How to Paint ALL OF Cadillac Ranch!





Introduction: How to Paint ALL OF Cadillac Ranch!

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Cadillac ranch is an art installation just outside of Amarillo Texas. It is 10 old Cadillac's buried nose down in a wheat field on the south planes. It is on Route 66 and is a tourist destination where it is acceptable and encouraged for passers by to stop and graffiti.

I thought it would be cool to paint the entire thing in an American flag theme.

So we did :)

With very little notice and piss poor planning we decided we would drive 9 hours to Cadillac Ranch and paint the entire thing... Then blow off a bunch of fireworks behind it!

The video explains everything, Enjoy!

For info:

We used a rented generator and a graco airless paint sprayer so we could paint the vehicles quickly. It was quite difficult to get in and get it painted as it is a very busy spot and many other people were also trying to paint.



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    that was cool for about 9 minutes. I remember when they put that in when I was a kid. I thought it was pretty sweet until the graffiti started. I cringe every time I see that graffiti mess.

    Nice job anyway.

    The layers of paint must be thicker than the steel!

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    they really were!


    Cadillac ranch is cool and accessible. There is also combine city on the south and another done with vw bugs east of Amarillo. but combine city is NOT accessible being on private land and fenced off, last I knew in '09.

    I live in Amarillo and we encourage you to graffiti these. It's a blast! Great job!