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In this instructable I'll teach you how to change your vehicles motor oil.

You will need:

1) Motor Oil (the type of oil and oil capacity vary depending on your vehicle, so check your owner's manual)
2) A New Oil Filter (you should change this every time you change your oil)
3) An Oil Pan
4) A tarp, pan, or plastic drop cloth (to protect the ground under your vehicle from oil spills)
5) Shop Towels (in case a quick clean up is needed)
6) A Funnel (for adding the new oil to your engine)
7) Adjustable wrench or socket wrench
8) Oil Filter Wrench

Step 1: Lay Your Tarp

Picture of Lay Your Tarp
The first step is to lay your ground protection down.  Use a heavy object to hold it in place.  I've used some wood blocks and a jackstand in this photo.
tema1373 years ago
I was always wandering what to do with the old oil? How to reuse/dispose?
scott.bridgman.ts (author)  tema1373 years ago
Normally, you can bring your used oil into an automotive parts store (Autozone, Oreilly's, etc) and they'll recycle it for you. Give em a call ahead of time to make sure their containers aren't full. We have oil disposable on site here at the techshop menlo park facility.