Picture of How to Catch and Care for Crawdads (a.k.a. Crayfish and Crawfish)

Today I'm gonna teach you how to catch and care for crawdads.

Please enjoy.

Step 1: Stuff You're Gonna Need

To catch crawdads you will need the following:

- Rainboots or hip waders
- Butterfly net (short net)
- Tupperware containers (medium size, one for each crawdad)
- Pepperoni (not off a pizza)
- A creek
- A little bit of patience
BSivtal7 months ago

Please ensure that it is legal to release that bait anywhere. It's not here.

Matt4281 year ago

also, for food, small minnows or goldfish can be purchased at a pet store like petco, or petsmart.

Cool:) I have a crawfish myself:)
VadimS2 years ago
This is kind of what I envisioned when I read care for: http://www.instructables.com/id/Eat-Invasive-Species-Cajun-and-Swedish-Style-Rust/
Plo Koon (author)  VadimS2 years ago
ha ha lol