Today I'm gonna teach you how to catch and care for crawdads.

Please enjoy.

Step 1: Stuff You're Gonna Need

To catch crawdads you will need the following:

- Rainboots or hip waders
- Butterfly net (short net)
- Tupperware containers (medium size, one for each crawdad)
- Pepperoni (not off a pizza)
- A creek
- A little bit of patience
<p>Please ensure that it is legal to release that bait anywhere. It's not here. </p>
<p>also, for food, small minnows or goldfish can be purchased at a pet store like petco, or petsmart.</p>
Cool:) I have a crawfish myself:)
This is kind of what I envisioned when I read care for: http://www.instructables.com/id/Eat-Invasive-Species-Cajun-and-Swedish-Style-Rust/
ha ha lol

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