In this instructable I'll show you how to change the bit in a Drill Press.

You will need:

A Drill Press
A set of Drill bits
A chuck Key

Step 1: Remove the Bit That's in There.

Insert the chuck key into one of the three holes in the chuck so that its teeth fit inside the grooves of the chuck.  Turn the key to the left to loosen the chuck.  Once the chuck is loose you can use you hands to finish the job.  Hold the bit with one hand on the shank end so that you can stop the bit from falling (and getting damaged).
<p>I had expected something new and revolutionary there! I would add that there should be a small area of shank showing between the flutes and the chuck jaws, ideally about the same as the diameter of the drill, so that any metal swarf or wood shavings get thrown out sideways instead of going up and filling the chuck.</p>

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