I'm gonna feel really stupid for saying this but it's true, since the day I signed up for instructables I could not figure out how to change the profile picture from that blank face to some thing that let others know who I am by using pictures other people made...LOL

Step 1: Find a Picture

Search up a picture or take it from your files

Step 2: Getting It Off of Google

just follow the little yellow squares
  P.S. i think it works the same with other browsers also I have winows so idk if its different with mac's sorry mac users :(

Step 3: Its Done

If you followed this instructable right you now should a fully operational nuke...er um profile picture pleas suscribe and give good ratings... and forget the thing about the nuke 

<p>I broke the settings of Instructables.</p><p>HOW I'M GONNA CHANGE MY PASSWORD NOW?!</p><p>I BROKE IT!</p>
<p>I'm still kinda confused</p>
<p>LOL I will forget about the nuke</p>
<p>Okay, I feel really stupid because minutes after I went to town about how I just couldn't figure out how to change my profile image, I actually figured it out. Here's what you do:</p><p>As most people have already instructed, go to the &quot;you&quot; tab at the top of the page. Go to your settings and look to the left of the screen. You will see the standard-issue instructable profile image. Under the picture there is a link to change it. When you press it you will be directed to a page with a photo uploader/selector. If you do not already have your image(s) in the instructables library, just use the importer (I had to use the &quot;old importer&quot; option because I could not operate the new one). There should be a menu with choices for where to upload your picture from. If you have not done so already, go to your camera application and take a photo. Go back to the menu and choose to upload from your photo library and select the photo you want. Press &quot;upload&quot; and you should see a spinning wheel accompanied by a message telling you to &quot;be patient&quot;. Obviously, follow those instructions. After the wheel is done spinning the photo should be in the instructables library. To make this your profile image, press the &quot;add&quot; button once. After the photo inflates, press the button a second time. The photo should expand above the provided panel for the photos and you will see it in the place of the standard-issue instrucatables robot. Next, press the &quot;you&quot; button again (now with the picture) and press home. It is likely that the image on the &quot;you&quot; tab will revert back to the instructables robot. To fix the problem just exit the website and renter the URL. Your photo should now be activated.</p>
<p>Note: in my first sentance I stated that this instructable was &quot;particularly helpful&quot;. Please note that the word &quot;not&quot; should have been inserted between &quot;were&quot; and &quot;particularly&quot;.</p>
<p>These instructions were underwhelming (just sayin') and were particularly helpful. I have pressed that tiny &quot;add&quot; button time and time again to absolutely no effect, and I cannot figure out what is going wrong. This is getting rediculous because every time I press the &quot;add&quot; button the photo inflates and does absolutely nothing afterwards. I am surely doing something wrong....</p>
<p>useless info on this page so here's how you change your photo.</p><p>first select a pic you want to upload.</p><p>go to 'you'. located at very top of screen on right. </p><p>click to open and choose 'in box'</p><p>under creepy pic you don't want, click 'change images'</p><p>screen will come up with an 'upload' tab, click 'choose files'</p><p>screen will go to your device. go through your device to pic you want to upload and click. you will have opportunity to name the pic. </p><p>select 'upload files'</p><p>WAIT for the file to upload. </p><p>pic is in your library.</p><p>go to 'your library' tab. and under pic you want click 'add'.</p><p>that should do it. keep smiling.</p><p>c</p>
<p>This didn't quite help me either (on mobile phone) until I saw the 'Full Site' selection, then the 'You' button gave me the full options to upload a photo.</p>
<p>how do you do it</p>
<p>how do you do it</p>
<p>How do you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
Didnt help me sorry :'( x
i need to know how to change my pic to can someone help me<br>
Not quite...

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