Step 2: Remove Bar Tape

Picture of Remove Bar Tape
1. Remove any bar tape or grip tape covering the brake lever. 
This way you can get at the bars and work with them.  Most likely, you can just peel the adhesive tape off by holding the end of the bar tape and then unwrap the bar tape from the handlebars. For this process, it is only necessary that you be able to get the tape off of the area from the brake lever to the end of the bar.

2. Remove all grip tape between the brake lever and the end of the bar. 
This will allow you to slide the brake lever assembly off the end of the bar since the brake lever will not be big enough to slide over the bar tape.

     Note: If your brakes are the type where the brake cable is intended to run under the bar tape, you may need to remove the bar tape above the brake lever also.  This is the case for my brakes, so I removed all of the bar tape.

     Warning: If using scissors to remove the tape, don’t place the scissors in a manner where they could cut you if they slip.