Step 4: Remove the Old Brake Levers

Picture of Remove the Old Brake Levers
1. Pull the brake lever all the way in to expose the inside of the brake lever assembly.

2. Loosen the bolt holding the brake lever on.

This will loosen a metal band on the back of the brake lever assembly.

     Note: For me, a 5 mm Allen wrench was needed.  Your specific brake model may require a different size Allen wrench.

3. Slide the brake lever assembly off of the handle bar.

Be careful not to loosen the bolt too much where it comes out of the assembly.  If this happens, just make sure to put the pieces back in the same order they were originally.

     Note: You may notice that I also replaced the brake cables and brake cable housings.  This is not necessary when changing brake lever assembly, so it is not covered in process.  If you desire to put in new cables and cable housings, all that is required is to thread the cable housings through the frame and then cut them to size with a side cutters.  Once the brake cables are in place, they are cut to size too.

Hey-thanks for the instruction! I might add that if you're just changing handlebars instead of brake levers, you won't disconnect the cables. Rather-you'd just unscrew the allen bold and slide the levers off, keeping them intact to add back to your new handlebars if possible. Thanks again!