How to Change Background Image of Raspbian Loaded Raspberry Pi





Introduction: How to Change Background Image of Raspbian Loaded Raspberry Pi

Today, I am going to show you how to change the desktop image of Raspbian loaded Raspberry Pi with these easy steps. You don't have to see only the logo of Pi. There are a lot of good pictures for you. Let's get started.

Step 1: How to Change Background of Raspberry Pi Instead of the Berry Picture.

If you have got working Raspberry Pi boards with loaded Raspbian Jessie, follow these steps or watch my video.


1. Right click on your desktop

2. Choose Preferences

3.1. (or) Change the default picture from defaults.

3.2. (or) Change the picture which you have downloaded before to your Pi's desktop.

Note: You can activate subtitle in English now. Use translator to translate the subtitles in your native language.


That's all !



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    I want to change the wall paper image to one that I have downloaded. When I click on the screen and go to the preferences I can only choose what Raspbian has in the menu. I´ve tried to drag my image file which is a .jpg file as used in the pixel-wallpaper sub folder but it won´t let me. How do I add a jpg file to this sub folder? I do not like the supplied wall paper images that are pre loaded into Raspbian Jessy. I want to use my own, but I do not know how to add a .jpg file to this sub folder. Any ideas???

    When you right click on top-bar of the desktop of Raspberry Pi with your mouse, choose Panel References, then click on Appearance, click on Image's radiobutton to choose the file on your desktop. You may see .jpg extention of your image.

    Now I´ve lost the desktop preferences when I went to add my own .jpg image to the desktop. How do I get my deskdtop preferences back when I right click the desktop???

    The information on your video is very useful. Thanks.