How to Change Your Instructables Profile Pic.


Introduction: How to Change Your Instructables Profile Pic.

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I'm gonna feel really stupid for saying this but it's true, since the day I signed up for instructables I could not figure out how to change the profile picture from that blank face to some thing that let others know who I am by using pictures other people made...LOL

Step 1: Find a Picture

Search up a picture or take it from your files

Step 2: Getting It Off of Google

just follow the little yellow squares
  P.S. i think it works the same with other browsers also I have winows so idk if its different with mac's sorry mac users :(

Step 3: Its Done

If you followed this instructable right you now should a fully operational um profile picture pleas suscribe and give good ratings... and forget the thing about the nuke 



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    hey you are very cool vampire wolf

    I broke the settings of Instructables.



    I'm still kinda confused

    Okay, I feel really stupid because minutes after I went to town about how I just couldn't figure out how to change my profile image, I actually figured it out. Here's what you do:

    As most people have already instructed, go to the "you" tab at the top of the page. Go to your settings and look to the left of the screen. You will see the standard-issue instructable profile image. Under the picture there is a link to change it. When you press it you will be directed to a page with a photo uploader/selector. If you do not already have your image(s) in the instructables library, just use the importer (I had to use the "old importer" option because I could not operate the new one). There should be a menu with choices for where to upload your picture from. If you have not done so already, go to your camera application and take a photo. Go back to the menu and choose to upload from your photo library and select the photo you want. Press "upload" and you should see a spinning wheel accompanied by a message telling you to "be patient". Obviously, follow those instructions. After the wheel is done spinning the photo should be in the instructables library. To make this your profile image, press the "add" button once. After the photo inflates, press the button a second time. The photo should expand above the provided panel for the photos and you will see it in the place of the standard-issue instrucatables robot. Next, press the "you" button again (now with the picture) and press home. It is likely that the image on the "you" tab will revert back to the instructables robot. To fix the problem just exit the website and renter the URL. Your photo should now be activated.

    Note: in my first sentance I stated that this instructable was "particularly helpful". Please note that the word "not" should have been inserted between "were" and "particularly".

    These instructions were underwhelming (just sayin') and were particularly helpful. I have pressed that tiny "add" button time and time again to absolutely no effect, and I cannot figure out what is going wrong. This is getting rediculous because every time I press the "add" button the photo inflates and does absolutely nothing afterwards. I am surely doing something wrong....

    useless info on this page so here's how you change your photo.

    first select a pic you want to upload.

    go to 'you'. located at very top of screen on right.

    click to open and choose 'in box'

    under creepy pic you don't want, click 'change images'

    screen will come up with an 'upload' tab, click 'choose files'

    screen will go to your device. go through your device to pic you want to upload and click. you will have opportunity to name the pic.

    select 'upload files'

    WAIT for the file to upload.

    pic is in your library.

    go to 'your library' tab. and under pic you want click 'add'.

    that should do it. keep smiling.


    This didn't quite help me either (on mobile phone) until I saw the 'Full Site' selection, then the 'You' button gave me the full options to upload a photo.

    How do you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Didnt help me sorry :'( x

    i need to know how to change my pic to can someone help me