Picture of How to Clean Your Sinuses
You can clean your sinuses really effectively just using warm water, salt, and something called a Neti Pot. I have done it a few times now and I have to say that it really works and feels good.

Many people suffer from some kind of nasal irritation, be it mucus, allergies, an infection, sinus pain or even snoring. While a doctor may prescribe a steroid spray that costs a ton of money and never seems to work, there is a simpler and much more effective way to help your nose and nasal cavity. It's the ancient practice of nasal irrigation - The Neti Pot!

This is not an ad, it just happens to sound like one because I am excited about pouring salt water through my nose.
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Step 1: Bennefits and Supplies

Picture of Bennefits and Supplies
Using a Neti Pot to clean your nose seems to have all different kinds of effects on people. I felt clean, open and free of mucus after I did it, but since I didn't really have any sever allergies or irritations to begin with I can't report on the validity of those kinds of results.

(I used it because who doesn't want to pour water through their nose and see what comes out???)

The Neti Pot is reported to have many benefits:

  • Removes mucus and pollution of the nasal passages and sinuses
  • Helps to prevent respiratory tract diseases
  • Daily use relieves allergies, colds and sinusitis
  • Cooling and soothing to the mind
  • Beneficial in the treatment of headaches and migraines
  • Alleviates anxiety, anger and depression
  • Removes drowsiness, making the head and sense organs feel light.

To use a Neti Pot all you need is:

  • The Neti Pot itself (You can get one for about 10 dollars at a drug or natural foods store. If you don't want to buy one look around the house because chances are, you already have something lying around that is perfect for sticking up your nose. Try a children's sippy cup or even a watering can with a narrow spout. Do you make gravy on Thanksgiving? The Neti Pot sure looks a lot like a fat drippings separator!)
  • Warm water
  • Non-iodized salt

Step 2: Prepare the Neti Pot

Picture of Prepare the Neti Pot
Making the Neti Pot solution, which is really just saline/salt water couldn't be much easier.

Put a cup or two of water into a pot and warm it up on the stove. (I use cold water that I warm on the stove because the water heater in my apartment is old and I don't really want to have water that has been in there all up in my brain.)

Once the water is warm, pour it into the Netti Pot and then grab your salt. Take about half a teaspoon of salt and put it into your water mixture. Stir it well.

Now you are ready to proceed. Find a sink, some privacy and read on.

Step 3: Insert The Neti Pot

Picture of Insert The Neti Pot
Insert the Netti Pot into one of your nostrils.

It's not brain surgery, but it does feel a little funny at first.

Tilt your head to the side, and down elevating the nostril with the Neti Pot in it and lowering the empty one.

Once you feel like you have a good angle for the water to pour through one nostril and out of the other, slowly begin to pour the salt water from the Neti Pot into your upper nostril.

Water will begin to fill your upper nostril, flow into your sinuses, and then work it's way out your empty nostril in a steady flow.

Step 4: Pour Saline Through Your Sinus Cavity

Picture of Pour Saline Through Your Sinus Cavity
Keep pouring water for about 10 seconds or so until you have got a good flow going and you feel the whole flow of the water going through your sinuses. Remember to breathe through your mouth - you won't choke.

The strange sensation may make you want to cough at first, but just stay with it, it becomes less awkward after the first second or two. Once you have done it once or twice it really is pretty easy and actually feels good!

As you come to the end, stop pouring the water through your sinuses and slowly bring your head upright again after all the water has drained out. Give some quick blows through your nose to clear things out and check out what's in the sink below. The first time I did this some big stuff came out, after that, I really have to much "nasal debris".

Take a second to compose yourself, refill your Neti Pot if you are running low on saline, and then switch nostrils and repeat the process. When you've finished pouring in the second nostril, blow air out through your nose in a few quick short breaths to clear out any water. You can also put your head down towards the ground to drain out any remaining water.

This is a video of me doing it for the first time ever - so I am a little surprised as to how it feels to pour water through my sinuses.

I don't think that it's possible to overdose on Neti Potting, so do it as often as you like. I know lots of people that do this as a preventative activity every day.

Enjoy your clean sinuses!
I havent read all the comments but here is some tips that has helped me.
-more salt can be used if you have an infection, double or triple amount works for me.
-add baking soda/sodium bi carb to your mix if it feels dry after, it will feel similar to natural mucus that lubricates the sinus.
-you can slightly block your other nostril and move your head around to fill the entire cavity, air bubbles will come out of your throat and nostril if held gently so the air can pass.
-for a blocked nose you can use 2:1 bi carb to salt or even higher. Feels amazing going from completely blocked to clear in less then a minute.

dont be afraid to experiment a bit, you cant really break anything and if its uncomfortable you know not to go past that point
Popt2t3 months ago
I tried doing this but it's not working for me. The water instead of comming out from other nostril goes into my throat. The water doesn't come out from the other nostril it keeps going into my throat, so please help me out with this...
chethanc5 months ago

You know? It's called 'Nasyam' in Indian Traditional Medicine
'Ayurveda'. It's a pwerful treatment method. There are different types
of medicated oils for different ailments. Concept wise and result wise
Ayurveda is excellent in many ways. All the ingredients and processes
used are natural. It's funny, when the post Industrial age westerners
first came to India, they said it's a barbaric country, Indians don't
know a thing and needs 'western wisdom' so badly, and hence started
messing around. Now a lot of western researchers come looking for wisdom
from India. Most of these Ayurvedic Practicioners are very down to
earth people too, not like western medicine practicioners, the
arrogant-know-it-all types; who ends up making your body even more worse
pumping all those chemicals into it, which will eventually get banned

This is the traditional instrument used for it. It's called 'Kindi'

iSPEAKdaASIAN5 months ago
Does it help stop snoring ?
diydude7 years ago
Yes, it really works! My wife and I have been doing nasal irrigation for ten years now, on the advice of our allergist. We live in the S.F. north bay (wine country), and at different times of the year, allergy issues can be quite brutal. My wife has had significant issues, her level being 4++ (the worst, life threatening). She has taken every medication, spray and shots for years, without relief. Some days all she could do was to stay inside our air conditioned home (which helps, by the way).

There is only one negative to all this (which is why some of you haven't heard of this): No doctors prescribe this and no one dispenses it. You can't make money on saltwater. I take that back-they do sell saltwater spray! Ya, they also sell pet rocks and canned air! Go figure.

As you can see in the picture, (if it did upload) what we use is an 8 oz. squeeze bottle filled with warm water and the top is like a liquid dish soap top. About 1/4 t. of salt is about right. If you were to measure the salt content of our mucous and blood, that would be close to this ratio. Same ratio in the ocean. A quick swirl will mix it. Did you know your nasal passages are connected? That's why you can squeeze the bottle lightly and it will come out the other nostril. Don't worry about feeling like you are drowning. That can't happen when you put it in one nostril and blow (or drain) it out the other. If you were to draw in the water through both nostrils, then it would go into your lungs.

Alternate nostrils till you've used it all up. You will have a residual amount still in your nose. Just blow it in a hankie and/or lower your head below your heart and let gravity do the rest. Do this twice a day for a few days and then once a day should do. If you have bad allergy issues, stick with the twice a day regimen, as my wife still does.

You may be surprised at all the crap that will come out. Sometimes I get this crystal clear, spongy blob that pops out. Other times I get nothing. Remember, the allergens and bacteria that we are getting rid of are microscopic anyway. Also, you won't be sick as often, because most of the cold and flu (airborne) germs we get can be dislodged before they are absorbed by our body.

Never done it before? Do it! As NoahW and others have said, it actually feels good, almost exhilarating. Want to get really clean on the inside? I'll tell you about colin cleansing, if anyone's interested. Feel and think better, be healthier, and loose weight. You wouldn't believe the crap that has been caked on your intestines since you were a child! I'll write about it if someone is interested, but just let me know.
acook25 diydude9 months ago
I would like to know about the colon cleansing
No.. it sucks aha. I've done it before and the bowl movement will suck.. I had to use the bathroom for 2 hours.. well at least I did I don't know about others who tried it.
I'm new to nasal irrigation, but I did an 'ible on colon cleansing, including how to make the equipment. See http://www.instructables.com/id/Colonic-Irrigation-Board/
It's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to have a proper look around Instructables. diydude, you've hit the nail on the head with your comment about doctors and the fact that they can not make money from salt water. There is another alternative "medicine" they can not make money off, and that is hydrogen peroxcide. I'm not sure if anyone has written here about it yet, and if not I will post something on this wonderfull "medicine".
I know you meant well, but this is horrible advice. Hydrogen Peroxide is good for a toothache to draw the toxins out, but it also draws all of the good (and much needed) natural bacteria in your body. If you ask a doctor that works with wounds, they will tell you to never use hydro perox on a wound. It should not be ingested for the same reason.
They say the hydrogen peroxide messes up the oxygen level in wounds and slows down the healing process. Seen it in some health news site. Doodado
Please, do tell.
I know about using H2O2 for toothpaste, but what medicinal qualities can it provide?
lots of stuff. i use it for disinfecting cuts, but i've heard that it will also bleach hair.
excellent way to lick that congestion-just do it correctly

Kynnie diydude3 years ago
Thanks for the informative info on the Neti Pot! I'm looking forward to FINALLY having a inexpensive and sucessful way to treat my sinuses!

I didn't see any info that you already posted on the colin cleansing. I am interested in that too, if you don't mind posting about it! It's another bodily issue that needs to be taken care of :)
iSPEAKdaASIAN5 months ago
Does this help stop snoring ?
Biotele1 year ago
I just use a sterile saline intravenous infusion bag. Hang it high an get a lot pressure. No fear of any bacteria or parasite growing in the pot.
I don't suppose you folks have read about the two folks that used Neti Pots until one day they happened to all end up mainlining a brain eating bacteria which grew inside the pot directly to their brains. Came from tap water.

They died.

Goose1 year ago
It might sound funny but swimming in the ocean, Or surfing works too. You fall in the water and get sea water in your nose. Everytime you blow your nose to get the water out you clean it. Went kayaking in the ocean and rolled a couple of times. Noticed that the next day I could breath much better. Surfers say the same thing.
Thanks for sharing. Good intro to nasal irrigation, with good humor too!
Scunnerous2 years ago
As davedking says you really should use sterile water: first, most city tap water has chlorine in it which is not good and will at best cause some irritation; second, the cases of Naegleria fowleri infection and subsequent deaths which have been reported are ample warning. The fact is that all tap water has bacteria and protozoa in it and the goal is to clean out lingering bacteria from the sinus cavity. Remember, your nasal cavities are only a thin membrane away from your brain.
MsJan2 years ago
Buy a glass one, if possible. Stay away from plastic. We do not need to be adding more bad chemicals to our bodies. I think cleaning the sinuses should be done daily but I do get lazy about this. It does work wonders if you have any sinus problems.
pudi.dk MsJan2 years ago
I always eat with disposable glass knife and fork at parties so I don't add any more bad chemicals to my body. The bristles on my toothbrush are glass fibers so I don't accumulate bad toxic plastic in my mouth.
pudi.dk pudi.dk2 years ago
To sum up, I have a plastic Neti pot, and I don't think it's a problem.
MsJan pudi.dk2 years ago
I for one can tell you that are plastics are not safe for us. Best to use glass when ever possible. I use to have plastic containers until I became ill from chemicals.
If you even wash plastic in dish soap it picks up the chemicals from the soap and your adding that to your body also.

I now can even smell if something plastic has been washed in any type of scented dish soap. My nose has became so sensitive since I have became allergic to chemicals. The more we avoid the chemicals the safer our healthier we will stay.

Some people cannot see beyond the nose on their face until it is to late....

Please do not bite your glass fork and knife to hard. They also say there is always one in a crowd.
Ex - plode6 years ago
Will a cup and funnel work instead of a neti pot.
You would have a serious balancing act, help would be necessary I think. Doodado
it should. make sure your head is completely upside down. whats the worst that could happen? you drown in your own salted water.
You have to be careful doing it upside down. All of your sinus cavity is connected. You have to be careful with how much you use, how long you let it sit, etc or you may wind up with an infection in your ears, eyes, throat or even lungs.
mjaved33 years ago
Will this help clean out my throat? I think I might be suffering from nasal drip. I seem to always have a collection of mucus in my throat and i have to make that "funny nose" to spit it out...also bad breath???
gaby0013 years ago
I was diagnosed with sinusitis, I haven't tried this yet, but a friend of mine had already recommended it using a seringe without the needle. My case is so bad I get headaches, and stuffed ears, like I'm constantly on an airplane, the back of my eyes hurts, and I only breath from one nostril at a time. I tried a bottled sea water solution, and it worked a little, but I think this might help more, specially with the ear problem. Has anyone had that due to sinus problems? Please help cos I've read on other blogs of ppl that have had it for years and haven't found a solution.
Gaby001, Your problem is my problem.!!!!! :) I have been sufferring from all what you say here all my life. I have every single symptom you mention here. The only difference is that the docs have always refused to accept that I have a problem, since I look normal (:)) , breath normal (to outsiders) and never ever have runny noses. Iam in Europe, not sure whether I could get hold of this stuff but I am a bit hesitant too..it has H2O2....
can you use this? It is a company product but is it the same
Picture 129.jpg
honestly i just clicked on this because that picture is AWESOME! you look so relaxed while pouring water [hot? (i didnt read the 'ible yet) but still] through your nose. i just love that picture.
dreich6 years ago
I just tried this and it didn't seem to work too well because I think I did it wrong and ended up blocking my right nostril... I was just going to post asking for tips, but then I sneezed.(Thankfully I turned away from my keyboard first) Needless to say I think now have cleaner sinuses but a floor that needs cleaning.
Badetise dreich3 years ago
if this were facebook id like that times 10.. my dad has horrible allegies so im thinking ill recommend this to him
isaac! dreich6 years ago
lmao nice
idzaferovic3 years ago
what a relief!!! just tried it after 3 days of being on pain killers wanting to rip my head off. Sinus pain, sore throat and ear ache. The stuff that came out gave out a small scream but so happy and smiley now. Thanks.
bheuer3 years ago
Just want to say I have been dealing with chronic sinus infections for years. Any time the temp goes up or down more than a couple degrees, boom, instant infection again. I actually was recommended to a specialist and got done my first round of apts before I could no longer afford their absurd rates even with insurance at the time. And this is the first thing he told me to do.
rockadio1014 years ago
please answer this questein. i know i spelled it wrong but still.ok here it is (why do you have to use non-iodized salt) just wondering.

ps. please answer dont be sarcastic or aney thing im 11 and i have a stuffed up nose and i want it gone be for vacation is over! so please answer
If you still wanted an answer, it wont make a huge difference. Non-iodized salt is salt with no iodine in it. Iodine is usually used to clean cuts as it is an effective antiseptic.

Iodized salt, in moderation, is healthy to the body and is often subscribed to people with iodine deficiency.

So my guess is that it wont be a huge problem pushing iodized salt round your sinuses :P although its possible it could cause irritation.
Ionized salt can cause irritation of the sinuses which leads to further inflammation making it even harder to breath. They say to use pickling salt I use kosher salt as it is also unionized. Regular table salt or sea salt should be avoided but I doubt that it would be a huge issue.
thanks for tellin me :)
Beware, I tried this with one of my nostrils clogged up so I could barely push air through it. It's not so bad pushing the water through the clogged side to the open side, but the other way around makes you gag.

Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. Thanks!
Just Relax4 years ago
I really want to know if having blocked sinuses can cause purplish circles under the eyes? Because I have them really bad and I dont think it's genetics and I get plenty of the right vitamins so it can't be that. Recently I realised that the breathing through my nose really isn't good and then I heard blocked sinuses can effect circulation or cause blood to build up in the blood vessels under the eyes? I really hope this is right cos I've been trying looking for the reason for my dark circles forever so any help on this would be great :)
leskvon4 years ago
I know its a bit freaky but, its great for washing junk out of your nose like um . . . the flu.
chaydgb4 years ago
I thought I'd give this a go, and despite the swiming-pool-water-up-the-nose feeling, it's now like someone's turned up the volume on my sense of smell! Thanks for posting this.
does it feel the same as getting water in your nose when swimming?
umm kinda i tride this and as long as you ceep your mouth open and breath from your mouth only and dont breath through your nose or yes it will feel like getting water in your nise while swimming. :) lol
Not one bit
any ways i can get around the neti pot?
Sports bottle
Polarize4 years ago
This is awesome, my sinuses have never felt so great :)

However i found that a Neti Pot is not essential. I used a lucozade sport bottle :) all i needed to do was cut a hole in the bottom and remove the one way valve in the part you drink from, and it worked fine :)
djsc4 years ago
the lightweight version for a sore throat is to just gargle with slatwater, helps a lot.
timmy.j4 years ago
This process shouldn't really hurt, personally I haven't used a netti pot, but have used Simply Saline, which is the same process. The thing that makes it hurt is if the temperature is too hot or too cold. You want to get it as close to your body temperature as possible! =)
matt094 years ago
just snuff wasabi that does the trick in a couple of seconds
Screamo4 years ago
Yeah....Thats really creepy.
blacjack15 years ago
from the bottom of my heart i thank you for providing me with a method to get a great nights sleep, what with one of the worst colds i have ever had
ilpug5 years ago
at the moment i am stuck with the spring allergies FROM HELL. i might just try this.
Omni DIY5 years ago
I lol'd at the second pic in the last step! Bah, who am I to talk... I look like that everyday after work. Btw, gonna try this and thanks for the 'ible'.
ash14947 years ago
I haven't tried it, but I will.. BTW does anyone get a Permanent blocked nose, then when one nostril clears up, the other gets blocked. I've had this since I was 7 and I'm 13. I have tried all medicine but like it says in this Instructables, they don't work. I hate it cus I choke sometimes cus of this
yeah that I do . . .EXTREMELY annoying too. Hard to sleep well hard to breathe and therefore hard to concentrate at work. Sometimes it's so bad that both are blocked and I have to breathe through my mouth (leaving my throat dry . . .bleh) I've found that if I try to sleep on my side like I always used to do both nostrils are blocked and I have to roll over on my back and wait for a bit to breathe properly again. Someone who knows about this kind of thing: Will this treatment fix this problem?(obviously not in a single treatment but if this helps then I'll be most relieved) Another question: this "netti pot": is it basically a teapot whose spout fits nicely in one's nostril? I am fairly confident in my throwing (ceramics that is) and if that's all a netti is then I definitely could make one myself. thanks in advance!
Yes, that is basically it. There is a company that makes Clay Pottery Neti Pots. If you make one, post a picture of your creation.
wow i just realized that i never got around to posting my netti pot (which doubles as a watering pot for my houseplants lol) here it is now in case you're still interested . . . .
me 2 D:
EXACTLY finally someone who understands..
my brother and i have the same problem...one time he got so annoyed he punched his nose then it bled lol, surprisingly his nose cleared up for like ten minutes lol
lol nice! a bit too extreme for only ten minutes tho eh?
I do but it started when I turned 15, I've had asthma my whole life on and off but it had been pretty good for while until, i went on a holiday a year and a half ago when I was 14, and I cane back home with pneumonia, which lasted two weeks with me hardly awake for more than an hour max awake a day, and then my asthma came back then a year later in other nowish in almost fully recovered except i now get hayfever just like my parents and have been suffering from what u have on and off, and when Botha nostrils or sometimes even one are blocked I get asthma and can't breathe at all cause I'm really sensitive with my nose and I usually get asthma slot when I can't breathe through my nose cause I hate breathing through my mouth, overall I use to wake up at 1am with a blocked nose then I would get asthma and have to stay for an hour to get rid of it but I've tried this method to clear my nostrils but all it does burn, I just I say my mum had the same problem as me as a child and she says u can buy a spray for it and its not a prescription one, anyway I'm getting it this week gudluk to u
I have the same thing too. P.S. That has got to be the longest sentence i have ever seen!
I had the same thing, regarding one nostril plugged at all times, I eventually grew out of it, I guess would be the best way to describe it, but I'd gladly trade back the cure for the original problem. My nose just grew hideously large and rarely gets congested even extreme environments/ conditions. Be careful what you wish for. Regarding the longest sentence ever written: I've been known to, "Double post" a sentence or two (triple post) or even longer... but don't get me started...
Owenmon ash14946 years ago
same here
its not fun =(

those kids there days with there clear nostrils and there working eyes and all....
ash1494 Owenmon6 years ago
lol one of my eyes sees thing slsightly darker than the other and the other one sees slightly lighter, but when theyre both open theyre fine
hg341 ash14946 years ago
haha i get that too...damn its wierd
I have that too, kinda weird but i just live with it.
I have the same issue. When I was very, very young, a doctor told my mother I have a deviated septum. I'm assuming that the 'variable nostril breathing' issues are caused by this.
I get that darn blocked nose all the time I'm sick of it!
me 2 but its kinda good for me because i live near a bay and it smells like dead fish =)
i've had this issue my whole life but it never rally affected me. Now I'm 13 and I think I've been 2 years without breathing through my right nostril... I can't really remember how it feels lol. Anyway this has bothered me because recently I've been trying a lot of things but can't cuz i choke hope this helps...
noahw (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
I don't think it will make you choke - as someone said in another comment, the sinus passage is sealed off from your throat and so it might feel a bit strange, but you won't choke. Also, try it a couple of times in a row. It might not work the first time, but after some time in a hot shower to loosen things up, and a few attempts at it, it could provide you with some relief. Post your results please once you try it - I'd love to know how it works out for you.
ash1494 noahw7 years ago
i give up with my nose.. its summer, my eyes are blury and swolen, my nostils are blocked, im sneezing and getting itchy cus im allergic to tree pollen and i have hayfever and i have a permanent blocked nose ( adinoies problems) ( adinoies probs not spelt right...)
wont make you choke... been using one for years .. very strange at first but it no big deal. ...
Keith-Kid noahw7 years ago
Actually you can choke, you try to blow and you can't, then you can't inhale. It's very bothersome, especially when trying to go to sleep, cuz your not totally asleepyet, the body doen't breathe on its own, and you saty awake for a while trying to get comfy.
ash1494 noahw7 years ago
thanks it worked a lot,only for an hour,but it worked
!??!?- 2 years--- Go to a doctor ! They can fix this up no problem. Been there done that.
same but mine switches from right to left, or both but they are half blocked lol
ash1494 ash14947 years ago
im 14 and its still here..
I have had this same issue also since i was about 12 or so. Have you had your tonsils removed? Do you sometimes have little white things that look like boogers that smell horrible come out of your mouth? Do you have a 'white' tongue? So you snore? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you may have a build up of bacteria in your mouth that is causing you tons of extra problems. Look up 'tonsil stones' and 'sulfur producing mouth bacteria' and see what you can do. I am trying Dr Katz Oral Rinse... And it seems to be working great.
"Little white things" that are stinky when you smush them are indeed anaerobic bacteria from folds or "crypts" in your throat. White tongue growth may be thrush, a yeast-like infection - get it checked out.
Prove it. My dentist said that it was anarobic bacteria. I would think he would be right.
when i was 7, i had me aninoids shrunk down to size so my nasal passengers werent as blocked. i used to have bad smelling snot and i still get white things that gets tuck in ur throat, and they smell funky.. the doctor kept prescriptiing me with nasal spray, which never helped. i can see ym adinoids anyway.. they move
what's white tongue? wow i never thought that that may bacteria might be the problem ill check that out thanx
J_SCAP ash14947 years ago
yeah man i hate that that sucks it hapens when i get sick so yeah
ash1494 J_SCAP7 years ago
i get it when i sick, when im asleep, when im shy, when im sad, when im angry, when im horny WOOPs didnt mean to put that their
Yeah, me too. I think that's normal when you're sick though...I always get one nostril clogged up, then I get about 3-4 hours of clear nose, then the other one clogs up.
I've used a neti pot to clear one blocked nostril. Just let the warm water sit in your sinus for a few minutes to loosen things up. After switching sides a few times you will usually see a spectacular clearing.
whitish ash14947 years ago
i sort of had that when i was younger for about nine months. i had a mri and they said i had enlarged adenoids something in your sinus cavitie that they dont know what its for. but my congestion sort of just cleared up after a while.
OMG, I have that. I moved to California for a few years as a young adult. It vanished (not California, the blockage). I was not allergic to anything there. I can not explain my joy at being able to breathe through both nostrils at the same time. But, I moved back to Michigan and I am back to asymmetric breathing. I will definitely try the Neti Pot. I have been looking for a first-hand experience to guide me.
yes, i have one too, ive had it for about 2 years its fing annoying i try to clear it out with like 100 tissues but keeps on blocking up
Same Here, It Sucks
ash1494 ash14947 years ago
its my adonoys. i ddint spell that rite. they sometimes block my nasal passage. when one is blocked the other is clear, then they slowly ova a few days change.
codongolev5 years ago
that second picture will always be my favorite on instructables.
stephNY6 years ago
Very informative! I've been doing occasional sinus cleansing with a product called "Simply saline", which is just saline in an areosol can. This is a pretty expensive solution, so your neti pot concept seems a better choice! I'd warn against doing saline cleansing TOO often, as you really can strip the natural mucuses from your tissues and wind up irritating yourself. but a few times a month should be safe.
amar55in6 years ago
Water in the nose will aggrevate your sinus.It is given in every yoga book.Jal Neti (this thing) is not for sinus.
actually, my dad's really into yoga. He says alot of yoga books talk about detoxifying your body with it, etc.
I would like to know if this really works and what are the dangers of doing it? Also, does the way I put the neti pot up my nose affect the way the water should flow making it not go into the upper nostril and not cleaning the sinus?
I think it kind of hurts to use the neti pot, but its well worth it. I'm going to go use mine right now.
luvit6 years ago
i don't own a neti pot. so i'll try my garden hose.
sharlston luvit6 years ago
no thats a bad idea theres too much pressure
luvit sharlston6 years ago
oh. i was at IHOP and their coffee creamer looked similar to a neti pot. i think i steal one of their's.
radiobath6 years ago
Oh man. This is a brilliant idea. I've been sick all week. My throat is itching like crazy, my sinuses are achey, and my ear canals are itchy and sore. Then add that in with the occasional "something is stuck in my throat" feeling, lymphnodes being so swollen that lying on a pillow is painful, and a blocked nostril... And people wonder why I've been so irritable lately. It's like Chinese water torture and someone playing Sesame Street backwards at the same time. I don't have a Neti pot, but I'll finagle something out of a bottle and a straw.
Ian+Siobhan6 years ago
this is the BEST and only way to do it proper
man i tried that and lmao thanks it helps and codongolevs rightmake that your licence or passport
zook746 years ago
Awesome. I have some kind of chronic sinus congestion, likely from smoking, and this sounds like it just. might. work! I'll definitely have to hunt one of these down!
Users need to understand that a certain amount of snot in your nose is needed to KEEP OUT germs. If you have a problem then see a doctor. Also, there is NO CURE for the common cold; not vitamin C, not echinacea.
imapimp6 years ago
im srry but thats kinda freaky
ewfw6 years ago
Great instructable. It is amazing how many people suffer from sinus problems. I did until the age of 40. I tried a lot of things, antibiotics, steam, drugs, home remedies, I injected salt water into my nose with a nasal aspirator. Finally I went to an alternative medicine doctor who told me I had an allergy that was lowering my immune system. With a simple urine test he isolated a protein my body was not handling well. No drugs, I just stay away from that protein, eat right and I haven't had a problem since. That was over 10 years ago.
DarthXavier6 years ago
Dude this rocks! Let me tell you...I live in Costa Rica...I went to the doctor and he wants me to take X rays to "make sure"...here is about 200 usd every time you need x rays..plus antibiotics...another $200 ...plus a follow up visit with him...about 200usd...man you saved me a lot of money..it feels so good to able to breath :p. cheers dude.
XPecto6 years ago
One Cautionary thing is Not to Tilt your Head or else you'll have ear problems. Tilt Down Pot and use water pressure in the pot. unlike. our demonstrator, its not good.
west49rules6 years ago
Nasel spray is not harmfull Ive been using this stuff like crack for the last 15 years and nothing has happened to me
No Joke I have had this cool spray called Fess Nasal Spray, Ive had it for months and it only costs $8!!!!! Its sooooooo worth it!!!! Its small and portable and you can take it anywhere!!!!!! All you have to do is spray it up your nostril 2-3 times then tilt your head to the left for 10 seconds then the right for 10 seconds then pinch your nose together and tilt forward for 10 seconds and you can repeat it as many times as you like. THe longer you the leave it in there the more swelling is reduced and if you just have a nose blocked with mucus from a cold just blow until nothing comes out and repeat process of fess spray this blow again etc. It works it just takes practice the more you use it the better you get at it and you discover easier ways to use it and when to use it what way experiment with it and it should work!!!
cuchulain926 years ago
Question: What about hydrogen peroxide? I doubt it would do much harm, and it will kill many bacteria and fungi.
Pouring hydrogen peroxide down your nose, are you mad? If you want to see how "harmless" hydrogen peroxide is. Put some on a darker piece of skin. It'll be quite white after a few minutes. And what do you think they use to bleach hair? Not to mention that they use it to induce vomiting at times if animals eat something they shouldn't. Using H2O2 is a bad idea...
ste54426 years ago
These guys use baking soda in their saline - would this help (I am not sure what is in the medical grade saline!)?

How to make a saline solution

PCB Police
shantr0n6 years ago
Is it strange that I think that's the most ADORABLE picture ever? Haha =)
I really need to do this..springtime is starting to take a toll on my nose. Thanks so much!
crankyboy6 years ago
Wow!This really works!I used a baby bottle and trimmed the nipple a bit until I got the desired water flow.At first I did choke a little,but with practice I found the right angle for my head and bottle.I realized that the angles are going to be different for each individual.Thank you,great instructable.
breeza6 years ago
I had a permanently stuffy nose for as long as I can remember. About 7 years ago I gave up dairy products. Now, besides being able to breathe freely at all times, I now rarely get colds or sore throat anymore. Be warned though-you can't just give up your milk, cheese, and ice cream. You must study the ingredient list of all store-bought foods, looking for things like casein, whey powder, lactose, milk ingredients. Dairy is often found in some foods where you wouldn't expect it. Even some brands or flavors of potato chips can have dairy ingredients! For me it takes just one hot dog or a few dairy-laced potato chips to stuff me up solid for the next day or so. Go dairy free-your whole body, not just your nose, will thank you.
Barrettkg6 years ago
Also about using it in moderation... For some people, if you use it more than once or twice a day you might get a nose bleed so don't overdo it before an event just to see how it might effect/affect (not sure which one) you
Th3H4rRy6 years ago
I can only assume you have to hold your breath whilst doing this?
No, you breath through your mouth. If you do it right (lean over), the water will not enter your wind pipe.
oakback6 years ago
The same folks who make the neti pot found CVS Pharmacy also make a bottle that does the same thing, without the funky neck-twisting. It's a plastic, squeezable bottle with a top that has a large hole and a tube that reaches near the bottom. Fill with the liquid, place in nostril, and squeeze. I also like this one because you can control the flow with your hand.
I use that one too. Neil Med is one brand and also they have a video on their site. It seems gross even while you are doing it, then the relief hits! Just make sure not to rinse too often or you could cause infections.
Good point about not overdoing it. Moderation in all things, you know.

In case you were wondering, the problem with your mucus membranes being squeaky clean is that they need the acids, salts, and lysozyme as a first line of defense against bacterial infection. You don't want to catch the flu by just being in the room when someone sneezes.

Also, osmotic shock (from excessively salty or excessively pure water) might pose a problem, but of course it hurts, so you would probably stop before doing any serious damage that way.
rt826 years ago
OMG this works! I had a stuffy nose for as long as I remember. Lately I started waking up with flem in my throat, and soon after I started to get headaches. Soon after these turned into horrible migranes which I had each day. Never in my life would I wake up to a headache until now. Always feeling tired, depressed, I couldn't even imagine what could be wrong with me. I started searching online, reading causes for my symptoms when I stumbled on this. It sounded absurd, putting water through my nose haha. However I was so desperate I would do anything! When you live with a constant headache, you think a quick fix is only a bullet to your brain lol. I found a little pot, and tried it. Even though the pot wasnt the best and applied little pressure it gave remarkable results! No more headaches, and I could breath! Morning flem is gone and I regained the energy I used to have. Now I ordered a nati pot because this has saved my life and no pun intended, it really did! I know many are afraid to try, but trust me its no big deal and you will not choke even if you breath. You'll be amazed like me promise
lilykoart rt826 years ago
in my 20s i had headaches so bad the room was spinning. 3 doctors told me i was fine. the year i went vegetarian, only 3 headaches in the whole year--what a change from getting 3 excruciating headaches every week. i strongly believe it is the antibiotics/steroids that they feed the animals. because if i eat organic meat, i don't get the headaches, but all fast food (even those claiming "natural") will give me a headache. just try it for a week--either go vegetarian or eat organic meat/dairy and see if your headaches go away.
I use to get headaches a lot when I was a kid, Really bad ones, often. Turns out it was because I was eating a lot of food I was allergic too. (Witch sucked because it was my favorite) I stopped eating that food and my headaches went away. This is probably the same reason for you. Hence why going vegetarian made them go away. From my experiences doctors are useless unless it's something obvious.
CrawdadMan6 years ago
This is a great idea. I wanted to try it before i went out and bought anything soo i made this makeshift pot. I made it from a bic pen a small funnel and a measuring cup and of course lots of tape.A pen with the insides removed fits great into your nostril.Did anyone else have to blow there nose alot after doing this? or is that just me? Heres a photo of my makeshift Neti Pot.
ajay_don_016 years ago
nice but does it hurt
Nope. It will burn towards the bottom of the pot if you didn't stir it at all, though.
Just tried it for the first time. It does feel really weird at first, but within minutes breathing is clearer after several nose blows. Just make sure you MIX the salt in. I thought the pouring of the warm water would mix it sufficiently. No, mix it. I've always had mild sinus irritations, so I hope dong this regularly will help me out. Dry climates kill me, but I'm not usually a major victim of allergies.
NetReaper6 years ago
Has anyone told you that you look like the chief from battlestar galactica?
This is truly disgusting, but brilliant. How in the hell did you discover this? I may try it, simply because I play gigs and if I have a cold, obviously it affects my singing as I can't hear things properly! Although I've never heard of a Neti pot, but I think I could probably just use a little gravy boat or something.
Kaos71256 years ago
How often should one do this? I usually have sinus pain atleast once if not more every 2 weeks
MrSyKo6 years ago
OMG THIS TRULY DOSE WORK!! i was in so much pain a few mins ago but now i can smell and hear cuz it cloged my ear but just have a head ach which will go away soon i tried it with just water and i fell soooo much better next time ima try it with salt. thank u for posting this!!
Shiguaaxxa6 years ago
I tried this when I was ill some months ago, it really works wonders. I couldn't find a Neti Pot, though, or even anything that would fit in my nostril, so I resorted to using a squeezable sports bottle to squirt the water right up my nose. It worked remarkably well.
kd1uc6 years ago
I wanted to try this when I first read about it this past summer. I finally found a Neti pot @ CVS with 50 packets of saline and sodium bicarbonate for $12. I was waiting for pain but it went off without a hitch. It has helped with airflow and made my head feel lighter. The pot I got is plastic with a screw on lid and it works great. The only recommendation I could make is to use distilled water to help keep the microbes down to a minimum. The Neti Pot instructions suggested this and I think it is a great idea. Thanks for a great instructable.
Wow ... a Neti Pot, huh? I normally just force water up my nose, swish it around, then gently blow it back out; repeat. As for HaoleBoy ... sounds like you've got really bad swelling. Definitely go to a specialist ASAP. Swelling is not good since the pressure is what's causing neck/eye/sinus pain, and it could affect your brain too if it gets out of control.
Bobbing6 years ago
Using a squirt bottle works more effectively for this. The higher pressure from the squirt bottle cleans the sinuses better. If you want to make your own saline use a 1/4 tsp of non iodized salt with a 1/8 tsp of baking soda. If you get an ammonia smell after wards use less baking soda next time. HaoleBoy you should go to a ear, nose, and throat specialist for a referral to get a CT scan.
high pressure might blow ur brains out
HaoleBoy6 years ago
I have a serious sinus infection that I am not able to do anything about & have used every pill possible for sinuses, and even have the neti pot which only works for clearing my breathing but the problem is my sinuses are clogged up & it doesn't work with the salts it comes with or even sea salt that I have tried. At this point I would do just about anything because ever since night before New Year 2009 I have had this damn headache that will not go away & it hurts all the way down in my neck & up into my lower eyes. I seam to get this off & on but this case has been pretty bad. Anyone have any other ideas other then blowing my head off?
teacherlau6 years ago
you looks in pain...
teacherlau6 years ago
how deep you insert it into yours?
Dumb question, but I have to ask..does the water come out at the back of your throat and empty out into your mouth and then do you spit it out?
You saved me! It feels so good!
ninu19106 years ago
Wouldn't be easy to put 2-3 nasal drops such as xylometazoline ??
kodama6 years ago
Muuaaghhhh! :D
kodama6 years ago
I'm completely horrified, disgusted and appalled.. Where can I get a Neti Pot thingy?
davedking7 years ago
It is best to use that has been sanitized through boiling and allowed to cool to a lukewarm temperature, or alternately use bottled or filtered water.
I just use tap water, however our tap water is quite reliable otherwise would use the reverse osmosis water.

I have done lots of neti using different saline products and getting the right mixture for you is very important. Definately not iodized salt or salt with any anti-caking agents. Some say that if it burns your nose you don't have enough salt, and that was a surprise to me as thought it would be too much salt that would burn, so if you have that problem try adding a bit more salt to your mixture. I found that the mixtures that include baking soda really are the best. The baking soda buffers the solution making it mild yet very effective. I like the sinucleanse premixed saline packets I just put two of these in either the Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Pot or when traveling the Rhino Horn Two packets in the pot, then add luke warm tap water, cover top with hand and shake after filling half way, then finish filling and do neti. If you use the smaller Sinucleanse Neti Pot or the Himalayan Institute Original Neti Pot these are smaller in volume and require only 1 packet per fill up.
LAtimer6 years ago
Since I last posted, have had awesome results that never expected using Ancient Secrets Neti Pot and Sinucleanse Saline and Baking Soda packets. Have found that most of the other neti salts don't have the baking soda and this seemed to make a big difference in how well the rinsing works for me. Also, after many years of feeling like no matter how much neti washing I did there was always something left,heard that some folks have had good results when using the Neti Pot along with decongestants. I tried this using the Sudafed PEand it worked great. I have had trouble with my ears for quite awhile and thought there was something behind the eardrum that just wouldn't come loose. More stuff drained out of there than I thought possible. The big surprise came when I started taking Super Strength Wild Mountain Oregano Oil Capsules1 or 2 at night aong with a good dose of the sudafed. My head is now clearer than it has been in years. Stopped taking the sudafed, but still on the natural Super Strength Wild Mountain Oregano Oil Capsules Hope anyone else out there with similar challenges might give variations on the above a try.
codongolev6 years ago
make that your driver's licence photo.
The feeling takes me back to when I used to go to the swimming pool in the summer and accidentally breathe pool water up my nose..lol.
Scucci7 years ago
That would be a no-go for me. I got the little pot and everything, used as directed... nothing came out of the other nostril, just came out of my eye (I guess through the tear ducts?). I'll keep try'ng, but so far, tried @ 10 times, just kept coming out of my eye. Thanks for the guide though. :)
you might get a little bit of money if you videotape that and post on youtube or megavideo.com
Yoooder Scucci7 years ago
It's important that you can easily breathe through both nostrils before doing this. If one nostril is blocked then the water won't be able to get through. Also, if you're getting water down your throat try leaning forware so you face is close to horizontal. It will help keep the water in your nose. As for watery eyes, my eyes always water when doing this.
ash1494 Yoooder7 years ago
well that sucks thats what im tryin to get rid of, o well.. maybe when im ana dult it will piss off !
Scucci Yoooder7 years ago
II have an operation on my nose a few years ago from when I push left side of my nose in and shattered the left side of my skull. So, I'm thinking that's part of the problem. As for my eyes, I don't think they're just watering. I can hold my nose and blow air through my tear ducts, so I'm willing to bet what's coming out is actually the water that I put in. Even without getting the water to run through completely, I still get a little benefit from doing this... while it doesn't just flush through, I get a snooter full of water, and just let it drain out the same nostril. I just do it 3 times per nostril and call it a day. The water's not going to drain through, pretty much gave up on that. I've been breathing through 1 nostril for years now... so it was a long shot of it ever working 100% for me anyways. Was still worth a shot. But still a good instructable, and I'd encourage just about everyone to give this a shot at least once. You'd be amazed how much clearer you'll feel.
thats cool it will definintly come in handy this winter and is similar to my first istructable
Lego man7 years ago
Dont talk with a neti pot in your nose. See why here: Lawer and neti pot.
Yoooder7 years ago
There's one (optional) step you've forgotton: getting the last little bit of water out of your head. After you've run the water through your sinuses and blown your nose there will still be a small amount of water remaining in little nooks and cavities in your sinuses. The easiest way to get this water out is to stand up, then bend forward until your head is nearly upside down, you will likely feel some water pool at the top of your sinuses again, and when you stand back up this water will come out. I typically do this ~3 times and rotate my head while upside down to help get all the water, it will usually result in ~15 drops for me.
z3r07 years ago
The one thing I can think of while seeing this.. Pot goes in, snot comes out... Gotta love simpsons quotes :D
Balaszi7 years ago
I just got one of these today to try and help alleviate a sinus infection. I must say that it really clears your nasal passages quite well. Afterwards I felt clean and clear, like after you have been swimming in the ocean...Great stuff!
Knitwitz7 years ago
Wow thanks very much for this great info, I may be able to clear this gunk from my sinuses, keep up the great work Tar muchly..
Jedidiah7 years ago
can you use iodized salt?
Rudrarup7 years ago
Jal Neti (water neti) is the best thing in the world. Even better than herbal cigeret! It is a age old level 2 yoga regime for sinus ailments. I am doing it from age of 5 every winter! I wan't expecting this here! Thanks!
paappraiser7 years ago
Just want to let you all know this does work for many people. It helps if you have allergies and are sick. Ive used these for years... Just do not use too warm of water or too much salt. It will damage your nasal cavity (wont be able to smell). I was really clogged up sick one day and used some very very warm water and it damaged some smell receptors, still cant smell some stuff to this day. (2 years) Yes I go to a doctor all the time for allergy shots and they said It may come back but probably wont.
REAL67 years ago
Hey guys. Im 32 and i got a broken nose in a fight when i was 18. SInce then my nose has giving me nothing but problems!!! The last 2 years have been the worse ever. Its getting worse. its hard to breathe sometimes and sleep also. nothing has ever worked for me, no sprays, no salt water, nothing!!!! Well if you have a deviated Septum like me, the only best thing is to get an operation. This structable does not work for me. DOnt get me wrong, it might work for alot of people but just not me. this sucks!!!
LAtimer7 years ago
I have switched over to the new plastic neti pot from Ancient Secrets from the Rhino Horn neti because it holds a bit more solution giving more water pressure to flow. Had seen this design by Ancient secrets before but it was a heavy ceramic model and not good for me because I do a lot of travelling and too heavy and fragile for that. I like the way the design keeps the solution from spilling out of the top while doing neti.
Laraj7 years ago
I used the NeilMed solution after reading up about netti pots online. I had a severe cold and congestion while pregnant and couldn't take over the counter medications. The NeilMed solution helped me ENORMOUSLY and I think using a netti pot would be equally effective. I now use this method when I first think I might be getting a cold or when I have been around others that have a cold. It is a great preventative measure. In fact, I may NEVER take over the counter cold medication again. This was a much better decongestant than anything I have ever taken.
LAtimer7 years ago
I have been doing neti for years and it is great especially to clear out congestion from colds or allergies. Started out using the smaller neti pot that looks like a genie lamp original neti pot but have switched over to the larger rhino horn from Norway because it holds more salt solution and has more flush power through the sinuses. Rhino Horn Plastic Neti I agree that you need to make sure to clear the moisture out after doing neti as good as you can. Also, if you ever get really plugged up and the water just won't flow using the neti pots, I have used the syringe type irrigator from Sweden Nasal Syringe and that will force out anything that the neti won't budge.
bassgs30007 years ago
i did this and i had a problem with my anti-histamine that it would only allow me to smell vinegar. i hate vinegar. And i tried this in m own makeshift way. now i can smell everything. Thanks for proper instructions
teamcoltra7 years ago
I took a water bottle, put a hole in the cap (by heating it up with a lighter and taking a knife to the top but near one of the sides) then cutting a box on the oppisite side of the water bottle so i can pour the water into it... it works pretty well for now.
I decided later i would put a straw through the hole to help a bit and put some putty around it.

it kinda looks like this if i didn't explain it well enough
/---------------------------------- ----
_ |= |
Well ASCII doesn't work too well... but i hope you get the picture. if someone really wants to know how i did it, i will draw a picture :) I don't think its that hard to figure out though.
Rectifier7 years ago
Ok, so I just tried this nose washing thing. My girlfriend had a nose infection and the doctor told her to wash it out. To make her feel better about it, I tried it first, even though I thought my nose was OK. So much junk came out of my nose! Couldn't believe it. And my head feels so clear now. Crazy. I would recommend it to anyone with any sort of allergies.
dadakj7 years ago
This visual guide is great - I like how it shows the insertion of the neti pot, angulation, etc. I've found that I like using Xclear, a nasal spray a bit better. I don't have to lug around a huge neti pot, or have my classmate laugh at me in the bathroom first of all, but it also has xylitol - an antimicrobial which helps in the reduction of my sinus infections.
This Instructable is nice. So is your house.
Xtraboy7 years ago
Yeah! It works! Great! Thank you man!
nomax7 years ago
Hi there,
I "do" it almost every morning, here in germany we call is "nose shower":
Nasendusche "nose shower"

Do it. You really feel better.

artypants7 years ago
I looooove my neti pot, and in fact, i think i'm gonna go flush my sinuses right now.
texabyte7 years ago
they sell these at my yoga studio for about $14.99 usd
bumpus7 years ago
noahw, your a fruit i mean that in a good way haha
samchic7 years ago
i did actually read somewhere else in a health magazine about this...
Goofball7 years ago
If you do this upside-down with your mouth taped shut, it's called waterboarding.
Haha, president bush.
This is one of the most blatant advertisements i have seen! you get a F-
How does this come close to an advertisement? He doesn't even name a brand name of neti pot that he uses, nor does he claim this will work for everyone!
no he means that it sound like: @THE NEW NETTI POT!!!! BUY BUY BUY. most people have never heard that word so they think its an ad
I thought netti was the brand name until i read up on it... (btw, do the comments keep moving over until they are really small?)
yes....try not to do that cuz it makes everything look horrible
OK you guys win......thanks for the upload noahw.....i'm a total douche.......didn't even read the whole thing before crapping out of my mouth.
"This is not an ad..." sensoryhouse, you get a U.
draesynrei7 years ago
I tried this a few minutes ago because I think I'm getting my biannual sinus infection. It worked in one nostril and not the other. I'm guessing it's pretty full. I'll try this later with the real neti pot instead of my makeshift watering can. The side that it worked on feels better. =)
crediki7 years ago
Dude, Kudos and all that. I did one better. I used a turkey baster to give me that power tool advantage, aahh, aahh aahh! I did the same thing with a power tool. It would clear my sinuses for about 5 min. then the pollen would reinvade my sinus cavity. this was not a good solution for me!!!!! The next allergy season I will use anti-histamines not a homopathic remidie.
santaclaws7 years ago
go to www.neilmed.com A kit with a plastic bottle with a hole at the top...fill the bottle with warm water and the solution provided(probably just a little salt)...shake it up in the bottle...press on bottom of bottle and water shoots into your nostrils...works great...is cheap.
"a plastic bottle with the hole in the top" Where do you get those? ;-)
d4rksinz7 years ago
Nice picture showing the process .Netipot is one of the treatment method for sinus, and sinus allergy. There are a lot more remedies available and its not restricted to cleaning of sinus, if you interested to find out about more treatment and medicine for your sinus allergy, please feel free to take a look.
my mom gave me this stuff called clenzology, which is similar in concept... but instead of using a netti pot, you put the stuff in a bowl and submerge your face. it requires somem nasal dexterity... you have to be able to suck the water into the nostril... without drowning yourself. mom didn't tell me if there was a buncha gunk coming out... and i haven't used it yet... i need a big bowl...
completing7 years ago
This is actually doctor-recommended method to clean your nose. EXCEPT a few things. USE a rubber pump instead of tea pot. (you can get them at a local drug store. it's red.) USE saline water GET THEM at the drug store. bottled saline water is really cheap if you make it too strong, it will irritate your skin tap water might contain bacterias if you used unclean salt, it might infect you. (unlike the common knowledge, bacterias do grow in the saline water.) Lean your head forward and look down when you do it. That's about all. My doctor instructed me to do this when i had really bad sinuses constantly. (Now i don't anymore because i had a surgery.) Good luck to all. :)
no, neti pots are recommended by doctors too.
I forgot to mention one thing. Dispose unused saline water, one week after opening it.
Crislee7 years ago
my hippie-ish neighboor is a doctor. she told me about this little contraption when I had a sinus infection for weeks and antibiotics weren't helping. it worked!!! I felt so much better immediately. My roommate wanted to try but she failed pretty badly at this. it is important to keep your mouth open and breathe through your mouth. somehow she let the thing pour down her nostril to the back of her throat and drank the water. gross. don't do that!
Just a thought to maybe help your roommate give this another go. I found that if I take a big breathe of air in my mouth and hold it with my tongue up to the roof of my mouth, I am less likely to swallow anything. Plus, if she leans over the sink at least 45 degrees it might really help. Good luck!
I have the world's worst sinuses.. the last three months I have been wanting to drill a hole in them from the sinus congestion, headaches, etc. Earlier this week I went for a sinus infection (fever of over 100F) thanks to a bad head cold that I had back in January and the dry Canadian winter air. Desperation led me to this instructable and the willingness to pour saline into my nose. Within seconds of doing it, I felt the best I have felt in months. This is part of my new daily routine.. especially for the dry air we have here now in winter. Thanks!
zsout7 years ago
this really works, i dont use a "neti" pot or whatever that is... i use a small bottle with a opening in the top (kind of like a funnel), this is good but depending on how bad your nasal stuff is, youll probably need to do it a couple times. Good Job! -Zack
larsjet7 years ago
Couldn't you just get a nasal spray from the drug store? Really handy, or dont they have them in the U.S.?
They Have Salene nasal spray here not as affective as this though
yea but there addicting like jimis said and they have a steiod in them that shinks the mans... well you know...
jimis larsjet7 years ago
I used to use nasal sprays constantly and when I finally went to the doctor she told me off for not reading the label! You should only use nasal sprays for a short period of time, after that the chemicals make the inside of your nose swell, making the problem worse. The only cure is to use more.... That's right, nose spray addiction! Got to go cold turkey after that, which means completely stuffed for a few days.....
instrucables t-shirt, nice
OMG! thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you man i have 9 large Oak trees in my backyard and theyre blooming and producing pollen and i had a sinus infection and my nose was so swollen and that i looked like a clown and now thanks to you i CAN BREATH AGAIN i cant thank you enough for this "ible"
Fatvod7 years ago
I love my Neti Pot!!! I use it whenever I get a sinus infection or even a stuffy nose. And yes it is hard at first and it will propably drip down into your throat but after you master it then it becomes comfortable and relaxing.
meldel17 years ago
I am a huge sufferer of Allergies and Sinusitis and having had TWO deviated septum surgeries….I highly recommend Nasal Flushing…and Neti Pot. It feels strange at first but once finished you feel a ton better. I guess I do have something in common with Oprah…for once! Ck it out on dailycents.com at http://blogs.dailycents.com/?p=825
swingline7 years ago
I tried it and its brilliant, I used a Gatorade bottle and a funnel. I felt so good after. Thanks. P.S. Don't skip the salt, its painful if you do.
Jobar0077 years ago
Have you ever tried Sea Salt instead of non-iodized? Your body is composed of the same stuff that makes up Sea Salt. I would assume that it would be better to use as the saline solution as opposed to NaCl, but you all know what assuming can do. Just an idea.
saw your instructable,and i liked it. my mom saw netipots on oprah, and she bought one for 13 dollars from the drugstore. its the same as yours. my mom was to scared to try it, and i did it first i liked having my sinuses all clean and empty its a interesting feeling.
09 monk7 years ago
i do this every time i get a cold
norteaa7 years ago
it feels weird at first but afterwards I feel amazing. i can breathe so much better its unbelievable
Wade Tarzia7 years ago
I once cleaned my sinuses by accident. I was eating a very hearty whole-grain bread. I was chewing it well, enjoying the earthy whole-grain flavor. Suddenly....I had to sneeze! I had to sneeze NOW! NO TIME! I sneezed. Kapow! "What the fuck was that?!" A huge mass had shot through my nostrils into my hand. I was disoriented -- I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in Total Recall when he pulled that tracking device out of his sinus, though my expewrience was over in an instant. I had previously suffered from sinus headaches during allergy season, but no more! A large coherent mass of whole-grain bread had pushed, swept, scraped, hosed out by sinuses in a lightening-like event. I breathred easier for days, and was preloaded with a pleasant German Dark Wheat aroma at the same time. Just thought someone would want to know; the encyclopedia of knowledge must be very big and diverse indeed!
Glad you had good results with the whole-grain bread. From experience, I can tell you chocolate cake does not give the same results. Ouch!
Kaiven chabias7 years ago
neither does sour starburst :P or spicy rice
chabias Kaiven7 years ago
omg. ANY rice has got to hurt! Kidney beans on the other hand, no problem. You just have to blow VERY hard to get it out.
Ezza chabias7 years ago
I've blown carrot out of my nose on a few separate occasions. Quite painful really.
maker12 Ezza7 years ago
looooooooooooooooooooool 20000 FP TO YOU!
chabias maker127 years ago
hey maker12... how about you stop filling my mailbox with your useless comments. Thanks!
maker12 chabias7 years ago
KlM0 Ezza7 years ago
STILL LAUGHING PEOPLE! I have had this happen too. I think the nastiest was a mouthful throatf ull of root beer soda!
oooh yeah.... pork fried rice and orange slice are not good when mixed with stomach acid for comming out your nose.... you wish you died lol

it,s called projectteal vomiting!

it will taste like the stomach contents of a dead person! LOL

Wade - for some reason your story made me think of the bubble-gum chewing episode of Purple and Brown. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF0jZepcQSI :D

Once in about 5th grade I shot french fries out of my nose from laughing too hard with the other girls. The other girls all screamed. I just kept laughing.
Thank you Wade, for both the tip and the imagery! I might try some Italian herb bread.
No problem. I'm amazed that my anecdote was not just quietly ignored. Instead, it earns several corroborative tales. Who could not love Instructables? I must have other gross, embarrassing stories to tell for communal benefit. Hmmn, someday, when it somehow fits into an instructable, I will tell the one about the time I was waking up next to a beautiful girl in the morning, and she was waking up too, and then a spider crawled in my mouth. She didn't see it, but I knew she always loses it when she sees a bug. What would YOU do? How would I title that instructable?
"How to Maintain Your Cool When a Spider Crawls Into Your Mouth", perhaps?

Maybe it would be best as an addition to Handy Tricks?
Handy Tricks, maybe. First draft: (1) Don't Panic! (2) Smile without opening mouth; this will indicate, "I'll be right back, honey, don't move!" (3) Go to bathroom and shut door. (4) Remove spider. Put it in the cobwebs in the corner if you are feeling at one with the world. But I like to write instructables involving building something; perhaps another nightstand and how to arrange it; build it as an integral spider trap!
something similar happened to me. except replace sneezing with laughing, bread with dutch apple pie, and clearing sinuses with blowing blood, snot, and pie crumbs into tissues for an hour.
That was frickin' hysterical! I bet it was a wee bit scarry at first though. To dang funny mate! Have a great day folks!!! 'Kimo
LOL, I like your sense of humour Wade. Great reply.
Hundred proof whiskey doesn't work too well either. It's been 54 years 10 months 24 days and 19 hours more or less since I sneezed while drinking straight from the bottle. Not something one is likely to forget. Gordon
Hehe I did a similar thing once. I was late for work, and running, and eating a poppy seed muffin at the same time. (not suggested) Any ho a big hunk of muffin made it through :) Didn't have sinus troubles before or after, but was an interesting experience.
Kiteman7 years ago
maker12 Kiteman7 years ago
250 FP TO YOU!
maker12 Kiteman7 years ago
I think the pictures were the most persuasive part for me
beebs11257 years ago
I used the NetiPot last night for the first time to alleviate mild sinus pressure from allergies... I am prone to sinus infections during allergy season.. It took a little bit for the water to flow out of the other nostril.. when I did it on the left side, I experienced the water coming out the back of my throat too.. this morning my sinuses ache 10 times more than last night.. Whhhhhy?
you put tooo much salt
J_SCAP7 years ago
i did this a while ago after i snorted salt (a heaping spoon of it (got it on camera))
maker12 J_SCAP7 years ago
maker127 years ago
cfuse7 years ago
As a quick note on 'overdosing' - you can actually do yourself some harm if you manage to completely clear out all the mucus on your mucus membranes (this isn't as easy as it sounds - it takes real effort). The give away that you've gone too far is when you get a nose bleed that won't stop - if this happens to you, go to a hospital.
PatsLong7 years ago
this is for people who snort drugs!
Oh well excuse me for not knowing drug are bad Mr. Know it all!!!!
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Just tried it. It didn't bother me at all! (yes I pick my nose!) It didn't do THAT much. BUT IT REALLY HELPED ME BREATH BETTER!. Excellent instructable!
everyone has lol
Keith-Kid7 years ago
I just thought... This is much easier for nose pickers...I'm a nose picker so maybe this'll be easier for me lol!
andy607 years ago
excellent tutorial, i am allergic to cats/dogs and guess what...i got a cat! lol who's the ass here then lol, but i've gotten used to a constant blocked nose and those simular symptons and this may just finally put an unusual end to it :D P.S funny pics :)
Shifrin7 years ago
Man i used to do this it feels so relaxing. (if you dont use the salt)
whitish7 years ago
cant you just use a tea pot?
Oh, crazy Japanese people and their alternative uses for tea pots :)
GrinnDaddy7 years ago
This instructable has been rated as one of Grinn Blog's 10 REALLY Wierd Instructables. Congrats noahw!
noahw (author)  GrinnDaddy7 years ago
Awesome! Thanks GrinnDaddy!
brodie7 years ago
I would like to try this, but I have a deviated septum-- does anyone know if the cleansing still works with a deviated septum? thnkx
noahw (author)  brodie7 years ago
It's funny you ask this - just over the weekend my house mate, who also has a deviated septum tried to Netti Pot for the first time. He had a bad cold that just wouldn't go away so he gave the Netti Pot a try. Unfortunately the water did NOT come through his other nostril. It just sort of filled up one nostril, and then dribbled back out instead of flowing through to the other. It would be great to have some other people with deviated septums give it a shot so we can know if his experience was a fluke, or if people who have deviated septums are simply unable to Netti Pot.
brodie noahw7 years ago
Yeah, that's basically what happened to me (I decided to try it anyway). One nostril had a slow drain, and the other had a very small trickle. I wonder if I was just using the wrong angle or something. Does anyone else know any other forums might discuss this?
rotinaj7 years ago
They're sold at my yoga class. I'm gonna buy one as soon as possible.
Bongmaster7 years ago
Well i got me a cheapish netipot (its plastic from the chemist) and gave it a go.. i have had sinus problems for a while now and keep getting sinus headaches.. i found this instructable by accident and researched it online and decided this may be the best solution. felt odd to start with. but seemed to do something.. will have to try it again later with slightly warmer water.. my sinuses are hurting a bit after the 1st go.. but thats prolly due to initial sinus suprise from the 1st time. i'll do it again before bed and see how it goes.. hopefully it will help alot :) thnx for this instructable :9
Wow! I just tried this and it worked surprisingly well. Seeing as I've now tried everything short of surgery to fix my weekly sinus infections, (including, listed in increasing success: antibiotics, claritin, sudafed, steroid nasal sprays, humidifiers, saunas / hot baths, more rhythmic sleep cycle, massage, and yoga), it's great to have something new to combat the problem with.

Some extra tips I'd give:

1. When I first tried this (15 min ago :), I had zero flow through either nostril and quite a bit of pain. (Not at all like Noah's video.) What I did:

a) I tried to just let my nose and sinuses fill up with water
and break all the nastiness down, alternating nostrils once
it started to hurt. Getting the first little dribble breaking
through was really exciting. :)

b) Also, adding a bit of baking soda, as suggested on
another site, helped to soften the salt a bit and make it
hurt less. (Will have to try the suggestion of warmer water
mentioned above next time.)

c) Once stuff did get going, I made sure to let the whole
thing just stream through continuously. That was also
less painful.

2. Since I found this article when my sinuses were already pretty bad, I didn't want to wait to buy a traditional neti pot in the morning. I rummaged around until I found my mom's old tetsubin (a japanese cast iron tea pot, see below). That worked great, though it was a bit of a challenge to seal my nose around the spout properly. I bet a water can would work well too. (And look funny / awesome! :)

3. Doing this in the shower was slightly easier than over the sink. (I showered after doing this over the sink, found my left nostril not fully cleared and decided to try again to fix it while in the shower.) This way you don't care if you drip water over yourself, miss the sink, or need to cough up gross mucus.

4. I also read on a few other sites that you should not do this more than once or twice a day. You're also supposed to empty your nose of any additional water at the end, by bending at the waist, allowing the water to drip out and blowing air quickly and repeatedly out your nose. (But don't hold one nostril closed or squeeze the nose because apparently this may force water into places that won't dry as easy.) See this additional source - Jala Neti wikipedia article

Thanks Noah! :) I can now breathe easier and feel a little more kick-ass.

I imagine there are a bunch of people trying this for the first time. I'd really like to hear what your experience was the first time around. What would you recommend to others nervous about trying this?

wow. my friend has this exact teapot, design and all!
SessiZ pizazz7 years ago
Just a madness!
Sac Bakimi
yup. the Tetsubin is a very popular design, dating back to 17th century Japan.
rmullins7 years ago
This is really cool. I tried it today and did a fair amount of research on the web. It appears that this nasal cleansing is a great preventative for a number of illnesses, particularly where viruses are concerned. I have read all of the comments and it seems that many are digressing to 'proprietary' products. Here are my thoughts. You don't need to resort to proprietary products, however I do recommend that you DO NOT use regular table salt. This is not a 'natural' salt and it is usually laden with chemical additives such as iodine. This salt has been blamed to cause a number of health issues. Iodine was added to salt years ago because people wern't getting enough. You will most likely want to go to a health food store or similar and pick up sea salt. This is a natural salt and is much better for you. It is also the salt that surfers are probably using. I prefer celtic gray sea salt as these are actual mineral salts from the sea. In addition, if you are an herb gardener you can grab some black stemmed peppermint and clean it well, then crush it slightly put it in the glass with the salt and add hot water. Let it steep a bit and then pour it into your device. Make sure to let it cool a bit or you will burn the heck out of your nose. The celtic mineral salt does an amazing job and the peppermint adds a cooling sensation and feels absolutely wonderful.
manskybook7 years ago
Not sure anyone will read this at this point with so many comments already, but: I have done a variation on this for years. You can simply snort the saline from your palm, if you wish, as I did for a couple of years. My daughter got me a Neti pot, and it was a significant improvement. This is a DYI site, so, although packets and solutions bought at the store are easy, I think you'll find a quarter tsp of kosher salt and a quarter tsp of baking soda in a cup of tepid water cheap, easy, cheap, and fast. The baking soda buffers the salt and eliminates any stinging feeling. Basic cleanliness is assumed, but warm water from the tap is perfectly acceptable (your acceptance may relate to whether or not you have a problem with flouride in your toothpaste - does it - or the system impurities from warm tap water - migrate into your body, or simply pass over your tissues without much effect). I always use a half-cup at a time, and use the full cup fresh mix when I feel that the half-cup wasn't enough. Varying your angle of insertion and your head position, you can experiment to find your sweet spot. No one seems to have mentioned this: BLOW YOUR NOSE, (into paper, or cloth) but please blow it after you're done. There may be some superstition around this, but one source suggests gentle blowing; the Neti pot instructions suggest vigorous blowing. I, occasionally, tip my head forward 90 degree to the floor, then back at a similar angle. I'll wait until it feels right, or do it right away, but always blow away the mucus. I often feel the need to blow during the next hour, and have done it, without negative effect. Whatever the perceived negatives, if you can perform some form of nasal lavage, it will most certainly improve your quality of life.
pog7 years ago
when i tried this before with a true neti pot, i had angled my head in such a way that it went quite deep into my sinuses- much more so than the in-one-side-out-the-next of the squeeze bottle method. does anyone know if there is anything harmful about that? it seemed like it cleaned out much better with the more invasive flush.
inquisitive7 years ago
Found a great nasal syringe in the baby department with an angled nozzle-I use either the sea salt or regular with warm water and a dash of baking soda (definitely a nice buffer). If it does not run out the other side, when you exhale from that side it still loosens up the stuff. Oh, I found that if hold a big mouthful of air then exhale through my nose after the liquid runs a little, I don't get the seepage down my throat-hope that helps some of you. Easier than Wade's German Bread Cleanse-LMAO
fluxxxer7 years ago
hey guys I have a little suggestion from my medic here on Brazil the suggestion is to do the sinuses clean whit physiologic solution that thing who is sticked into your veins in a hospital here called "soro fisiologico" maybe works batter but I don´t know but cost nothing to try. see ya
nukedem7 years ago
what u re showing has been done by indian yogas for ages.
BuckyOHare7 years ago
I did this in the shower using a funnel and a 500ml bottle. Worked alright, bit of spillage.
There were people complaining about salt water going into their mouth, well this is stage two
"...should only be performed after a round of stage one...
...Beginners should use stage one only for the first few weeks...
...Stage two involves lightly sniffing the water through each nostril and spitting it out the mouth. It is important not to swallow the water..."

Stage three sounds even more unpleasant:
."..taking the water in the mouth and directing it out the nose..."

In case you didn't notice it: After stages are completed
Dinerro947 years ago
is that mucus coming out of your nose
neonrehan7 years ago
talk about ironic...i was just asking my mom a minute ago about this "nasal pot" business that I keep hearing about..I hope it works because my nose has sinuses have been swollen for 4 years now with no relief.
bored boy7 years ago
well it works great but its not very fun to do the first couple of times.The first time i attempted to use this technique the water didnt make it through my nose so lets just say it really burns
ediecago7 years ago
A tip on how to NOT have the water go down your throat as Saintneko did. The idea is to close the connection between your nose and mouth while you're washing your sinuses. When we inhale the air is warmed/humidified/filtered by our nose and sinuses, then it goes through these slits and into the back of the mouth and down the windpipe (trachea) to the lungs. DON'T INHALE while you're pouring water in your sinuses or it will go in your mouth (or lungs)! Think about closing your nose as if you're going to go underwater (try talking like you have a cold -- "I hab a veddy bad code..."). Once you've sealed the connection (still talking as if you've got a "veddy bad code"), EXHALE very slowly FROM YOUR MOUTH as you pour in the water. The water goes into your sinuses, not down your throat. Exhaling slowly through the mouth (sealing the nose/mouth connection) also helps when I use sprays like antihistamines (or steroids which I no longer need). You get the water or medicine in your sinuses where it works instead of in your mouth where it tastes horrible and doesn't work. Please try nasal lavage/neti pot/sinucleanse whatever words you want to use. I used to have sinus infections a lot and even though I tried hard to fight them myself (steam showers and getting rest etc) I was on antibiotics at least twice a year. Now I just rinse a couple times when I start to get congested. If I've put it off and realize I've already got an infection, I can usually rinse 2 or 3X a day for 2 days and then once a day for a few more days and I don't need antibiotics to fight the infection. Bacteria can't thrive without food!
jdorr7 years ago
This is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to my sinuses. I was hooked on nose spray and used this once and was completely cured of it. I would hope everyone else who tries it has such success. I have only had to use it occasionally since then. I presume that when the weather changes I will be using it more, but I am confident that it will work.
I tried this right after i read this and it was easy...I made sure to tilt my head forward due to a bad experience before but i think i need to keep trying...nothing but water really came out...maybe i need to not tilt so far forward?!?!?!?
after recent surgery on my nose the surgeon gave me a "receipe" of water, salt and bicarbonate of soda for rinsing my sinus's as part of the post op care regime. however the chemist sold me a neil med kit which is much easier to use and prepare. the muck that i saw come out was mega gross, but as they say better out than in.
fortgeorge7 years ago
Nice instructable, so many people get it wrong the first time and are instantly turned off from what can be very beneficial cleaning. Does it look f'in dumb, yes. But it works amazingly well, my brother hasn't had allergies flair up really bad like they used to since I found out about this and talked him into trying it.
BLACKROD7 years ago
I was hesitant at first but in the end I loved it. Since I didn't have the time to go to the pharmacy just yet. I found a medium sized funnel in our kitchen. I made the solution and followed the instructions. It feels very soothing, but remember to tilt your head forward, because at first when i tried this, I had salt water coming out of my mouth. :( It feels weird at first but you get used to it. Anyways. Thanks for the great instructable!
Thanks Wade, i laughed so hard I cried...:D
numenius7 years ago
The best parts of this idea are A. It sounds like quite easily attained real relief and B. I LOVE it - the thought of one guy sticking a Turkey baster up his nose & squeezing & another guy stood in the shower with a teapot up his nose! :) - We must have pictures!
VegasBoy7 years ago
Best recipe for cleaning your sinus: They call this a nasal lavage: Use a bulb syringe (ear syringe) it is easier. I've been doing this for years, no more nose bleeds and off the medications.

16 oz warm tap water
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon Betadine
1 pinch of Baking Powder

Stir these ingredients together, use the bulb syringe to draw up the solution. Place the tip of the syringe inside your nose and squeeze. It's gross but it works.

Bacteria will die off with the high salinity. The Betadine is an antiseptic. The Baking Powder levels out the ph.
Caution on the Betadine for those who are allergic to iodine. You'll be in for a big surprise in a not so nice way. I use the following in a Neti Pot: 1 teaspoon of kosher salt (its not iodonized) 2 cups of filtered water (no chlorine). Warm in the microwave for 45 sec (or until warm).
Antiseptics kill bacteria, too. That's their basic definition.
Azn Hitman7 years ago
hey i have a neti pot also that i got from a friend as a gift. i rocks, i clears me up just like new.
wow that worked so great! Dude you rock!
keimel7 years ago
You can use other liquids too, but it might not be advisable.


you may look really stupid and people may make fun if they see you but damn that feels good. My dad actually had one of these but he couldn't keep water from flowing down his throat. I tried just plain water and that burned like crazy so I mixed my own (bit of salt, bit of baking soda) and now everything kinda smells like Pringles chips but still feel refreshed and clean. I can only describe the sensation as what if felt like when i had the worst nosebleed of my life(it poured at about the same rate). Nice instructable!
I use sea salt in mine
Kegtapper7 years ago
why not just use The Alkalol Company product. I think you'd get longer lasting results. Mild and medicinal herbs. This product is 111 years old. Plus they have a better way of getting the rinse deeper into the nasal cavity. http://www.alkalolcompany.com

No I don't work for them... just use the product when my sinus' get affected by pollen or seasonal irritation.
Ugh, It's an interesting concept, and to be honest, it seems to work pretty well... But I seem to have trouble making it go out the other nostril and NOT down my throat! NASTY! LOL, I got a good laugh out of it, but it did hurt a bit (probably too much salt) Anyways, don't have a neti pot, or whatever that thing is called, but I did try to use a turkey baster... (probably the other problem...) it didn't fit my nose very well, and makes it kinda hard to keep it from just spilling everywhere. Anyways, after a nice gagging fit, all of a sudden my one nostril (couldn't get it to flow through the other...) just started to run. Pretty amazing, then after that that side of my nose felt "clear" I'm not sure I want to try it again though. Swallowing sea water isn't my favorite thing to do at the beach!
I did that at first until I realized I needed to tip my face forward into the sink so the water flows down, not back. I also tip my head farther to the side than he does in the first illustration. That way the midline of my face is on the horizontal plane, getting the solution down into more of the sinus. I have also used an infant enema squeeze bulb to good effect. I use the warmest water (with the pinch of bicarb added) that I can stand. When I remember to do that every evening, I never get colds.
spideyusa7 years ago
I used to use a waterPic for this and an adapter made just for cleaning sinus. Turn the pic on low and it would slowing pump thru your sinus.
inquisitive7 years ago
All the years I have dealt with 45 minute nosebleeds every month and the inability to breathe…could have been so very avoidable if my doctors would have suggested-Nasal Lavage…the closest thing I ever heard of to this was Carol Burnett on the Late Show years ago said (even did on air-wow) she takes mouthfuls of warm salted water, tips, then has the liquid pour our of her nose to clear the pollution from her sinuses. I could never duplicate that so I just inhale palmfuls of warm salted (or unsalted if desperate) water and blow-at least that helps the incredible dryness in the Midwest, especially in winter. Scored no time in the pool this summer, but yes that and the ocean would do it otherwise; however, I will definitely try VegasBoys recipe and technique-I can’t stand the “down-my-throat” scenario, either. Thanks for posting this-at least I don’t feel like such a freak of desperation! LOL
You could always do what I did in desperation once, and that's pour a cup of hot/warm water, put salt in it, stir, stick a straw in, stick straw in nose, close other nostril with finger, and inhale... definitely not the most graceful thing you'll ever do, standing over the sink coughing and spitting while salt water and snot runs out of your nose, but it helped me combat a sinus infection before it needed antibiotics (I get 'em frequently). Oh, and have a washcloth handy if you do this. I only did this because my grandma always made me gargle with warm salt water when I was sick, and I didn't feel like gargling was going to get the water where it needed to go, so...
Thanks! Desperation puts a little creativity in misery, doesn't it? Will try-appreciate the option!
static7 years ago
A week ago this past Friday My doctor gave me a free sample of this http://www.neilmed.com/ I did spend a 12 bucks and some change for a box 100 packets of solution mix. Theconvieniance of the packets wash worth it to me. The biggest hassle is getting the water temp. just right, not too cool nor, too warm. Took several rinses until untill the snot broke loose and strung out. out my nostril.
saintneko7 years ago
I have a problem. I hear neti-pots work wonders for people, but every time I've tried them, all the water goes down the back of my throat and out my mouth. It's *($&in' disgusting, no offense intended.

Mainly, I just wanted to let people know if they have a problem like me and can't use the neti pot, you can get (or make) a saline spray. It comes in squeeze bulb form and is quite cheap. (I use the cheap Costco brand "Ocean") You spray it up like a fine mist, or hold the bottle upside down and drops come out if you are having a big problem. It's worked great for me in the Central Valley of California, where I've not been able to breathe during the summer for 27 years. There have been several posts below about how to make your own, so I wont duplicate recipes.

And please note, I am trying to "be nice." If you ever neti-pot and have it all come out your mouth or just end up swallowing it, you'll know what I mean. .
indulis7 years ago
Alternative method: 1) find a beach 2) ensure weather is warm enough so that sea water is still liquid 3) wait for reasonable sized waves 3) go body surfing 4) ensure you get dumped by the waves a few times 5) go home, have warm shower, take nap 6) wait for sinuses to drain into pillow Easy!
The ocean = the ultimate sinus lavage! Okay, I am from the Midwest. The stuffy, sickly, allergy-having me was just used to that. I didn't even think about the ocean being such an amazing cleanser. The first time I ever went to the Pacific, it was in San Francisco, on a warm day in summer (I know, weird). I had flown out the previous day, and the flight had stopped up my ears and made my eyes feel gigantic and I felt overall ugh, on top of the already typical allergy crap I suffer. We went walking on the beach, and I noticed after about 10 minutes that my nose was running a little. Then, it started running a lot. Then, I was having to cough crap up because it was running down my throat so fast I was nearly choking! I finally realized what was happening, and started to take several deep breaths thru my nose and that of course freed even more debris. I was amazed and shocked and my walking companion was a little grossed out. I breathed perfectly for days afterward and I felt cheerful and giddy about it. Amazing what being able to breathe does to a person. I was sad to have to fly back to the Midwest the next day. I was stopped up again in no time. *cry*
Look for a brand of nasal spray called Ocean. Or any nasal spray that's saline based. It works wonderfully, basically like breathing fresh ocean air. Just don't use a neti pot unless you liked that feeling of crap running down the back of your throat.
After reading his instructable, I got a neti pot. It is so cool! I can smell everything in my house, and taste everything better. I don't think my nostrils have been this happy in years :) thanks a ton!
Does it have to be non-iodized salt? Or can you use iodized?
I first tied it with Iodized and it burned a bit. The neti pot I went out and bought had 50 packets of premixed non-iodized salt and bicarbonate. No burning at all. Feels fine. I would avoid the iodized salt while doing this if possible.
Bardouv7 years ago
Yeah, i saw this on oprah, but i aint got no fancy pots, so i just soldered some copper pipe together and made what looks like a smoking pipe. It works pretty well, but if you live with your parents you better tell what it for so they dont test you for drugs....oops!
Lucidragon7 years ago
I too used to suffer from constant sinus infections... the solution I found was to take a new bottle of saline solution - keeping as clean as possible - open it up and carefully add 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil. (Always make sure your Tea Tree Oil does not become contaminated! Never put your finger over the top of the bottle to use it - pour it out into something or use a sterile or new cotton swab.) The plastic tube that goes into the bottle of saline can catch the drops and guide it in perfectly. Close it up, shake and then use this 2 -3 times a day for a maybe a week. Apparently, constant sinus infections can be caused by a fungus that is very hard to get rid of by conventional methods. The TTO is an anti fungal and kills the fungus. I haven't had the problem for over ten years now... I do have seasonal allergies and the sinus headaches associated with them and so I still use it occasionally - it always seems to help.
Please be warned - It stings at first. I have told many people of this and everyone that has tried it has had the same great results. I've told several doctors too and they've all said that it makes sense to them. I don't know if they've ever prescribed it tho...
Here is just one article about fungal sinusitis- you can find more by doing a search :
Good Luck!
junisponds7 years ago
okay, i have to try this. i've been suffering from the typical "fall sinus headaches" on and off for weeks now. i'll let you know how it works!
Flenters7 years ago
A doctor recomended nasal irigation to me a few years ago. It has a small difference, insead of just salt, add a bit of bi-carbonate of soda. Salt and Bi-carb in equal measures.
NuSuKi7 years ago
Yeah! It really works. I do it in winter when I get cold and I can't breath. It is better If you say repeatedly "GA GA GA..." while the water is flowing to prevent it going to your throat, because the "Ga or Ca" sound closes this path. PS: Sorry for my bad english xD
Flenters NuSuKi7 years ago
Nu SuKi, a lot of us on this site do not speak English as our first language. If anyone has a problem with the way you speak (wirte) let them try and speak YOUR first language. Keep it up.
ronmcd NuSuKi7 years ago
Why say sorry? Your English is good! One tiny thing, it's "I can't breathe"(with a e on the end!)
NuSuKi ronmcd7 years ago
OMG thanks! U
Loveofchaos7 years ago
oh crap.... now i cant even go on instructables without seeing nasal rinse..... uuugh my mom doesn this every day.... its soo nasty lol
MajHunter7 years ago
I suffer from at least two or three sinus infections a year and have sinus problems constantly. After reading this I made a makeshift neti pot and tried it out. I was impressed. My wife and I went and bought one today. Works great. Thanks for the instructable.
susyn7 years ago
Very well done. I don't think I'm going to be irrigating my own sinuses now that I've seen the process, but I'm grateful to get to find out visually what the technique is all about.
amknamaron7 years ago
Excellent! Thanks for the information. Nothing like a clean nasal cavity.
= N
gmuller7 years ago
Here is my favorite demonstration of this process:


chabias gmuller7 years ago
ROFLMAO!!! Thanks for the link. That was WAY too funny! You KNOW that booze burned something awful!
SeaLion7 years ago
You must have got really clean sinuses...how come nothing's coming out of the other end??? O_O I'd try...but I hate water going in and out my nose...><
haptotrope7 years ago
One tip... be careful with the saline... if it "feels like burning" add more warm water... if it "feels like drowning" then add more salt.

and this is by far my favouritest neti-salt -- http://www.intothescentedgarden.com/ its kinda "fluffy" so it dissolves really easily, and also has a bit more margin of error in making the solution... especially since I don't want to heat my water on the stove.
Truly a great Instructable. I was emboldened to try and it felt great (used a very clean teapot). I had my first-ever noticeable sinus infection earlier this year and it was hellish. This treatment will come in handy if it happens again! Off-topic, but you look very cute even with something sticking up your nose! Thanks also to the below comments... a lot of interesting information!
This is really bizarre (not the tutorial I mean), but I've noticed the past few days that my sinuses were bothering and was meaning to do a search for how to clean them. Imagine my shock and surprise to find this listed at the very top of the featured instructables in the mailing list! It's as though there is special karma here. :P
Quisp7 years ago
A friend of mine introduced me to the neti pot a couple of years ago. Prior to that I was blowing about $30/month on Claritin and still pretty miserable. Started using the neti pot in the morning and when I got home from work and problem solved. I haven't used Claritin or had sinus problems / hay fever for over 2 years now. The trick is to stick with it until you get used to it and work out the kinks (in about 2 - 3 days). Definitely worth it!
Photoflash7 years ago
When I was a kid, I was in what was called a Preventorium. It was for kids who had been exposed to TB. Anyway, once a year, usually in the winter, they would pump our sinuses. They used a double faucet with individual valves. They attached a rubber hose to the one faucet and on the other end was a glass bulb like apparatus. They would turn on the valve with the bulb thing, and then turn on the other faucet. The one with the bulb did not have any water coming out, but instead was suctioning, which in turn about sucked our brains out of our noses. It did feel pretty good when they were done, but geez I still recall that after all these years.
chuckr447 years ago
I would like to encourage people to put what country they live in because in the US I've never heard of, nor seen, a Neti pot, though we do have saline sprays for the nose. Some of these items may only be sold in select countries. I do have a garden sprayer, perhaps that will work. :)
These things are all over the US. Goto any major drug store chain, they'll have it.
dhmspector7 years ago
The neti-poti packets (from either sinu-clense or neli-med -- the common ones in the US) can be really expensive over time. A better way is to take kosher salt and baking soda in a 2:1 mixture..... put 1/4 tsp into the neti-pot and use as usual. The baking soda is important.. plain salt-water can be really, really rough on your mucus membranes... the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) acts as a buffer.
rocyn7 years ago
To the person wondering where to buy non-iodized salt? The grocery store. Just look for Kosher Salt. They have it - I promise. I live in Canada and was sick of being constantly congested and having a red nose. I bought a Neti pot it is truly fantastic. It's kind of a neat feeling actually, and my congestion is gone and I don't have a sore, red nose, either. I did have trouble finding one in my town, so I ordered mine from ebay (my seller was perfectwellnessinc, but there are tons). I got a purty one - like a tiny blue Alladin lamp. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to the pot, stir to dissolve and we're ready to go!
nikrom7 years ago
It is extremely important that you learn how to properly dry your sinus after using the saline solution. Read the Neti Pot insert...
noahw (author)  nikrom7 years ago
You are right! I just added in a few more words about how to use gravity and some quick breaths to drain the water from your sinuses. Thanks for pointing that out nikrom.
Spectrace7 years ago
hey... i just saw this on the news a night or so ago... haha good structible
Where do you live so I can avoid it :P. Seriously a nose cleaning technique was on your news though? In a weird way, that's kinda cool :P.
i live in the vicinity of New York city, im in new jersey though.
indyk17 years ago
Tried it it feels wierd but the after effect quiet amazing. Nose & sinus does clear up. Where can I get non-iodised salt? Is this the same as SEA SALT? I used rock salt with minerals from Himalaya. Could someone let me know if it's OK. Coz I had some blood come out when spitting out mucus from my sinus.
RekaM7 years ago
I've actually been doing something similar for years, but I use a baby nasal aspirator. They are far less expensive than a Neti Pot and much smaller and easy to store. I found one on Drugstore.com for only $3.
Saltwater nose rinses really help for clogged sinuses - from infection or allergies. BUT you don't have to use a neti pot. Just add one quarter of a teaspoon full of salt (without sugar or dextrose - read the label!!) to a glass of lukewarm water. Take a bit of the saltwater in your palm, sniff it up. Feels like drowning in the ocean - but you don't. Neti pots are an unnecessary expense, they clutter the bathroom and they harbor bacteria. More absolutely cool water recipes in my book about water and health "Health 20 - Tapping into the Healing Power of Water" (That's Health20 like in H20, water). Find it at your bookstore or at amazon.com. How about a cold shower after each hot shower, or a cold sitzbath (also called Happy Half Bath)? Both increase immunity and are great mood boosters, among other benefits.
Weird... Whatever floats your boat!
its a lion7 years ago
my aunt was talking about how she got one of these a couple of days ago. the last picture makes me want to try it... that and the fact im sick with a sinus infection.
That's an awesome picture. I personally just stick my nose in a solo cup of salt water and suck..
me too, a cup works fine if you snort a little, or you can hold the cup next to your face and carefully position your hand to get it to go in with gravity like the neli pot. the solution will not sting your nose at all if you have the correct temperature of water and the correct amount of salt. both fresh water and too salty will sting a little, that's how you know if you get it right - although a bit saltier will kill more bacteriums.
Yeah, but then you risk the saltwater going back into your throat.
terrence7 years ago
I started do something like this (nasal irrigation, twice a day) about three years ago. I have not used prescription antihistamines since starting it; I used to need them every spring and early summer. I massively prefer clearing my sinuses this way over taking prescription medication. My doctor agrees; so do a number of people I recommended it to. If you have air born nasal allergies, try it; you will most likely benefit greatly.
randofo7 years ago
You are one sick man!
noahw (author)  randofo7 years ago
The doctors say that it could be permanent.
One could only hope! :p
miketavius7 years ago
I can't wait to try this! My wife is going to think I've completely lost my mind though... :)
fishhead4557 years ago
Thanks dude...I needed this advise. My sinuses have been in disarray for months now. I shall zoom into town and get me a Neti-Pot...asap.
Proteus7 years ago
I used to do this with a prescribed solution(water +salt+"somethingelse") when I was younger... for what I remember it worked really well...
saldagoza7 years ago
Ouaaaaouuuh !
the color of my hair change after 1 week of "cleaning of my sinuses" =:)))))
thanks a lot Noahw and instructables.com =:)

[i like this web site. i like it so much =:)))))]
I've got a cold at the moment and am feeling bunged up so I am going to give this a try. The last picture is a classic it would make a great Christmas card. Cheers, Pat. Pending
Well I just tried it and it worked great! I now have a clear head and can breathe easily. Blowing to hard when your nose is blocked can cause irritation, and also burst capillary blood vessels, which adds to the discomfort you already feel. This method is much gentler. Doctors often recommend a salt water gargle for sore throats so the salt solution may also help here. Pat. Pending
wertyo47 years ago
i would personally just use a clean ex.... nice pic tho :D
noahw (author)  wertyo47 years ago
This is way better than a tissue. If a person does it daily, they won't ever have to pick their nose again!
jongscx noahw7 years ago
...but that's the best part OF my day....
noahw (author)  jongscx7 years ago
And why is it so much fun to pick in the car? When is someone going to make a picking chamber that is basically just a car seat with a steering wheel inside of a closet that people can go in when they want to pick? That's what I want to know.
Aeshir jongscx7 years ago
Yeah me too, I'm still looking for the elusive "Golden Nugget".
gyromild7 years ago
Though the snapshot of the neti pot up the nose is quite disturbing, the practice of nose irrigation itself is normal in certain cultures. Most common is just to pull a half-breath while the face submerged in water. Water halfway up the nostril, then blown out. And yes, it supposedly help to somewhat alleviate allergies and irritations. But thanks to you, I will now have nightmares of neti pot being shoved up my nose.
Aeshir7 years ago
Lol it looks like you're doing drugs xD
Aeshir7 years ago
DOWN SYNDROME MIDGETS! Lol your last picture is awesome. I'm a tiny bit allergic to cats, my one cat sheds a lot so I have to wash my face/pick my nose (automatic boogers!) every time I pet him. This will definetely help.
trebuchet037 years ago
I find it funny that my purple sour kraut is related... allong with pickles and fake poop props! Next time I'm sick... I'll totally try this :)
jongscx7 years ago
How about a beer-bong type device that you hung in your bathroom? You could even have the valve there and everything. Use a coupler to go to a small diameter tube that will go to your nose... Plus, you could use gravity for added pressure to clear out the really nasty stuff... Lastly, you remind me of Mr. Bean, you're not english by any chance are you noahw?
jongscx jongscx7 years ago
Oh yeah, Hit up Wikipedia.org for info on what exactly a beer-bong is...
berserk7 years ago
I have rinsed my sinuses after doing some yard work, grinding or woodworking, and the colour of what comes out makes a really good case for wearing a mask (sorry to be graphic...). Or, since I keep forgetting to wear a mask until after, the colour makes a good case for rinsing your sinuses. :-)
bumpus7 years ago
sweet method, but my eyes are sooooo sensitive to this kinda stuff, i cant even go under water, they were watering the whole way thru this instructable, btw i love the last pic...hahaha
berserk bumpus7 years ago
Actually, by using salt water, it is a lot less irritating. When I have done this with too little salt, it burns. You want the water to taste about as salty as tears.
im gonna try this next i cant breathe through my nose
bruc33ef7 years ago
I can't wait for your next Instructable photos on giving yourself an enema.
noahw (author)  bruc33ef7 years ago
It might take me until Thanksgiving - but I'll work on it!
mossDboss7 years ago
I have been doing this for about 8 years. There is no need to buy anything. Just snort very warm water, do that a few times then sneeze out your nose.
lol! your last pic is awesome :-P Ok, this sounds like it would work wonders, but idk about the water up the nose and out the other hole thing... (wow. i made that sound wrong ;-p) lol ill try it, but i might sneeze, and that might suck just a little heh
Uthman7 years ago

i thought i was the only one my mom made do this! i hated doing this !!

but gotta do what u gotta do when its like 3am and ya cant sleep or whatever =P
hah, i've done this before, it feels so weird
tiuk7 years ago
Very cool, but I'm not sure I could manage it. I have a feeling I'd freak out and breath in through my nose, causing myself to choke.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
LOL I know I would just drown :)
marc927 years ago
does it feel like you have water up you nose (like when you take an accidental breath while you are underwater) because you really do have water up your nose
noahw (author)  marc927 years ago
A little bit. But when you take an accidental breath under water, the water fills your nose and then heads down your throat. Here, the water just flows up, over and out.
mikesty7 years ago
I give you props for pouring water through your nose and then putting pictures and a video of you doing it on the internet. It takes a real man to do that.
noahw (author)  mikesty7 years ago
I appreciate the sentiment, but If you think this was bold, you should see my other work.
But I'm now laughing at the idea of someone pouring boiling salt water into their nose. Be sure to check the water tem for comfort before pouring folks.
theRIAA7 years ago
i'm in pottery this semester... hummmm