-06


HarryB35 (author)2015-12-26

Just wanted to say 'Thanks' for the information. Don't want to hurt the wee guys in any way, but want to have a really good look at one and then release.

HowToLou (author)HarryB352015-12-27

You bet! By the way, each mole lives in a half to a full acre of ground, and die pretty quickly in captivity, so its best to say Hi, take a picture or video and take him to his new home. Good luck.

AnnaLove (author)2013-01-04

How kind of you. He really was a gentle little guy, thank you!

breumer (author)2012-11-24

Thank you for the good explanation I go into the garden to catch moles! Thanks again!

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