Something was getting into my garbage at night.  I also believe whatever it is has been pirating my wi-fi.  Despite what those naysayers at Animal Control or Virginia Department of Fish and Game said, I was pretty sure it was a panda bear.  Perhaps it had escaped from a nearby zoo, or maybe the guy across the street left his gate open again, either way my garbage cans were being knocked over, there was trash all over my driveway, and Farmville has been running extra slow.  So I developed a plan.

Step 1: Materials

This can all be assembled with a few simple household items
What you will need:
Knife or scissors
Chair (I did not add a picture of a chair, as I feel that if you don't know what a chair looks like, your time could be better spent than in the pursuit of panda bears)
Cardboard box (preferably a refrigerator box.  I wasn't about to buy a new refrigerator just to do this, so I made do with what I had)
Duct tape (I used um...Monkey tape? Chimp tape? Something like that)
Small Bungee cord
A few small lengths of 20 gauge wire
Small light bulb (big bulb if you are using a refrigerator box)
Bit of string
plutonium rod (optional)
Semtex (or any other C4 plastic explosive derivative)(optional)
Kitchen timer (optional)
For demonstration safety purposes we used Sculpey in place of the plastic explosive. The Plutonium is real.
Vote for us for the make it stick contest! My wife has been trying to get an internet connection with her Commodore Vic 20 and the connection speed is really slow. We could really use an Ipad.
<p>Wtfisthat, uahahah.</p>
This is so weird where did you get the stuffed panda and if the panda was real how would your neighbor have one it can not just be your pet u need a permit or something
OMG. I nearly peed my pants. Fantastic!
We won 15 months of Pro membership! Woo-hoo! Thanks Instructables!
nice job getting on the front page
Thanks! Kind of surprised when I saw it there. Woo-hoo!
Are you sure it's not a skunk???<br>well be careful &amp; happy trapping!!!
Ah, thas pandas can bay nastay.
i dont live in panda territory, but there is known big foot in the area. I think ill need a bigger box to catch one of them.
Feel free to show us what you have caught!

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