Step 4: Pour Saline Through Your Sinus Cavity

Picture of Pour Saline Through Your Sinus Cavity
Keep pouring water for about 10 seconds or so until you have got a good flow going and you feel the whole flow of the water going through your sinuses. Remember to breathe through your mouth - you won't choke.

The strange sensation may make you want to cough at first, but just stay with it, it becomes less awkward after the first second or two. Once you have done it once or twice it really is pretty easy and actually feels good!

As you come to the end, stop pouring the water through your sinuses and slowly bring your head upright again after all the water has drained out. Give some quick blows through your nose to clear things out and check out what's in the sink below. The first time I did this some big stuff came out, after that, I really have to much "nasal debris".

Take a second to compose yourself, refill your Neti Pot if you are running low on saline, and then switch nostrils and repeat the process. When you've finished pouring in the second nostril, blow air out through your nose in a few quick short breaths to clear out any water. You can also put your head down towards the ground to drain out any remaining water.

This is a video of me doing it for the first time ever - so I am a little surprised as to how it feels to pour water through my sinuses.

I don't think that it's possible to overdose on Neti Potting, so do it as often as you like. I know lots of people that do this as a preventative activity every day.

Enjoy your clean sinuses!
can you use this? It is a company product but is it the same
Picture 129.jpg
does it feel the same as getting water in your nose when swimming?
codongolev6 years ago
that second picture will always be my favorite on instructables.
stephNY6 years ago
Very informative! I've been doing occasional sinus cleansing with a product called "Simply saline", which is just saline in an areosol can. This is a pretty expensive solution, so your neti pot concept seems a better choice! I'd warn against doing saline cleansing TOO often, as you really can strip the natural mucuses from your tissues and wind up irritating yourself. but a few times a month should be safe.
I think it kind of hurts to use the neti pot, but its well worth it. I'm going to go use mine right now.
luvit6 years ago
i don't own a neti pot. so i'll try my garden hose.
zook746 years ago
Awesome. I have some kind of chronic sinus congestion, likely from smoking, and this sounds like it just. might. work! I'll definitely have to hunt one of these down!
shantr0n6 years ago
Is it strange that I think that's the most ADORABLE picture ever? Haha =)
I really need to do this..springtime is starting to take a toll on my nose. Thanks so much!
This is truly disgusting, but brilliant. How in the hell did you discover this? I may try it, simply because I play gigs and if I have a cold, obviously it affects my singing as I can't hear things properly! Although I've never heard of a Neti pot, but I think I could probably just use a little gravy boat or something.
Kaos71256 years ago
How often should one do this? I usually have sinus pain atleast once if not more every 2 weeks
teacherlau6 years ago
you looks in pain...
kodama6 years ago
I'm completely horrified, disgusted and appalled.. Where can I get a Neti Pot thingy?
Knitwitz7 years ago
Wow thanks very much for this great info, I may be able to clear this gunk from my sinuses, keep up the great work Tar muchly..
LAtimer7 years ago
I have switched over to the new plastic neti pot from Ancient Secrets from the Rhino Horn neti because it holds a bit more solution giving more water pressure to flow. Had seen this design by Ancient secrets before but it was a heavy ceramic model and not good for me because I do a lot of travelling and too heavy and fragile for that. I like the way the design keeps the solution from spilling out of the top while doing neti.
Laraj7 years ago
I used the NeilMed solution after reading up about netti pots online. I had a severe cold and congestion while pregnant and couldn't take over the counter medications. The NeilMed solution helped me ENORMOUSLY and I think using a netti pot would be equally effective. I now use this method when I first think I might be getting a cold or when I have been around others that have a cold. It is a great preventative measure. In fact, I may NEVER take over the counter cold medication again. This was a much better decongestant than anything I have ever taken.
LAtimer7 years ago
I have been doing neti for years and it is great especially to clear out congestion from colds or allergies. Started out using the smaller neti pot that looks like a genie lamp original neti pot but have switched over to the larger rhino horn from Norway because it holds more salt solution and has more flush power through the sinuses. Rhino Horn Plastic Neti I agree that you need to make sure to clear the moisture out after doing neti as good as you can. Also, if you ever get really plugged up and the water just won't flow using the neti pots, I have used the syringe type irrigator from Sweden Nasal Syringe and that will force out anything that the neti won't budge.
santaclaws7 years ago
go to www.neilmed.com A kit with a plastic bottle with a hole at the top...fill the bottle with warm water and the solution provided(probably just a little salt)...shake it up in the bottle...press on bottom of bottle and water shoots into your nostrils...works great...is cheap.
"a plastic bottle with the hole in the top" Where do you get those? ;-)
my mom gave me this stuff called clenzology, which is similar in concept... but instead of using a netti pot, you put the stuff in a bowl and submerge your face. it requires somem nasal dexterity... you have to be able to suck the water into the nostril... without drowning yourself. mom didn't tell me if there was a buncha gunk coming out... and i haven't used it yet... i need a big bowl...
rotinaj7 years ago
They're sold at my yoga class. I'm gonna buy one as soon as possible.
rmullins7 years ago
This is really cool. I tried it today and did a fair amount of research on the web. It appears that this nasal cleansing is a great preventative for a number of illnesses, particularly where viruses are concerned. I have read all of the comments and it seems that many are digressing to 'proprietary' products. Here are my thoughts. You don't need to resort to proprietary products, however I do recommend that you DO NOT use regular table salt. This is not a 'natural' salt and it is usually laden with chemical additives such as iodine. This salt has been blamed to cause a number of health issues. Iodine was added to salt years ago because people wern't getting enough. You will most likely want to go to a health food store or similar and pick up sea salt. This is a natural salt and is much better for you. It is also the salt that surfers are probably using. I prefer celtic gray sea salt as these are actual mineral salts from the sea. In addition, if you are an herb gardener you can grab some black stemmed peppermint and clean it well, then crush it slightly put it in the glass with the salt and add hot water. Let it steep a bit and then pour it into your device. Make sure to let it cool a bit or you will burn the heck out of your nose. The celtic mineral salt does an amazing job and the peppermint adds a cooling sensation and feels absolutely wonderful.
fluxxxer7 years ago
hey guys I have a little suggestion from my medic here on Brazil the suggestion is to do the sinuses clean whit physiologic solution that thing who is sticked into your veins in a hospital here called "soro fisiologico" maybe works batter but I don´t know but cost nothing to try. see ya
Dinerro947 years ago
is that mucus coming out of your nose
after recent surgery on my nose the surgeon gave me a "receipe" of water, salt and bicarbonate of soda for rinsing my sinus's as part of the post op care regime. however the chemist sold me a neil med kit which is much easier to use and prepare. the muck that i saw come out was mega gross, but as they say better out than in.
Kegtapper7 years ago
why not just use The Alkalol Company product. I think you'd get longer lasting results. Mild and medicinal herbs. This product is 111 years old. Plus they have a better way of getting the rinse deeper into the nasal cavity. http://www.alkalolcompany.com

No I don't work for them... just use the product when my sinus' get affected by pollen or seasonal irritation.
junisponds7 years ago
okay, i have to try this. i've been suffering from the typical "fall sinus headaches" on and off for weeks now. i'll let you know how it works!
amknamaron7 years ago
Excellent! Thanks for the information. Nothing like a clean nasal cavity.
= N
nikrom7 years ago
It is extremely important that you learn how to properly dry your sinus after using the saline solution. Read the Neti Pot insert...