Wanna impress your friends? Wanna make them say "Wow! How did you do that?". Well read this Instructable and you will be getting some awesome reactions in no time

Step 1: Open Control Panel

Step 2: Find Network Settings

Step 3: Open 'Network and Sharing Center'

Step 4: Click 'Change Adapter Settings'

Step 5: Right Click on Your 'WiFi Adapter'

Step 6: Click 'Rename' (If the UAC Warns You, Click OK)

Step 7: Type Any Name in the Box and Press Enter.

Step 8: To Check If It Worked or Not Click Here

Step 9: And Then Look Here

I censored my Wi-Fi name because u know pedos & hackers

Step 10: I Hope You Did It and Impress Your Friends With Your Customised Wi-Fi Adapter Name

<p>This was always the first thing that I did every time that I moved into a new apartment.</p>

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Bio: I am just a creator who likes making Troll viruses and application
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